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The Catcher in the Ryeis a revolutionary novel by American writer Jerome Selinger. Immediately after publication, the book won the attention of teenagers and adults, opening people’s eyes to the world of modern America those days. The work was banned for adolescents to read for quite long time, because of the large amount of obscene language, calls for rebellion, drunkenness and debauchery. But this only increased the merchantability of the novel. The work, which is included in the list of the 100 best English-language books in the world, everyone reads in different ways, and its ideas will make you search for your place in the world, just as Holden Caulfield tried to do.

It is customary to study a book at universities in the faculties of literature and psychology. The last ones can study the behavior of the few characters in the novel, while future writers have a good example of a quality work-experiment.

The interdisciplinary and the statement of the problems inessays on The Cather in the rye

Despite a small size of the book, it presents many problems. There is a list of some of the problematic points that are fully disclosed after reading the book. Some of them are hidden and become understandable only in contact with other elements of the plot. In any case, the list can be supplemented by you personally or questioned the importance of the problem. In our opinion, it will be a great idea to pay attention to such problems while writing an essay on ‘The Catcher in the Rye’:

  • language of the narration like Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the main character speaks his own language. Yes, it contains many curses and profanity, but all of it is justified. The use of each word is forced by the events or thoughts of the protagonist;

  • timeline all the events of the book tell about the life of Holden at the time of his 16th birthday. And despite the fact that we are experiencing all the events that make a guy who he is before us, in fact, only 3 days pass. When writing an essay, it will be appropriate to pay attention to this technique, which is called the principle of compressed time.

  • the plot itself the main thing that is inside, not outside. According to the stories, we learn a lot more than the actions of the main hero. These stories are filled with a large range of negative emotions, which are not as aggressive as melancholy and sad.

  • compromise as a missing element of reality for Holden, all actions are pure, they are directly related to the emotions that he personally feels. Therefore, adults who say one thing and do the other disgust him. In his mind there is no concept of compromise (regardless of purpose). He is clear and straightforward, while many other characters are guided by personal gain.

  • pure symbolism various details that help to understand the ideas. The authors of the books love to weave minor details into the plot, which are of great, if not enormous importance. Take a closer look the red hat of Holden expresses a sign of protest; in his imagination, when he catches children near the abyss, he does it in the evening the end of a transition period, after which an abyss of the unknown new follows. Even the names of the characters tell us more about them Holden’s sister, Phoebe, is the light in his life (because in the ancient Greek name meant something bright and warm), Holden himself is holding on.

In addition to such interesting moments, which represent another level of understanding the text, the plot itself has concepts worthy of study. Of all the possible problems that critics have ever singled out during the 65 years of the book’s existence the most basic are:

  • a Journey from the childhood to the adulthood;

  • a concept of Loneliness;

  • a Cruelty of the adult world;

  • a Traumatism because of the loss of a close person;

  • an Innocence.

The Catcher in the Rye essay examplesanda Journey from the childhood to the adulthood

We all go through growing up differently. Someone is keen on new things that appear around. The transience of life puts pressure on others, forcing to look for a new place in the new world. If changes are not avoidable, then before a person, as a measuring unit of life, stand two questions. The first one arises from a lack of understanding the essence of the changes, their necessity. And due to such changes, a second question arises — if everything around me changes, will it be necessary to change me? The new is most often perceived as alien, enemy. But curiosity often prevails over fear, helping to overcome it and discover a new world.

Holden tried another world, outside the walls of the school. Adult New York, with its nightlife, performances and bars was unreal, deceitful and hypocritical. And why then grow up, if everything around becomes a sham, a parody of normal life? Comparing himself and America around, the hero has disgust for the world around, into which he cannot fit.

In the criticism and The Catcher in the rye essay sample of the early 2000s, there is a motive of suicide, which is very clearly born in the head of the main character. Perhaps, some elements of his reasoning are similar to suicidal tendencies, but the guy is too pure to commit such a crime.

Dealing with a concept of Loneliness inessays on Catcher in the Rye

We are born and die alone. The main part of our life we will surely spend with ourselves and that’s we who decide what to do with this emptiness: to fill it with people and moments, or to spend all the time trying to get used to it and just be a loyal friend to yourself. The first option is good for someone, who is bored to be alone or those, who can’t imagine their life without a company. Another one is for those like Holden, the people that don’t like communication, but hate loneliness even more.

Holden is so controversial character, while trying to isolate him from the society, adulthood and sometimes even from himself, he was filling so upset about being lonely and was willing to find someone just for a friendly conversation. For the last he preferred more children, but sometimes he got out of his comfort zone and spoke with adults.

The Catcher in the Rye essay examples reveal the desire of main character to be an individual, not to belong to any social group and to save his childishness as long as he could. Some of them approve, that Holden just doesn’t want to communicate with external world. The critics don’t try to refute this fact, but from where a young boy could teach contacting with society, if even inside his family he felt himself alone and offended by adults? Despite all these facts, the boy isn’t spoiled by the cruelty of adult world; he stays clear and naive in his simplicity.

Talking about a Cruelty of the adult world inThe Catcher in the rye essay samples

Children are hardly cruel from their birth. Person need to face special conditions and to see a lot of different people to become ruthless. The habit to take an example from the adults usually play tricks on kids, it destroys childish spiritual purity and makes them follow the only right way of living a life, to become angry and envious, to see the provocation everywhere, to search for benefits for themselves. Then the kid tries to crush the world of blue-sky thinking of the fellows, from which appears the problem of bulling in schools, kindergartens and everywhere the kids can exist alone. It happens because moreexperiencedchildren, who have lost a great part of their purity and childhood due to the pressure of modern cruel world of grown-up, try to take this great time away of others.

The main advantage of Holden due to essays on Catcher in the Rye is his ability to opposite this pressure.

Holden is uncomfortable around his conceited, sex-obsessed classmates and even more ill at ease around adults; they are condescending and incapable of understanding him, so he always tells them what they want to hear.’

He faces cruelty and vulgarity of adults almost every day, visiting hotels, bars, walking down the streets of New York City, but continuing to believe in goodness and staying innocent. Some essayists affirm that this boy didn’t want children to grow up, but critics would rather say that he didn’t want them to become as cruel as grownups are. The aging process is not preventable, the question was to save kid inside you, to change adult world and not to be spoiled by vulgarity.

A problem of a Traumatism because of the loss of a close person inThe Catcher in the rye essays

In the childhood you see the world through the prism of naivety and faith in the best. Everything is completely undiscovered and new, bright and, of course, kind. It seems that nothing can make your little perfect world to crash and you will never grow up and look at things from the opposite side. But then it’s enough for only one sad thing to happen or a cruel person to face, and your belief in the best under rose-colored glasses will disappear. Unfortunately, life isn’t eternal, and, it’s obvious, you’ll die in the end. For Holden, it was a trial to live after the brother’s death, he was so stressed and shamed to have an ability to live and discover the world. This problem is closely related to the problem of adolescence the main character thinks that he and a lot of other adults aren’t worthy to live.

It was well noticed in one of the essays that Holden was connected with Allie, he was talking to his died brother as to an angel that protected him. He categorically didn’t want to grow up because it’s not fair to live and be happy while his brother will never do the same. The loss of close person, especially relative, is always painful; it makes you open the bad side of this world and approve the reality. Holden conversely tries to keep the connection with the dead brother; he is posing himself ‘over a cliff’, trying to combine his real and eternal world of his brother into one. Modern The Catcher in the rye essays say the main character hates adults for the ability to live and grow, that his young brother didn’t have:

A reason that he can`t connect with anyone else is because he feels like it wasn`t fair that Allie died, especially so young, and it bothers him that other people get to keep going.’

Yes, Holden doesn’t like them, maybe even because of this envy and a feeling of injustice. But he doesn’t hate them, because it seems to be the only way to stay himself, to approve the reality by talking with them.

The look on an Innocence inThe Catcher in the rye essay examples

For the opposite sex, a guy with admiring speeches and without experience could never become a worthy partner. Girls do not pass by Holden, but do not linger for a long time next to him. The guy considers himself a worthy man, not a simple interlocutor. With each of the girls in the novel, he quickly finds a common language, more mature women see him as a child, he awakens maternal instinct. Holden rejoices in the very process of this type of relationship with women, each will be perfect for him, he will give her compliments and find how to praise Her with words. But the acts of love or sex are not available to him, the guy is lost in front of the sea, in which sirens sing. The edge of this sea is a kiss that separates reality and fiction in his head.

Each of the girls endowed with his compliments becomes an image. Caulfield does not see more than the present, he is transferred to the world of fantasy, where the girl evolves and develops with what epithets the guy rewards her. His love is figurative, similar to platonic, but still slightly different. Love extols the image of a woman, showing that each of them could be someone else in someone else’s life, regardless of who she is now.

In The Catcher in the Rye essay samples examples, you can often find the opinion that it is rather strange that a guy who does not want to grow up can afford to rent a prostitute, even if he is not able to spend the night with her.

..For example, he highly respects women when it comes to sex…when Holden has his encounter with the prostitute, he pities her and doesn`t desire to do anything sexual with her. He treats women as though he is trying to save their sexual purity.’

As if this act already says, that he betrays his ideals for the sake of something simple, that the adult dirty world has already swallowed him, even if the guy didn’t notice it. But the situation is completely opposite and shows Holden as a strong and independent person. It was his step to growing up, one that could be big, but simpler than following the rules of another school. He sought help from those adults with whom he managed to make contact and quickly build good relationships. Holden, who is ready for intimacy with a woman, accepts the reality and the fact of the need for growing up. And this is his leap of faith.

WritingThe Catcher in rye essayswhile Standing on the cliff

Every reader will find his problem that appeals straight to his heart, according to his path of growing up and changing into a mature person. Nevertheless, the book will find its readers, despite prohibition and prejudices. Quod capitas, tot sententiae or so many men, so many minds.

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