Art Research Paper Topics

Art Research Paper Topics

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Arts students ought to learn history of arts since it will enable them to better comprehend various concepts in art, examine great works of art plus art trends. Art history contains numerous events plus great personalities; therefore, there’s an abundance of content plus art research paper topics.

This is the reason why art students are frequently tasked with composing art history research papers. Most instructors tend to give learners total freedom in picking art research paper topics. In some cases, learners have to examine a specific time of art history which brought forth a new style.

In the event that you have been tasked with coming up with this kind of paper and you don’t have an idea on how to go about it, one ideal thing to do is to search for a sample of an art history research paper. This sample will provide you with an idea on how to create an outline for your paper, compose an introduction, the body, plus ending.

There are two forms of writing an art research paper; critical analysis paper or narrative paper. These two forms can be carefully utilized to either produce a meticulous examination of the entire thing or may be purely be recounted as a description paper depicting all issues.

Similar to other kinds of research papers, the composing process starts with a beginning, the paper’s body then finally the ending. Take a look at the art research paper topics below:

Sample Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Examine The Progress Of Baroque Art In Rome

  2. Differentiate Between Ground And Figure When It Comes To Art

  3. Select 4 Artists From Divergent Art Eras Who Concentrated On Social Issues In Their Art Work. Examine The Way In Which Their Artworks Correspond With Their Individual Eras Plus The Way In Which They Confronted Social Issues.

  4. Investigate Plus Scrutinize The Effect Of Nazi Germany On European Arts In The 20th Century.

  5. How Individuals Believe That Art Can Bring About Positive Transformation

  6. Examine The Petrachen Madrigals Of The 16th Century

  7. Reasons Why Most Artists Claim Exclusive Rights On Utilizing A Particular Color.

  8. Examine Ecofeminism Art In Europe

  9. Examine The Advancement Of Cubism In The 20th Century, Its Influences, The Main Artists Who Aided In Its Advancement, Plus The Way In Which This Technique Changed Viewpoints Concerning Art.

  10. Discuss Modern Art In Africa

  11. Talk About The Relation Between Art And Nature, Particularly On The Scientific Visualization Of Nature In Arts

  12. With Regards To Modern Art, Discuss The Correlation Between A Museum And A Gallery.

  13. Liken Plus Differentiate The Painting Techniques Of Da Vinci And Rembrandt.

  14. Cartoons As A Satirical Depiction Of Present Day Society

  15. Discuss 3 Artists You Have A High Regard For Plus Reasons Why

  16. Talk About Your Thoughts On Art Therapy.

  17. Examine The Importance Of Initial Cave Paintings As Art

  18. The Taj Mahal: Examine It As An Example Of Architectural Art

  19. Talk About Various Art Movements Like Post-Modernism Plus Impressionism

  20. Reasons Why You’re Captivated By A Particular Type Of Art

Art History Research Paper Topics

With lots of years of art history to mull over, below is a collection of various art history research paper topics. Have you been given an art history paper to compose? Consider these topics to get some inspiration for your paper:

  1. Carry Out Research On A Certain Time In The Life Of One Artist

  2. Scrutinize A Particular Artist’s Technique Plus Media

  3. Compose A Screenplay Regarding The Work Of Your Favorite Artist

  4. Compose About An Artist Or Style You Aren’t Acquainted With

  5. Liken Plus Differentiate Words From A Single Movement

  6. Compose About A Noteworthy Museum Plus Its Collection

  7. Scrutinize One Work Of Art

  8. Compose About An Artist’s Life Story

  9. Delve Into The Historical Importance Of A Museum

  10. Dispute One Myth Regarding A Celebrated Artist

Medieval Art History Research Paper Topics

Medieval era is that time between the collapse of the Roman Empire around 300 AD plus the commencement of the Renaissance era in Europe in 1400 AD.

This era is characterized by various artistic types, for instance, Christian plus Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon, Romanesque, Insular, etc. Examples of some well-known artistic works from this time include the Gothic cathedral in Notre-Dame, Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, Ravenna’s mosaics, metalwork of the Insular art from Ireland, Romanesque architecture, mosaics in Ravenna, among others.

Medieval art history research paper topics include:

  1. Troubadours: Their Role In The Advancement Of European Culture

  2. Art Decline During The Medieval Period: Examine The Leading Causes?

  3. Aspects Which Ascertained The Major Doctrines Of Medieval Art

  4. Discuss Various Facets Of Gothic Architecture

Ancient Art History Research Paper Topics

Advancement of humankind may be seen via findings from ancient plus classical history; a timeline of initial civilizations, empires, plus kingdoms. Some of the first known relics date far into early Egyptian architecture, artistry, signs, and tools as the first recognized civilization of the history of Middle East.

Subsequently, there is the classical era of ancient Greece; period of political reorganization plus warfare, and ancient Rome; a phase of ascendency mostly via Julius Caesar’s reign.

Picking a Topic for Your Ancient Art History Research Paper

It may be the most significant phase whenever you want to compose this kind of paper. Picking a subject matter for your paper can be an overwhelming assignment. As a matter of fact, some learners encounter problems when they are given the liberty to pick a subject matter. Consequently, they end up selecting a topic which is totally boring to the reader.

The subject matter you select ought to be captivating to the reader. Take a look at some ancient art history research paper topics for you to consider for your paper:

  1. Discuss The Major Motives For The Change In The Artistic Technique In Rome During The 4th Century

  2. Where Did Greek Theater Originate From?

  3. Examine Facets Of Ancient Greece Sculptures Plus Their Impact On The Science Of Sculptures.

  4. Talk About Some Famous Artworks From Mesopotamia

  5. Liken Plus Differentiate Between Egyptian Plus Mesoamerican Pyramids

  6. Examine The Erection Of The Great Wall Of China

Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

The Renaissance era is the period of time which is preceded by the Middle Ages in Europe. This era was characterized by an increase in the fascination with classical learning of early Rome plus Greece. Painting technique plus decorative arts related to the Renaissance era came up in Italy around late 14th century. Renowned artists from this era include Raphael, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc. Art from this era aimed at capturing the know-how of the artist plus magnificence of the natural world.

Have you been tasked with producing a renaissance art research paper? The following is a collection of several renaissance art history research paper topics for you to consider:

  1. Discuss The Symbolism And Style In Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’

  2. Women’s Dressing Plus Standards Of Beauty In The Renaissance Period

  3. Depiction Of Humanistic Notions When It Comes To Renaissance Art

  4. Oddities Of Raphael’s Paintings

  5. Reasons For The Use Of Christian Themes Plus Symbols With Regards To Renaissance Art

  6. Liken plus differentiate the renaissance plus modern eras

Fascinating Argumentative Research Paper Topics About Art

Argumentative art papers are papers whereby an author tries to show that his or her viewpoint is more accurate as compared to others pertaining to art. It’s a kind of composing which is aimed at convincing audiences to agree with the author’s sentiments regarding art.

This type of paper is somehow connected to a persuasive one; however, with an argumentative paper, the writer only argues for his or her viewpoint contrasted with the viewpoints of others. When it comes to argumentative essays regarding art, the author’s contention ought to be apparent from the word go.

This type of essay mostly contains around 5 to 6 subsections, which are partitioned into the introductory subsection, 3 to 4 body subsections that contain the main contentions, plus the conclusion subsection.

Edifice of an Argumentative Paper

There are 3 major methods of composing this essay:

  • Firstly, individuals commence by delineating the thesis statement. The subsequent step is to ‘sell’ their contentions by explaining them comprehensively, then the focus shifts to counteract contentions, explaining them comprehensively then repudiating them. After this is the ending.

  • The subsequent method is where authors start by stating the thesis statement. The subsequent step is to give their counter contentions plus repudiations. The ‘selling’ aspect occurs later on in the paper and then the ending.

  • The final method is when a writer outlines the thesis statement, then after that the counter-contentions coupled with repudiations for every counter-contention. Then the writer finishes up with an ending. This method concentrates solely on counter-contentions plus their repudiations. It doesn’t deal with the author’s contentions to back their subject matters.

Argumentative Art Paper composing Tips

  • Utilize quotations, actualities, plus concrete instances. These will assist in convincing your audience to endorse your argument.

  • It’s vital that you utilize suitable transition words when shifting from one contention to the other, for instance nevertheless, however, etc.

  • Come up with a listing of the merits plus demerits you’re intending to incorporate before composing the paper.

Argumentative research paper topics about art include:

  1. Can Theater Change Culture?

  2. Reasons Why Art Is Important In Our Lives

  3. The Features Which Make Baroque Sculptures Identifiable

  4. How Does Art Impact Our Day To Day Life?

  5. Reasons Why Television Is Quickly Becoming Outdated

  6. Why The Hip-Hop Culture Warrants Serious Research

  7. Reasons For Not Permitting Sports Betting Everywhere.

  8. Can Banksy Be Considered An Artist Or A Vandal?

  9. How To Define Good Art

  10. Most Significant 20th Century Painting

  11. Is The Feminist Movement Vital For Modern Art

  12. Is It Advisable To Invest In Art?

  13. Reasons What Art Edification Is Underrated

  14. Playing Video Games: Should It Be Counted As A Sport?

  15. How Did Paris Become A Center Of Art?

  16. Precarious Stereotypes Regarding Reality TV

Research Paper Topics On Minimalism Art

Minimalism developed in the United States in the late 1950s into the late 60s. Its focus is on basic elements. It was a reaction to the leading art style during that time (abstract art). Minimalism can be viewed as an extension of the abstract notion that art ought to possess its own actuality rather than being a replication of another thing.

Individuals mostly visualize art as a representation of a facet of the real world. However, with minimalism art, the material from which this type of art is made from plus the form of work is the reality instead of trying to symbolize an external actuality. Famous persons who were pioneers of minimalism art include Donald Judd and plus Sol LeWitt.

Characteristics of Minimalism Art

  • Monochromatic initial minimalist art works were mostly monochromatic; limited to a single color.

  • Repetition creation of several images of the same shape.


Research paper topics on minimalism art include:

  1. An Examination Of The Basic Minimalism Techniques

  2. Minimalism Art Plus Modern Environmental Art

  3. Research Plus Decorations Design With Regards To Minimalism Art

  4. Impact On Minimalist Art On The Making On The Artistic Conception Of Interior Landscape

  5. Minimalist Technique Of Graphic Design Research

  6. An Examination Of Construction Methods Of Minimalist Architecture

  7. Correlation Between Minimalism Art Plus Furniture Design

  8. Study Of Minimalism Art In Western Architecture

  9. A Detailed Examination Of Modern Minimalism Architecture

  10. Minimalism Art In Spain.


At one point in time, an art student will have to produce an art research paper. Producing this paper entails various processes, beginning with gathering information and coming up with an outline. In addition to these, there’s the confirmation of your paper’s requirements and selecting an ideal topic from a pool of art research paper topics. Remember, all these are vital to take into account before composing your paper. Good luck.

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