Cancer Thesis Statement

Cancer Thesis Statement

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If all is number, then all is symbol. And if all is symbol, then all is logic and language. Considering that there are fundamental forces of physics then we must ask ourselves whether there exists an analytical method that conforms to these forces. If there is such a method, then it is possible to decipher its structure and be acquainted with its use. Better still, we will able to see things in themselves. That is we will have a subjective-objective view afforded by consciousness of both states. Such a view is of radical importance for all of us; it raises our power and view of challenges and diseases like cancer. There exists a universal analytical method and this method can be used to analyze everything, including itself, and cancer, and that it should be used when making a thesis statement for cancer essay that is strictly analytic.

The importance of an analytic essay on cancer is visible when we consider the importance of reason in understanding, and the being of things. Only analysis and reason can help us to differentiate among things and to classify them. Classification means power to control. In fact, the power to name is derived from analysis and reason. Hence, if we name something ‘cancer’, we may need to understand the analytic and linguistic dynamics of the name and their validity, and out of it, be able to design fitting responses to the disease. And since complex thought is best expressed in essay form, the analytic method is meant to help us generate a cancer thesis from any dimension of analysis.

Our analytical method posits that all things in the universe are made of the basic elements of air, fire, water and earth; and that the fundamental forces of nature being:

  • Gravitational force – Corresponding with element ‘Air’
  • Weak nuclear force – Fire
  • Electromagnetic force – Water
  • Strong Nuclear force – Earth

…are logically connected to the basic elements, and that in fact, each of these forces is comprised of these elements. Given that each element is geometrically derived, and that all forms are based on this fundamental geometry, including a model of the universe as derived by ancient philosophers along Euclid; it can be shown that each element is an energetic computation and that each computation and or combination of computation results in the fundamental forces. Each force is described in terms of behavior and context and the language used is parsed into that of the fundamental elements and computations. The result confirms the model, and using Occam’s razor then the theory of basic elements still holds.

Taking it for granted that this proof is verifiable; we must proceed to how it helps in the creation of an analytic framework that can be used to generate a thesis statement for cancer essay. This cancer thesis is developed by reducing the area of consideration to the basic framework, thus easing our analytical task considerably.

Theory of All Things Helping to Create a Thesis Statement for Cancer

The basic unit of being is substance, and each substance is presented as an atom. Given that all atoms have the same structure and all relations are equally described then we can describe an algorithm made of the following steps:

  • Identifying substances and atoms for consideration
  • Define areas for thought
  • Choice of thinking form
  • Defining a personal field of interaction
  • Integrating personal objective and resonate with thought form concerned
  • Studying patterns and causes of identity and relations of substances and atoms
  • Developing proofs for spotted patterns, identities and relations
  • Drafting of cancer thesis
  • Checking for bases of truth and evaluating for truth of thesis statement for cancer
  • Conclude thesis statement about cancer and compile statements about cancer

Identifying Substances and Atoms for Consideration

Cancer can be approached from many angles and fields, yet the language used must follow grammar. This means that whole statements can be broken down to parts of speech and language starting with nouns, verbs and transitions. Considering each part of speech as an atom, we can describe each atom in terms of basic element definitions that are in line with initial conditions for quantum fields. Considering each basic element has been described archetypically like ‘air’ is – ‘warm and moist,’ and given that the geometric construction of the ‘flower of life’ shows how the first elements are constructed from a single circle, we can infer the initial conditions of each element in each different context.

Define Area of Thought to Make Statements about Cancer

We are on course to deriving a thesis statement about cancer. But what specific aspects of cancer do we want to focus on? Hints on the topic may be given by the linguistic implication of the assignment text given by a tutor, or one may get a text from a specific cancer case.

It is critical for any analysis at this point to follow exegetical analysis. We are always products of our times and our thought models, so it is imperative of us to know how symbols and contexts combine to create meanings and whether these meanings are valid.

Indian philosophy is rich in providing a framework for exegetical analysis that is helpful for understanding statements about cancer. For example, statements about cancer from patients may lead the analytical thinker to derive other relations that are critical in generating instances of thesis statement about cancer. There might even be hitherto unseen relations that have been largely ignored due to constraints implied by disciplines of thought and investigation. Such links are exposed when we do exegetical analysis.

Choice of Thinking Form When Deriving Thesis about Cancer

There is an order of thought for every instance. All thinking must involve the four basic elements. That is:

  • Expository thought – Describing features and identities as they are
  • Analytic thought – Working out the relations and rules of relations among the atoms
  • Argumentative thought – About the effectiveness of relations of ideas
  • Implementive thought – About control mechanisms of the relations

That is for every element; the thinker must attempt to fill in details of each thought form. This provides ample opportunity and space to expand the chosen form of essay and thought. Insights for the analytic argument for our cancer thesis statement are enriched when we are aware of other thought forms connected to our main line of work.

Defining a Personal Field of Interaction

The thinker and researcher are part of the field of interaction, and since all things interact to create realities it is imperative that the contributions of the thinker be factored into the analytic model.

This is started by asking a few critical questions like:

  • What are some of the ideas, concepts and relations of interest to the researcher?
  • What are the critical questions raised by the atoms, components and relations of interest?
  • Are there hypotheses about identities and relations that need to be worked out?
  • How are the hypotheses and ideas relevant to the field of discourse?

Answers to these questions help the researcher to reduce his/her position to that of an atom with the four basic elements and their computations as initial conditions. This then completes the parties of players of a specific field of interaction that leads to the formation of a cancer thesis statement that is comprehensive and both subjective and objective.

Integrating Personal Objectives that Resonate with Thought Form Concerned

A thesis statement about cancer can be optimally deduced when we consider the demands of complexity science, the emerging paradigm in science. The critical implication is that whatever choices are made in the quantum fields involved do not disturb the entire fields of relations. This makes simulation and testing by other thinkers to be effective and reliable. This approach has an advantage over current paradigms in the sense that there are diverse fields of inquiry that may not be replicable in all times and conditions, or that different scenarios may need to be described and simulated more so in diseases and conditions among different people in a population. It is possible to conceive the need for bespoke conditions that each person’s treatment relies on a unique thesis statement on cancer – considering trends in bio-informatics and a varied collection of multi-disciplinary collaborations.

Studying Patterns and Causes of Identity and Relations of Substances and Atoms

If each atom can be described in terms of atoms then we can move on and describe the four causes according to Aristotle. Let’s remind ourselves of these causes. There are:

  • Formal causes – Fire
  • Effective causes – Water
  • Material causes – Earth
  • Final causes – Air

There is plenty of literature describing and defining these causes and it would be prudent for us to get acquainted with the relevant material. Now, Aristotle’s idea was that it is impossible for a person to know a thing in itself if he/she is ignorant of the four causes that are by extension related to the four fundamental forces of nature.

By enumerating the atoms and components in a thought area and by describing the four causes, then we can now see patterns and relations in existence objectively.

Drafting of Cancer Thesis

Our task to create a thesis statement for cancer essay is now easy when we have all players and fields defined analytically, and trends can be deciphered from the various simulations and observations made in the course of research and thought development. Given that all forms are now amenable to logical and linguistic analysis and that we have a draft of these fundamental relations, it is possible to develop a set of statements about cancer that lead to a cogent and nearly complete thesis statement on cancer.

The critical activity here is that thoughts must be consolidated with the view to meet the necessary condition for a good quality thesis. To encourage interactivity, we are best advised to conduct an investigation regarding the qualities necessary for an optimal thesis statement. What we can’t fail to emphasize at the moment is that the thesis about cancer is a thing and should also have the four basic elements and the causes carefully defined.

Checking for Bases of Truth and for Truth of Thesis Statement for Cancer

All sets of statements about cancer and their concomitant thesis about cancer must be weighed for truth before they are assembled together to form an essay. There are six categories that form bases of truth; these are:

  • Authority – This concerns truths that may not be directly accessible through perception and inference
  • Perception – Concerns our senses and internal cognition systems
  • Inference – Involving logic and linguistic analysis
  • Analogy – Entails making comparisons between similar phenomena
  • Derivation and induction – Involves learning patterns and facts from huge data sets
  • Non-being – Considers absence of forms and relations as an indicator of how a thing is

A thesis statement about cancer needs to be true from the most basic level so that the work of simulation can be easier for other knowledge workers and that it can be easier for a researcher or thinker to debug faulty analysis in a modular fashion. Besides, by being aware of how optimal necessary conditions for each base of truth we can be aware of the quality of our discourse and even design more fitting contexts for what we have to say.

Concluding Thesis Statement about Cancer and Compiling Statements

The analytic sets of statements about cancer that have been generated are used to form sets of arguments supportive of the thesis statement for cancer essay. But it isn’t enough for the analyst to be contented by the draft proof. There is need for reviewing this whole analytic process for any bugs. This is a practice that is very similar to code review in computer programming. An analytic argument or essay on cancer would look very much like the description of a computer program, and because we have singularity of description and function, then we need to make sure that we have simple and neat code executing the assertion of our thesis statement about cancer.

Writing Our Essay

The mathematical – linguistic analysis part being over, we now need to formulate our information in simple and easy to comprehend terms for all people. This means going to conventions and ensuring that the structure and content of our essay conforms to recognized academic standards.

In Conclusion

This article has outlined the basis of a universal analytic machine or algorithm that can be adopted for the purpose of creating a cancer thesis statement by simplifying all forms according to the basic elements and causes. It has enumerated the basic steps required for executing such an algorithm and highlighted the essential areas that must not be forgotten in the analysis. Emphasis has also been placed on the scholar to ensure that some of the concepts mentioned are familiar through further investigation and analysis.

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