Animal Farm Essay Topics

Animal Farm Essay Topics

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During the Second World War in February of 1944, Eric Arthur Blair, popularly known by his nom de plume George Orwell wrote a 10 chapter satirical novel we all know and have come to love Animal Farm. He was an essayist, novelist, critic, and journalist who was pro-social democracy and out-spoken against totalitarianism. Therefore, it was no surprise that Animal Farm themes mostly centered on leadership (abuse of power), social injustices in society, corruption and the dangers of the level of the naivety of the middle and lower classes of society. Other than Animal Farm, George Orwell also authored several other stories which include:

  • The Road to Wigan Pier

  • Down and Out in Paris and London

  • Nineteen Eighty-Four

  • Homage to Catalonia

The novel Animal Farm, although depicted by fictional characters, was inspired by actual events that took place in Russia for the period 1917 to 1944. Being a journalist himself, he had a front-row seat to the social ills that pegged society during that era. When instructed to write compositions on the book, there are several topics which students can explore. Here is a list of Animal Farm essay topics that can guide you compose among the most unique, exciting, and beautiful articles ever done to score high grades.

Essay Topics for Animal Farm

The one thing notable with George Orwell’s books is the long list of themes that he highlights. Animal Farm isn’t any different. However, when it comes to essay writing scholars must not limit themselves to the themes alone. There’s so much that they can explore in this work of literature as long as they reach the depths of their imagination while also employing creativity. To make it easier for students, we have categorized every animal farm essay idea into a group.

Animal Farm Intelligence Essay Topics

In any society, intelligence is critical for its development. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, we get to see the intelligent animals use their knowledge to manipulate and rule the other animals. Intelligence can be said to be good when used correctly and dangerous when misused. Here’s a list of Animal Farm intelligence essay topics;

  1. In animal farm, the pigs are portrayed as being the smartest animals. It is the main reason why they are mage the leaders. Is intelligence the only quality that leaders must possess? Why not and what other attributes are necessary?

  2. George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a true story that narrates events that took place in Russia from 1917 to 1944. Every animal and the groups signify specific individuals and groups. When we get to chapter three, the differences in intelligence and personalities is quite evident among the various groups. With the above in mind, how would you describe his portrayal of the people? Would you support his insulation that specific individuals are more capable and intelligent than others?

  3. Using Animal Farm as an example, show how intelligence can be used to manipulate people.

Animal Farm Symbolism Essay Topics

There’s a lot of symbolism that plays out throughout the book, starting with the title, characters, and their names among others. Here are some of the symbolism essay topics for animal farm:

  1. Napoleon, Boxer, Snowball, and Squealer are among the major characters in George Orwell’s Animal. Choose 2 of the characters and discuss their symbolism.

  2. George Orwell uses Animal Farm to symbolize human civilization. Justify the statement with examples.

  3. How does the windmill signify the power of the pigs?

  4. How does George Orwell use the windmill to signify the spread of communism?

  5. Many of the events that are narrated in the Animal Farm are similar to those of the Russian revolution history, Justify.

Animal Farm Essay Themes

The one thing that rarely misses in George Orwell’s books is a list of themes. He explores several issues that face various societies. Here are some of animal farm essay themes ideas;

  1. In your opinion, what do you presume to the primary theme in Animal Farm?

  2. As the plot unfolds, we get to see how power eventually corrupts the pigs. Justify this statement citing examples from the book.

  3. Old Major and Snowball both had socialist ideas. How did Napoleon get to corrupt these ideas?

  4. How is Animal Farm a depiction of the Russian Revolution, discuss?

  5. Although the book was authored in February of 1944, many of the social ills that pegged society in that era are still visible up to date. Discuss.

  6. Does society have a natural inclination to split into groups that are based on class?

  7. Part of George Orwell’s message is to show how society contributes to its oppression through naivety. How does he depict this?

  8. The pig’s use of it shows the use of language to gain control over others. How do they do so?

  9. How do minor characters like Mollie aid in expressing the author’s themes?

  10. Human characters have also been used to highlight the book’s issues and themes. Discuss.

Animal Farm Propaganda Essay Topics

Using propaganda to manipulate the masses is not a new phenomenon. Throughout history, we have leaders who have used it to control their citizens. In Animal Farm, we see how the ruling pigs use it to control other animals on the farm. Here are some of the Animal Farm propaganda essay topics that you can explore;

  1. The author of Animal Farm, George Orwell, uses propaganda to pass his message across. Justify this statement with relevant examples.

  2. The use of propaganda had consequences on the pigs and other animals on the farm. Discuss the implications.

  3. George Orwell depicts the pigs as using propaganda to rule over other animals on the farm. Discuss citing relevant examples.

  4. How is propaganda shown as an effective means of amassing power and manipulating people in Animal Farm?

  5. There’s no doubt that there’s the use of propaganda to manipulate the animals and their reasoning. Just how powerful is propaganda? Do you support its use or it should be disallowed?

  6. George Orwell uses Animal Farm to show how easy it is to manipulate society and how human beings contribute to their oppression. Is this true or false and justify your response with relevant examples from the book.

Argumentative Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. According to George Orwell, how does one get to retain power?

  2. Using animal farm as an example, how does the environment or our surrounding influence our perception of self and that of those around us?

  3. Would the book Animal Farm make sense or not if you’re unaware of Russian history? Discuss

  4. The period between 1917 to 1944 saw Hitler’s invasion of Europe. How is this depicted in the book Animal Farm?

  5. How does George Orwell depict democracy in animal farm?

  6. Using examples from the book, what would you say contributed to animals following the changes in animal farm?

  7. Citing relevant examples discuss the use of fear by the ruling class to oppress the rest of the people.

  8. Discuss theme development in the book Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Explanatory Animal Farm Essay Topics

  1. Citing relevant examples, explain how the theme of greed is expressed in the book Animal Farm.

  2. Give a valid explanation as to why Napoleon feels threatened by Boxer?

  3. Explain how the theme of corruption and intelligence are expressed in the book Animal Farm.

  4. Explain how “not all animals are equal; others are more equal than the rest.”

  5. Explain how naivety and ignorance contribute to the peoples’ oppression using examples from the book.

  6. Explain why society has an affinity towards class stratification. Use George Orwell’s Animal Farm as the basis of your discussion.

  7. Explain why George Orwell chose to use animals as his characters.

  8. Not every individual is preview to the Russian Revolution history. Explain how a person not aware of this history would effectively grasp the primary themes of the BOOK Animal Farm.

Character Analysis Animal Farm Essay Ideas

  1. In your view, who is the protagonist and antagonists of the story?

  2. Discuss the leadership styles of Napoleon and Snowball. Make comparisons and contrasts.

  3. There is a striking similarity between Napoleon and Jones. Discuss

  4. Using relevant examples illustrate how George Orwell’s choice of names was meant to demonstrate the characters personalities.

  5. Why does Napoleon see Boxer as a threat?

  6. How would you describe Snowball’s character?

  7. All characters considered, which animal(s) or person(s) clearly depicts the author’s point of view?

  8. The book has several minor characters. Using examples discuss how some of them serve to highlight the author’s main themes.

  9. Justify using examples the roles played by the human characters in the novel

  10. Why did George Orwell choose to use animals to deliver his message? Why not use human characters? Did the animals push his point across?


All of the above are fantastic animal farm essay ideas which one can opt to explore. However, should you feel task you can always consult resources that will guide you compose the best essays. Our professional writers are always standby ready to lend a hand where necessary.

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