58 Pop Culture Essay Topics to Explore

58 Pop Culture Essay Topics to Explore

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words “Pop Culture”? Probably music, art, television, style, and fashion, among others. As per the dictionary, “pop culture” is defined as the contemporary culture transmitted via mass media to attract the younger generation. Wikipedia provides a more elaborate understanding. It is considered to be a set of beliefs, practices, or even objects that are popular among a group of people or society during a specific period. Well, to get a clearer picture, consider this scenario. You’re driving in the car with your folks, and then there’s a debate on which music to listen to or even a matter of your dressing. The arguments arise because of pop culture difference. What was the in thing then sharply contrasts to what’s trendy for you.

Like writing an essay on any other genre, finding the perfect topic is a critical part of the process. There’s a strong need to research pop culture topics that you’re conversant with, and you can write on with much ease. It’s essential to recognize that pop culture goes beyond fashion, television, or music. Here are some other examples;

  • Fads

  • Cyber Culture

  • Entertainment

  • Leisure

  • Advertising

  • Sports

  • Print

Pop Culture Essay Topics

Now that you have a clear picture of what pop culture entails, composing that essay ought to be a walk in the park for you. It sounds easy but resist the urge to be like the rest. To have a long-lasting impression among your readers, there’s a need to be extraordinary, unique, and thorough. Understand that it’s all about how we interact with one another, our foods, clothing, and lifestyle in general. You have to go deep within your creativity and imagination. Here are some pop culture essay topics suggestions that you can work with.

Controversial Pop Culture Topics

Over the years, pop culture has been riddled with several controversies. Here’s a list of controversial pop culture topics that you can explore:

  • Pairing Harry Potter with Hermione would have been a better combination as opposed to pairing her with Ron. Was J.K. Rowling wrong for doing so or was she right?

  • The era of the boy bands, so several groups crop up. Westlife, NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys which band is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)?

  • Star Trek versus Star Wars, which of the two wins the award of the greatest of all time?

  • Reality television has grown in popularity in recent years. Although some programs are entertaining and quite informative, the majority are simply trash and deserve to be scrapped off.

  • There is a lot we can watch on our screens, among them is comedy. We are comparing Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, and Jimmy Kimmel, who is more entertaining to watch?

  • Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were the pop idols to watch out for in the 90s. They both had a big fan base and were both such beauties. Who of the two do you think out shinned the other and was more popular?

  • James Bond has been gracing our screens for more than a decade and has quite a following. Which actor has by far played the best James Bond?

  • The Twilight craze took the world by storm. It was the most talked off teen movie for a couple of years all over the world. The contention, however, exists as to whom Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, should have ended up with romantically. She ended up with Edward, the vampire. Should she have been paired with Jacob the werewolf?

  • Is the infringement of LGBTQ rights a violation of human rights?

  • Parents must be held accountable for what things their kids are exposed to with regards to entertainment and leisure. True or false?

Pop Culture Research Paper Topics

Yes, in pop culture, some issues still require a bit of research. It might sound unrealistic, but the truth is there so much contention that regards a wide range of topics. Some of the pop culture research paper topics include:

  • There are trends, products, and music, among others that gain so much popularity. In fact, they get to top sales but are criticized as undeserving. Explain why this scenario happens.

  • The word “genius” is frequently used in modern society as opposed to decades ago. Is it possible that what we consider genius might not be so? Or is the genius we see in pop culture a waste of talent?

  • Social media plays a significant role in today’s society. Explain the role it plays in its development, specifically pop culture.

  • Pop culture changes with time. Using relevant examples justify your answer citing features that highlight the different pop culture generations

  • How has social media influenced our interpersonal communications? Has it improved or worsened it? Justify your response with relevant examples.

  • Pop Culture has been attributed to the degenerating moral values of society. Using relevant examples, illustrate the impact it has on our moral principles. Explain in detail how it disrupts such values?

  • Pop culture influences how individuals perceive various aspects of culture. A good example is how every person sees romantic relationships. Using relevant examples justify your response.

  • Sexuality plays a significant role in pop culture. Explain using relevant examples of how it influences our idea of the body image.

  • Pop culture significantly influences youth behavior and moral principles. Explain why this is so, and provide the relevant experiences to justify your claims.

Pop Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

There is a lot to argue about in pop culture. Many of the arguments can be attributed to the differences in how we perceive the various issues affecting society. Here are some examples of pop culture argumentative essay topics:

  • When we talk of pop culture, there is a lot that one can explore. But what makes it popular?

  • Since time immemorial Disney princess stories have been around, told from generation to generation for entertainment and learning purposes. How would you describe the impact such stories have had on the girl child?

  • Modern technologies and pop culture are tightly knit with one another. Justify using relevant examples of its effect on pop culture.

  • The perceptions of a romantic relationship have evolved. Justify using examples of how pop culture affects such relations from generation to generation.

  • How does pop culture influence interpersonal relationships?

  • In modern society, it is hard to ignore the impact pop culture has had. Justify whether this impact has been positive or negative.

  • Smoking of tobacco is something that has been a part of pop culture for decades. Although, it is legal based on its side effects proposals should be made to make it illegal. Do you agree with this sentiment? Justify your response

  • Over the years, marijuana has been a banned substance. However, over time through research, many have started seeing its benefits. Should it be made legal?

  • What effects have been seen since the introduction of social media on interpersonal communication? Has it worsened or improved?

  • Pop culture influences our perception of various issues in society. How does it in particular influence sexuality, if does so in any way? Provide justification

Pop Culture Analysis Topics

There is a lot about pop culture that requires analysis. Here are some pop culture analysis topics:

  • There is a lot of talk on gender equality in modern society. Describe the influence of pop culture on gender equality? Does it perpetuate gender inequality?

  • Intelligence is critical for the development of a society. Discuss the relationship between pop culture and intelligence levels within a community/society?

  • James Bond has been gracing our screens for years now, with every release even more iconic than the previous. The character has been played by numerous actors, which actor has best portrayed the iconic role?

  • Batman has a huge following. It’s been made into movies, television series, and animations. With a focus on the movie which character has best portrayed Batman (Bruce Wayne)?

  • In recent years we have seen a rise in fantasy movies portraying individuals with powers and capable of protecting the earth from all manner of invasions including aliens. What’s your take on such films? Are they entertaining or misleading to the current generation?

  • Entertainment has evolved over the years, and this is attributed to pop culture. More people have access to a range of entertainment, including leisure activities such as playing video games. What is the impact of this on the economic, social, and emotional state of society?

  • There are several movie genres that one develops a liking to. Romance, horror, action, fantasy, and thriller are some of the options we have. Why is it that action movies always end up outperforming other movie genres?

  • Movies have evolved from 2D to 3D, improving our overall movie experiences while watching. In recent times there has been the talk of 4D movies. Are such videos merely a passing cloud?

  • Describe the ethical issues brought about by technology in pop culture.

  • How individuals experience childhood is different from generation to generation. What role does pop culture play?

Pop Culture Social Topics

The assumption the majority of us have is that pop culture’s most significant influence is felt on a generations social behaviors. Therefore, there are so many topics that we can explore

  • Does pop culture control how we see ourselves and our place in society? Does it impact our self-esteem positively or negatively?

  • Pop culture affects how women are perceived in society. Therefore, the past decade has seen arise plastic surgeries, Botox, and lip injections, among others. Is this toxic femininity or simply self-empowerment to get the body a woman desires?

  • Models always have a slender body shape and society standards for gauging the perfect body and beauty. Is this a negative or positive perception?

  • Talk of pop culture among the youth and the young generation always highlights the presence of peer pressure. Is there anything like positive peer pressure, if so justify your response.

  • Research has shown that the young generations are the ones who suffer most from the side effects of pop culture. Describe the positive and negative side effects.

  • The level of morality within a society is largely affected by the pop culture. Describe the role pop culture plays in the moral codes adopted by a society.

  • Pop art does have principles. Discuss

Pop Culture Celebrity Essay Topics

  • Why is Michael Jackson considered to be the most celebrated artist of all time?

  • Which female musician is considered to be the current start, justify your response using relevant examples

  • Which boy brand group should be regarded as legends? Justify your answer

  • Why is Oprah considered to be an icon and a legend of television talk shows?

  • Why does the young generation try to copy what they see celebrity stars do? Is this positive or negative?

  • Does the life being led by some celebrities all a show for the cameras? Why do they sacrifice themselves for the sake of publicity?

  • Are we as a society placing too much trust in the people we consider celebrities? How does this impact the moral levels of a generation

  • Mariah Carrey, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion. Who among the three is the greatest of all time and why? Cite reasons with examples.

  • In her own way, Madonna has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. What influence has she had on feminism and the world’s view of women?

  • Elvis Presley is a big name in the music industry. What has been his influence on pop culture over the years and even after his death?

  • Marilyn Monroe has been talked of for decades and even after her death. What was her influence on pop culture?

  • Several artists became one-hit wonders. What makes them gain so much popularity? Cite using relevant examples


There is a wide array of pop culture topics that we can explore. The above are just a few of the many that we can focus on. As mentioned before the subject is broad and as such, there’s a lot that one can discuss. The pop culture essay topics must focus on issues that in one way or another influence our interactions and how we spent our time from leisure to entertainment and so on.

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