110 Great Cause and Effect Essay Topics

110 Great Cause and Effect Essay Topics

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Coming up with good cause and effect essay ideas can be tough both for students and even professors, that’s why we’ve put together a list of good cause and effect essay topics. Browse the different cause and effect essay themes to get some ideas.

Cause and effect essay ideas: family

  1. The causes and effects of cheating on your partner.
  2. The effect on children’s development when growing up in a single-parent family.
  3. What are the causes and effects of teenage rebellion on parents?
  4. What are the causes and effects of college education on divorce rate?
  5. What can cause families grief and how does this affect parent bonding?
  6. What are the effects on American Children of growing up within a wealthy family?
  7. The effect of cohabitation before marriage.
  8. The effects of family vacation on bonding within the family.
  9. The causes of relationship destruction via siblings.
  10. What are the causes and effects of sibling rivalry on parent bonding?

Cause and effect essay topics on society and the environment

  1. What are the causes of global warming and its effects?
  2. What effect has human curiosity had on our environment?
  3. Auto causes and effects of tornadoes?
  4. What are the causes and effects of massive floods?
  5. How can the desertification affect indigenous communities? What can be done about it?
  6. What creates poverty in megacities?
  7. What effects does poor environmental quality have on health in communities?
  8. What are the causes and effects of intensive farming?
  9. Why some species are invasive and what effects do they have?
  10. How does land degradation create problems for society?
  11. How can consumerism affect society and what is the reason for it?
  12. Why is the hole in the ozone layer and what will this create in the future?
  13. What are the reasons for poor extraction of energy and what effects does this have on prices of goods?
  14. How can biodiversity conservation affect the lives of communities?
  15. Why is water so scarce and what effect is this having on less economically developed countries?
  16. Why is whaling a problem and what effects does have?
  17. What are the causes and effects of sustainable living?
  18. How can population issues affect society and what are their causes?
  19. What are the causes and effects of deforestation in the Amazon?
  20. How can food safety be harnessed to bring better health benefits?
  21. How can land degradation be managed and what could the effects be?
  22. Why is biodiversity declining worldwide and how can this loss be curbed?
  23. How can major environmental catastrophes be prevented and what would be the result of this?
  24. What effect would vegetarianism worldwide create for the environment?
  25. What impact can frequent violence have on community life?
  26. How can environmental health be approached differently by the UN and what effects might these different approaches have?
  27. How does the lack of freedom negatively affect society?
  28. What are the effects of living in a zone of decay within the city?
  29. What are the causes and effects of monoculture Plantation?
  30. How can landfill waste be reduced and to what outcome this will lead?

Good cause and effect essay topics on technology

  1. What are the causes and impacts of cell phone use on children?
  2. The potential impacts and reasons for driverless cars.
  3. The reasons for and potential impacts of AI.
  4. Why have viruses seen a rise in scale and what effects does this have?
  5. What are the effects of immigration being tracked by governments and why are they doing this?
  6. The causes and consequences of computer games on cognitive learning.
  7. What are the impacts of more diversified tech markets?
  8. What are the reasons for increased public surveillance and how does this affect privacy?
  9. The role of an “I” in the surveillance society.
  10. The reasons for genetically engineering a child and the effects this could have.
  11. The ways people could use technology for terrorism and the effects of this technology.
  12. The forms people could censor the Internet and its effects.
  13. Why have computer games become addictive and what consequences will this have in the future?
  14. The role of coding in schools with technology.
  15. How has the IT sector changed with globalization and what will be the effects for the future?
  16. Should people have identity chips and what would be the outcomes?
  17. Should GM foods technology affect society in the future?
  18. The reasons for genetic testing and the effects this can have on people’s rights.
  19. The implications of Digital learning in schools and the reasons for using it.
  20. The use of censorship on the Internet and the likely effects.
  21. The causes and effects of having driverless cars.
  22. The reasons and results of state monitoring using technology.
  23. Should countries have an equal access to technology and what would be the consequences?
  24. What effects does computer gaming have on our psychology?
  25. The reasons for freezing embryos for genetic research and the ethical implications.
  26. The use of technology in IVF treatment and its effects.
  27. The way technology can be used for reproduction and the ethical folks.
  28. Health insurance policy monitoring with technology and its results.
  29. The reasons for increased research into reproduction technology and the effects of this.
  30. The causes and effects of technology for surrogate pregnancy.

Cause and effect essay topics on health and food

  1. The causes and effects of teenage vaccination.
  2. Main reasons and outcomes of smallpox in adults.
  3. The reasons for smoking and the effects in the long run.
  4. The roots and results of insomnia.
  5. The reasons for obesity and the effects of this.
  6. The causes for eating meat and the effects it can have on allergy.
  7. The causes of increased organism and its effects.
  8. The causes and effects of eating GM foods.
  9. The psychological consequences of professional sport.
  10. The reasons for doing extreme sports and the effects on psychology.
  11. The influences of seafood consumption on the body.
  12. The reasons why fish farming may decrease in light of climate change.
  13. The grounds as to why a balanced diet is so important and the effects it can have.
  14. The reasons for taking up endurance exercise and the positive effects.
  15. The ideas as to why people play sumo and the impacts on the body.
  16. The causes of cot death and the effects on family life.
  17. The reasons as to why mental health is as important as physical well-being.
  18. The effects of stress on student psychology.
  19. Common causes and effects of good moods in children.
  20. The reasons why depression can manifest in the old generation and the effects of it.

Cause and effect essay topics on sport

  1. The causes and effects of common injuries in weightlifting.
  2. The reasons for sport traumas in teenagers and their effects.
  3. The effects of football on physical and mental well-being.
  4. How has cricket developed since the 18th century and why?
  5. The grounds for wearing mouth guards in sport and the results on oral health.
  6. The goals for using elastic tape on muscular pain and the effectiveness.
  7. The effectiveness of acupuncture in sports therapy and the results.
  8. The reasons for increased doping and the outcome on athletes.
  9. The causes of traumas in painful sports and the effects.
  10. The causes and effects of excessive heart rate use in sport.
  11. The reasons for changing practices in tennis.
  12. The causes and effects of multiple referees in football.
  13. The reasons behind football strategies and their effects.
  14. The grounds to strengthen the core and the effect in endurance sport.
  15. The effects of neurolinguistic programming on sports psychology and the reasons for using it.
  16. The reasons as to why people dope in cycling and the effect it has on the sport.
  17. The psychological effect of concentration and the positives it can bring in shooting sports.
  18. The reasons as to an increase of gender studies in sport psychology and the effects.
  19. The changing ways of doping in the sport over time and the effects.
  20. The negative effects of doping on personal health and the reasons for doing it.

Hopefully, these cause and effect essay topics can help you on your way. Whether you’re searching cause and effect essay topics for college students or for high school, we hope this list of topics for cause and effect essay can help you out.

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