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By definition, sociology is the science of society. But this description is not enough: most other sciences history, jurisprudence, demography and others study society too. Unlike them, sociology views society as an integral system of functioning of social communities.

Sociology contributes to the formation of knowledge about social reality and changes in it, explains the logic of social development processes, helps a person determine his/her place in society, choose a life path and find out life prospects as well as concentrate personal efforts on solving social contradictions. The value of sociology is increasing tremendously these days.

The importance of studying sociology is undeniable so we decided to help you understand what to start with. In this article you can find the list of the most crucial sociology research topics, you can pick up anything you like. We do hope that we can make your life easier.

Sociology Research Paper Topics: The Origin of Sociology as a Scientific Discipline

Since the second half of the 18th century philosophy began to lose the status of the most important science. Such kinds of science as economics, law, and historiography had emerged from it. They still had one object of study society, but it turned out to be quite complex, and its various aspects became the subject of independently developing social science disciplines. In the 18th 19th centuries another new science field appeared science which concentrates on society which is now called sociology.

Sociology began to study society in its specific manifestations, based on social facts, and based on the analysis of experimental methods. If philosophy studies the internal nature of the world and human, the most common ideological issues of natural and social being, then sociology studies the specifics of social phenomena, relying on social facts, experimental, statistical and mathematical methods of analysis.

Learn more on this topic with the amazing sociology research topics list we’ve created:

  • The concept of sociology, its object and subject.

  • The place of sociology in the system of modern sciences.

  • Structure and levels of sociology.

  • Functions of sociology.

  • Methods of sociology and types of sociological research.

Sociology Research Topics for College Students: Sources of Social Conflicts

Social conflict is a clash of social subjects (social groups, movements, their representatives), in which the contradiction of their life aspirations and the divergence of goals is expressed. Open forms of social conflicts are strikes, ethnic clashes, civil war, etc.

Conflict, unlike dispute, has more acute, often exacerbated contradictions. We definitely should pay attention to the personal sources that usually cause the conflicts. Sources of conflict situations are aggravated contradictions, discrepancies of points of view, goals, approaches, thoughts on ways to solve problems that in one way or another affect personal interests. That’s why it is probably one of the most complex but at the same time exciting sociology research topics for college students. Here we have some questions you should find answers to if you want to write a good work:

  • External and internal conditions of social conflict

  • Sources, causes and driving forces of the conflict

  • Phases of conflict development

  • Types of conflicts

  • The consequences of social conflicts

  • Ways to solve social conflict

Good Sociology Research Topics: Immigration Problem in Modern World

The desire to see new places is one of the main characteristics of a person. More than half a century ago with the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the right to freedom of movement gained international recognition.

The main information base for analyzing trends and prospects for international migration is the Global Database on Migration, supported by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

The UN deals with various aspects of international migration. In particular, the International Organization for Migration, which is part of it, together with its partners in the international community as well as with assistance of governments and civil society in many states, implements such programs as:

  • humanitarian migration (assistance to people affected by conflicts and their consequences, refugees and returnees, displaced people, both within their own country and abroad, people who want to reunite with their family);

  • migration for development (ensuring the flow of skilled labor to the states, taking into account the priorities of their development, the needs and interests of the local population in it);

  • technical cooperation programs (providing migration advisory services to governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, the development and integration of the necessary measures to solve migration issues in a changing international environment, and the strengthening of the state’s own capacity by training personnel in migration management services and providing them with technical support ).

This organization is also working on research and analysis of information (holding regional and international seminars and conferences to discuss migration issues, study the causes and consequences of migration processes, the situation and needs of migrant), aims to develop and conduct specific campaigns.

If you choose this topic from a long list of sociology research paper topics you should keep in mind the following points:

  • types of immigration

  • difficulties with assimilation in a new country

  • prejudice regarding immigration process in modern society

  • most common reasons for immigration

  • most popular countries for immigrants

  • statistics and predictions

Sociology Research Topics: Personality as the Main Subject of Social Relations

Personality is one of the central concepts in sociology. Personality as a subject of social relations is characterized by a certain degree of independence from society, the ability to oppose itself to it. Personal independence is associated with the ability to control behavior, which is impossible without self-awareness, self-esteem. When considering an individual as an object of social relations, the emphasis is on society’s influence on the personality, its dependence on social and cultural expectations, social attitude in the environment where the personality is being formed. Answer these questions:

  • What is personality?

  • What is socialization of personality?

  • What are modern concepts of personality?

  • What phases does socialization include?

  • What social relations and conflicts?

Sociology Research Topics on Family:

Family sociology is one of the most important branches of social knowledge. Interest in the family in modern society is increasing due to many reasons, including the fact that most of the social problems originate in the family. Attention to the family is paid not only in sociology, but also in other social disciplines (psychology, social psychology, social anthropology, social medicine).

Considering the family as a social institution you need to study things like:

  • public consciousness in the field of marriage and family relations;

  • patterns of family behavior;

  • family roles;

  • the effectiveness of the implementation of main functions of the institution of the family;

  • social mechanism of changing norms and values.

Sociology research topics on family may vary but writing any work on this field you should consider these basic topics:

  • Essence, structure and functions of a family

  • Types of family organization and family’s life cycle

  • Historical family development

Medical Sociology Research Topics

Sociology of medicine and health is a branch of sociology that studies a wide range of problems related to the role of health care and medicine in modern society. Medical sociology research topics include a wide range of specific terms and nuances. You need to explain the factors that make medicine a social institution, attitude towards health in modern society and main medical staff management strategies. Here are some examples of the most popular topics to choose from:

  • stages of development and formation of such science as the sociology of medicine;

  • social and economic factors affecting differences in health status;

  • social and economic significance of health development as a branch of the economy in modern conditions.

Environmental Sociology Research Topics

In the last few years the word ecology has become one of the most common in the press, on the radio, on the labels of water, beer and food. Ecological sociology has had a complex and difficult path of its formation and finally emerged at the end of the 80s.

The environmental situation is one of the issues people are most worried about now. The basis of the imbalance in the relationship between human and nature, people and the environment is a list of serious miscalculations of a scientific, political and practical nature. Environmental sociology research topics usually describe the modern concepts and achievements of this science field and try to predict all possible ways of its development.

Writing about environmental sociology you can keep in mind such points as the emergence of environmental sociology, main concepts of eco-sociology, environmental concerns, ecology of the cities, social change and environmental policy, possible perspective.

Research Topic: Social Networks in Modern World

The last decades of the 20th century are marked by processes that have significantly transformed modern sociocultural reality. The development of mass media and the full-scale introduction of new information technologies have led to the fact that the interaction of people in modern society is becoming more and more virtual. As a result of intensive globalization of social and cultural processes, the emergence of a new social space called virtual reality became possible.

Modern society is a society of technologies. The Internet has embraced the whole world and all kinds of human activity. Online stores make it possible to make purchases without leaving your home, online broadcasts allow you to watch TV shows, news programs, etc. Information exchange, job search, communication between people, everything can be done in the virtual world today.

The main function of social networks is to maintain communication between people, even when they are far away from each other. Through social networks, each person can easily communicate with friends and colleagues, as well as search for people with whom communication has been lost, and make new acquaintances.

Virtual communication can exist only on the lexical, morphological and syntactic level. But at the same time this level itself has become so primitive, that the monotony of vocabulary and morphological forms of our language with all its beauty and richness is no longer surprising, but frightening.

If you’re going to pick this one having a look at our 100+ sociology research topics, don’t forget to include the following info:

  • history of social networks

  • classification of social networks

  • most popular social networks these days

  • pros and cons

  • social networks in business

  • their impact on kids

  • advertisement

  • future of social networks

  • consideration of the problems of modern communication in social networks

  • the impact of such communication on society as a whole

  • communication culture on the Internet

  • spreading of info in social networks

  • specifics of the language of social networks users in the workplace.

And here are some more topics worth your attention:

Gender and Sexuality

  • Gender inequality in jobs

  • Women rights in the workplace

  • Transgendered individuals and their difficulties

  • Women and anorexia

  • ‘Coming out’ do you need to be afraid?

  • Gendered occupations

  • The Feminist Revolution


  • Racial stereotypes

  • Pride and nationality: what makes a patriot?

  • Immigration and assimilation

  • What are the differences and the correlation between ethnicity and race?

  • An essay on multi-ethnic individuals and their position in the society

Mass Media and Social Media

  • Youth and social media impact

  • Disney movies and sexuality

  • Do social media cause depression?

  • New technologies and their future

More Ideas

  • The importance of sociology for the development of society.

  • Sociology in modern world: problems and prospects.

  • Materialism and subjectivity in sociology.

  • The principles of historical and sociological knowledge.

  • The concept of ‘understanding’ as a sociological method by M. Weber.

  • The psychological direction in sociology: G. Tarde and G. Lebon.

  • The organic theory of society in the works of Herbert Spencer.

  • Modern sociological theories.

  • Features of the historical development of sociology of the USA.

  • Youth subculture in modern USA.

  • Actual culture in modern USA.

  • The place of sociology in the system of scientific knowledge.

  • Theoretical and empirical in a sociological study.

  • Auguste Comte is the founder of sociology.

  • The evolutionary sociology of G. Spencer.

  • Sociological concepts of E. Durkheim.

  • Sociology of Max Weber.

  • Sociological thought in the world.

  • Integral Sociology.

  • Pluralism of modern sociological thought.

  • Sociological theories of T. Parsons.

  • Subculture and counterculture.

  • Culture, social values ​​and norms.

  • Culture and its importance for the life of society.

  • Social action as a sociological category.

  • Social interactions and relationships.

  • Social structure: statuses and roles.

  • The place and role of social institutions in society.

  • Social organization: statuses, functions, management.

  • The theory of bureaucracy M. Weber.

  • Social communities: essence and forms.

  • Social groups in the structure of society.

  • Small social groups.

  • Society: essence and typology.

  • Evolutionary and revolutionary forms of social development.

  • Theories of post-industrial society.

  • Sociological concepts of personality.

  • Typological models of a social nature (E. Fromm, D. Rismen, E. Shostrom).

  • Typological personality models (Z. Freud and C. Jung).

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It’s not easy to find good sociology research topics on the internet but we hope this article inspired you. You can freely choose one of the topics listed above but if you still have some questions or issues, please contact our team, we will be more than glad to help you get rid of your writer’s block! You should never hesitate and keep in mind our contacts.

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