Bankruptcy thesis statement

Bankruptcy thesis statement

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What is a thesis statement?

When it comes to writing, knowing the mechanics and sections of an essay is imperative. However, the backbone of an essay is nothing but the thesis statement. At a glance, a thesis statement can tell the reader if your essay is worth reading or tossing away, and that’s is why it is vital for you to craft a good one. Naturally, writing a thesis statement is overwhelming, especially when you know its importance. For some, it is a stroll in the park while others may see it as a tough nut to crack. In this article, you will discover all the tips you need to craft a good thesis statement on bankruptcy that has no fallacies. 

A thesis statement is an arguable opinion; the statement that an essay is proving to be accurate. A thesis statement is not a fact. It is something you are attempting to show in your writing. When writing an essay about bankruptcy, the thesis statement should appear in the first paragraph. As you write your essay, you will discuss more on your thesis statement. A thesis statement on bankruptcy can be a simple sentence that summarizes your opinion about the topic. Through the process of writing your essay, it is vital that you provide support for your thesis statement. 

What is bankruptcy and what do you need to know?

Bankruptcy is a very scary proposition. Bankruptcy may be declared by any person or company who is unwilling or unable to pay their debts. At the other end of the spectrum, being solvent means that the person or the company has the means to pay their debts. When someone is insolvent, it means that they cannot pay their debts and they may declare bankruptcy.

The process of declaring bankruptcy is easy: the person or company undergoing insolvency must file a petition in a bankruptcy court.

A voluntary bankruptcy process is initiated by the entity that is declaring bankruptcy. On the other hand, involuntary bankruptcy process is initiated by creditors of the bankrupt entity.

Besides, when writing your essay, keep in mind that bankruptcy is imposed by the court and there is a difference between insolvency and bankruptcy.

The latter is not the only legal option that an insolvent entity may have. When writing your essay, keep in mind the country you are living in or writing about. In countries such as the UK, bankruptcy is only an option for individuals. Basically, other kinds of insolvency (such as administration and liquidation) are applied to companies. What’s more, in the US, bankruptcy is applied broadly to insolvency proceedings which are formal. In France, the term is used only for cases of fraud related to bankruptcy, and they have a different word, ‘faillite,’ (which is translated as “failure”) that is used for bankruptcy while abiding the law.

Keep in mind, the thesis might be about bankruptcy, but you need to follow the strict rules that come with writing in an academical manner.

How is a bankruptcy thesis statement supported?

Regardless of whether you are writing a project, essay, or a research paper, you will need to support that statement with facts. There is a wide variety of facts that you might use to support your essay. You may use:

  • Examples
  • Evidence (first or second person account)
  • Research
  • Account
  • Data (scientific or mathematical)
  • Statistics
  • Quotations from expert
  • Comparisons

What should a bankruptcy thesis statement contain?

When writing a bankruptcy essay, the general idea of a thesis statement is to summarize the ideas of the essay. Summarizing the ideas is different from summarizing the whole paper. What you need to do is to summarize the main idea to a simple sentence. Do not showcase your vast vocabulary or play with words when writing a thesis statement; make it brief and straightforward. In other words, hit the nail on the head.

How is the thesis statement used?

Well, the whole purpose of an essay is to prove the thesis statement. The thesis is an opinion which is then supported by a variety of different types of facts. An essay may include various kinds of resource to back up that thesis and prove that it is true. This is the essay’s entire reason for being written.

Where does a thesis statement belong?

A thesis statement always goes in the introduction paragraph. It should introduce, it should stand out, and it should be supported in the introduction and throughout the entire essay.

Is a thesis statement a fact or an opinion?

A thesis statement is not a fact. It is an opinion or a theory supported by facts.

How is the introduction constructed?

To start, make use of 1-2 hook statement. Even if the essay is about bankruptcy and not pure literature, it is highly needed to have a great introduction. This will be used to catch the readers’ attention and draw the reader into the writing. After that, you will follow off with an opinionated thesis statement. The supporting statement then follows that. It is recommended that students should form of 3-7 support statements in the introduction paragraph. Always complete each section with a conclusion statement that wraps up that entire paragraph.

Well-written thesis statement

There is a wide variety of different ways that you can write a thesis statement But here are some decent ones; begin your thesis with these words or phrases:

  • Although
  • Whether or not
  • Even though
  • As soon as
  • So that

Any of these words or phrase listed above will get you off to a great start to writing your thesis statement.

What to avoid when writing a thesis statement?

If you want to develop a good thesis statement, be sure not to make it too wordy. Your sentence needs to straight to the point, do not beat around the bush. A long and complicated sentence is difficult to read. Also, your grammar and punctuation need to be perfect.

Examples of good thesis statement

To give you a better understanding, here are some examples of a well-written thesis statement:

  • Although our country seems wealthy and prosperous, we are in a terrible crisis and must change our economical habit soon.
  • Even though some people complain about discomfort, a bike helmet is imperative for safety.
  • Whether or not a child has a personal chef, knowing how to cook a simple meal is necessary.
  • A student must precede any science classes to be safe and learn chemistry, thorough safety demonstration.
  • As soon as you light a cigarette, you decrease your life expectancy, health, and well-being.

Now you have seen how good the above-listed thesis statement are, let’s see how they will look like if they were written poorly.

  • Everybody should agree that the economy is in terrible shape at the moment
  • No matter what you think, a bike helmet is essential for every bike rider.
  • Teenagers should learn how to cook simple meals
  • I think science classes should always have a safety demonstration.
  • I feel smoking is a bad idea for anyone.

Students expectations

When it comes to writing a thesis statement, a student is expected to:

  • Write a strong thesis statement
  • Include a good thesis statement in every essay
  • Support thesis statement with factual data

Avoiding fallacies

When writing a bankruptcy thesis statement, it is best you avoid any form of fallacy. For starters, a fallacy is an opinion or idea which many people assume to be true, but it is false because it revolves around incorrect reasoning or information. Although it may look challenging to accomplish, it is attainable. Having the tiniest of error in a thesis statement for bankruptcy will make your work futile. There are several kinds of fallers you need to steer clear of; however, the most common type is Logical fallacy. With just a snap of the finger, a logical fallacy can ruin the argument on your bankruptcy thesis statement. When you think about fallacy, it may seem easy to avoid it, but when you start writing, it gets confusing; however, make sure you do everything possible not to include any.

Kinds of fallacies to avoid when writing a bankruptcy thesis statement

There are several types of logical fallacies. It is vital to steer clear of anyone to write a good thesis statement. Having a good thesis statement will set you off on the right track as you write your essay. A thesis about bankruptcy is likely to have many fallacies. One of the most common one among students is the Appeal to ignorance. This fallacy is where the writer says a proposition is true because it has not yet been proven false or it is incorrect on the basis it has not however been proven correct. To avoid this, it is suggested you should choose an interesting topic you know about and focus only on the argument. Writing on a topic that you can access facts will help you create a sterling job. Many students fall prey to the argument from ignorance, so be sure not to be one of them.

The hasty generalization fallacy found in the thesis statement

Hasty generalization is another kind of fallacy that is found in many thesis statements about bankruptcy. When writing a thesis statement for bankruptcy, do everything possible to avoid this fallacy. The Hasty Generalization is when the writer applies a belief to a large population, then he/she bases on the information gathered. For example, If Mr x got bankrupt because he divorced his wife, I can say divorcing your wife will make a man go bankrupt. However, that is a small sample population to make such a claim. I generalized based on one man. When developing a thesis statement for your bankruptcy essay, it can be easy to make this kind of error. However, you can easily avoid this kind of fallacy by making sure every information on your thesis statement about bankruptcy is accurate, and generalization is based on a large population.

The slippery slope fallacy

The slippery slope is also one of the typical kind of fallacy many writers fall into. Your bankruptcy thesis should always avoid this type of fallacy. Wondering what a slippery slope fallacy mean? A slippery slope fallacy is you claim one action leads to the next which cannot be stopped. Many students are guilty of this kind of fallacy. To avoid this kind of error, do not include inaccurate information on your thesis statement.

Choose an interesting topic.

For your bankruptcy thesis statement to be good, make sure you choose a bankruptcy topic you have a genuine interest for because your thesis will reflect it. The topic should be current and relevant.

Develop your thesis statement on your central theme

The thesis statement and introductory paragraph should be able to give a clear explanation of what an essay is trying to accomplish. What is your essay about? Your theme should be concise- if it is too broad, your essay will look disjointed.

Facts are mandatory

Citing genuine resources is an excellent way to prevent yourself from falling into the above-listed fallacy. Avoiding fallacy can be easy to avoid when you provide concrete evidence as well as seeking info from reputable sources. Do not listen to anybody telling you not to give enough evidence. Giving plenty of proof is always acceptable provided they are genuine.

Why do you need to provide facts to back up your thesis statement?

Providing actual evidence and research is one of the ideal ways of developing a good thesis statement for your bankruptcy essay. You don’t want your thesis statement to look like something you just crafted from thin air. Without facts, your article on bankruptcy is nothing but a written piece of opinion. If you cannot get your hands on sufficient evidence to support your claim on your thesis statement, it is best you address the topic from another point of view or even change the topic. Also, it is essential to note that not every information you see on the net is genuine. Make use of peer-reviewed academic textbook, articles, and reputable sources when gathering information to expand your thesis.

How can you tell if your thesis statement is good?

If you have some time left, meet your instructor to get honest feedback. However, if there is no time or your instructor is indisposable at the moment, you can check if your thesis is good by reviewing it has a clear stand, go in line with the discussion, has a central idea, and specific.


The importance of a thesis statement for an essay cannot be overemphasized. A thesis statement is an anchor to your essay about bankruptcy. Make sure what you are arguing in your essay is related to your thesis statement. Writing a thesis statement is not as difficult as you think. While it may be tiring, the above tips and information will go a long way in making your life easy if they are duly followed. Remember to make your thesis brief and on point. A broad thesis will do you no good. Avoid any grammatical error punctuation and spelling error. Do not stray from your topic when creating a thesis statement. Make use of accurate resources to support your claim.

No matter the complex nature of a topic, these tips will help you develop an excellent thesis statement for your bankruptcy essay. A general rule of the thumb: a thesis should not be longer than two sentences. A broad thesis will make you fall prey to different fallacies, thus ruining your entire essay. Developing a good thesis is the first step in producing an A+ essay. Wow, your instructors with your essays by creating an excellent thesis.

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