Child Safety Essay Example

Child Safety Essay Example

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Child safety is an extensive topic but gives you plenty of room for debate. But how does one achieve writing a child safety essay? If you’ve never been given child safety essay topics before, you might be a little confused about where to begin. Child safety is a very broad subject and can result in confusion if you’re not given the specifics. However, your professor should have given you a basic outline with a rubric.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble, as we will help you learn the necessary steps in order to write a compelling child safety essay. Each of our tips is designed to help with narrowing down the subject, researching, and tips and tricks to help improve your essay and receive the most points possible.

We know you want to get the best grade, so we’ve formulated a few guidelines for you to follow that can boost your score. It’s essential to not skip any of these steps, as missing small points here and there can turn you from one grade to another. So, without further hesitation, let’s get into how to write a child safety essay example.

What is Child Safety?

Keeping children safe can be a very tedious, rigorous and challenging feat, especially for young parents who just got initiated into parenthood. However, no matter how busy or carefree you might be as a parent, your child safety is your responsibility, and you cannot afford to put your child(ren) in harm’s way.

Most injuries are predictable and avoidable, and that is why you have to make your child’s immediate environment – especially the home – as safe as it can be prior to the baby’s arrival and when they are still toddlers susceptible to accidents and injuries. There is no single device or solution that can prevent child accidents or injuries, at least not yet. Instead, child safety cuts across different approaches, ranging from educating adults to having safe environments that babies can thrive in.

Common places where children are prone to accidents or injuries are the home, car, playgrounds, just to mention a few. Therefore, it is important to take child safety measures in these places from time to time.

Home is the primary place where children explore, develop, learn and get love. Ironically, it is the most common place where child injuries and accidents occur, according to research. So, as a parent, the inside of your home must be devoid of hazards by removing potentially dangerous items like plastic bags, DIY tools, button batteries, sharp objects, etc. Moreover, if you have a driveway, make sure you are very observant when driving in and out, because it might be difficult to see these children when you are in the car. When they are in the car with you, wear seatbelts, put them in the back seat, and remember to have your child lock activated on every door they may be able to open.

In fact, parents might be better to start investing in some of the various safety products available, such as safety tap caps, doorknob covers, foam doorstoppers, etc. Given this information, how will you write your essay?

What Is A Child Safety Essay?

A child safety essay can range anywhere from keeping a child safe physically or go down the path of keeping them mentally healthy. It can also mean talking about illnesses, harm, neglect, abuse, and other aversive effects. Other influences you can draw from is bad parenting, sheltering a child, or even social impacts.

With this broad of a range of topics, it can be frustrating to know where to start, although we’d like to help you along the way by presenting you with a few starting options. Each of these will give you a big enough subject so that you can easily find enough information about the essay and have enough reference material in order to meet the required lengths.

Choosing Your Topic

The first step in an essay is to think about your topic. As we’ve already stated, we can help you narrow down your topic to make it easier for you to choose one. A child safety essay can be about mental or physical health, so it’s best to first choose between the two. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify other types of effects or disabilities that life has on the child and narrow it down from there.

Once you do so, you’ll then need to get into a subject of child safety that has enough research. The best choices are diseases, mental illnesses, family dynamics, words, child abuse, etc. These are the most broad topics but contain the most resources, which makes it easier for you to get concrete evidence to back up your claims in your essay.

After you have the above-mentioned topic down, it’s the time to take it down one more notch. Take the time to research each of the above subjects and find one that’s too your liking. From here, you can then choose that as your main topic and begin writing your essay.

If your professor has already given you a topic, then you may skip those steps. Some classes do give recommended topics, outlines, and guidelines for topic selection, so be sure to keep those in mind before choosing your topic. Either way, after completing these steps, you’re one step closer to finishing your paper.

Beginning to Write Your Paper

Start with your child safety essay outline title page, abstract, etc. before moving onto the introduction. It can be easy to mess up simple formatting, which is why you should take the time to write a child safety essay outline now instead of last minute. After you’ve got the header, page numbers, title, and keywords in place, it’s time to start writing your essay.


An introduction is the main section where you get the chance to introduce your readers to a problem and what you’ll be discussing in your essay. If you want to give a strong start, then you’re going to need to start with a strong and definitive thesis statement. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and write one paragraph introducing your paper.

The paragraph needs to be at least four sentences and should describe a necessary amount of knowledge of the situation. You don’t have to go too far into details, as long as the reader can get a gist of what you’re writing. At that point, you may need to rewrite the intro several times before you have a concise description of your topic.

The Main Body

In order to research the main body, you will need to find specific peer-reviewed sources about your topic. If you’re writing about a particular disability, then you will need to find scientific reviews to help back up your claims. While other essays tend to sound more like arguments or persuasive essays, the goal of the main body isn’t to do either of those. Instead, it’s designed to educate and bring awareness to the cause unless you’re fighting for specific treatment in a child safety argumentative essay.

So, an essay for children safety argumentative essay should not include personal opinions or try and persuade the reader for a specific standpoint. Instead, it should only educate the reader and give them more aware of the issue. This can be challenging if you’ve never written these types of essays before, but we’ll do our best to describe tips to help you.

The best way to go about this whole topic is to first start out by describing what causes the illness or situation. You’ll want at least one full paragraph describing this. Take as long as you need, as it’s better for the reader to get a better idea of what’s causing the issue in the first place. As yourself questions such as do genetics play a role? What about social factors? Are there any other precursors to this problem? Can it be prevented?

After you’ve done this, you can switch gears and start talking about the main problem. List recent statistics, demographics, and any information you can get your hand on. It’s best to give the reader the most information about the topic and delve deep into how you can keep a child safe. The safety of a child can be different for each family, which is also a subject you should talk about.

The Conclusion

As with any conclusion, you’ll need to give a detailed summary of your paper and also wrap up any loose ends. It’s best to keep the conclusion short, as if it continues on then you may end up talking about new ideas or possibly skip over other information that you should have mentioned about the subject.

Conclusions are tricky for a reason, but as long as you take steps to wrap up any loose ends, making connections, and reiterating possible treatments or fixes for a child’s safety, then you can quickly write a compelling ending. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to take the next few steps in order to perk up your writing and make it more straightforward and to the point.

Tips For Editing Your Child Safety Essay

Once you have your first draft of your essay, it’s time to get down to editing it. The problem with submitting the first draft is that you’ll likely miss out on a lot of crucial points, end up going off topic, and end up having the reader confused at some points. Of course, each person has a different writing style and level, which contributes to the number of edits needed.

1. Always Use Facts

Using the information for your child safety essay writing that’s from news articles, discussion boards, or even Wikipedia is a huge step back in forming a relationship with your audience. You want a credible stance on the information you use, and by using sites where anyone can say anything, you open your essay up for debate. If you want a refutable essay, don’t leave any space for people to argue. Use statistics, demographics, and studies to help back up your claims and convince readers that what you’re saying is truthful.

Now that doesn’t mean that you can just go and use any old facts either. Using the most recent data or relating to the timezone you’re talking about is also critical. If you’re using a past study about possible treatments or precursors, you may have found that there’s conflicting evidence from recent studies.

By using recent information, you can convince your readers and avoid mistakes that tend to cause your essay to look weak. If you’re presenting the essay or your professor is expecting you to give a very detailed review of child safety, then it’s in your best interest to fact check, record all resources, etc.

2. Only Discuss One Issue

Another problem with an essay about child safety is that it’s such a broad subject that it can be tempting to mention multiple problems. However, this makes it more complicated and ultimately defeats the purpose of writing an essay on a specific topic.

Unless you are specifically told by your professor to hit multiple subjects within the essay about child safety essay, it’s best to use a narrow topic. By doing so, it not only keeps the essay precise but also gives the readers a chance to focus on one problem with less information.

How we can describe this to you is imagine for a second that you’re given a bunch of different topics and then thrown a list of information to take in all at the same time. An essay that does this is unnecessary and confusing. It details the primary purpose and makes the point less severe.

3. Time Management

Always plan out how much time you’ll have for each section of your child safety essay writing. It’s very common to wait to the last minute to do specific segments and then find yourself running out of time. Instead of having to deal with this, you can easily plan ahead and give yourself enough time to entirely write out the section while also leaving time to edit.

The introduction and conclusion, in most cases, don’t take very long to write and can easily be done within a day or two. However, the main body sections should not be kept until the last minute. These require research and fact checking, which can ultimately take you a few days per few paragraphs.

4. Editing & Rewrites

When it comes to child safety articles, we tend to tell our student writers to avoid making the mistake of not editing. Always put your work through editing software such as Microsoft Word, Grammarly, etc. These services make a massive difference in your writing and can help you keep some much-needed points.

If you’re scrounging for the last second for extra points at the end of the semester, just think about those few extra points you could have made by capitalizing a letter, adding a comma, or just splitting up a sentence. Small grammatical errors like these can add up even if you don’t think about it.

The other point we want to make is that rewriting can help you sort out what you’re saying to your audience about child safety and get the points straight across. As we’ve stated so many times already, essay for child safety is very broad of a subject, by rewriting your work you can make each element such as diagnosis, demographics, environmental influences, etc. clear to the reader.

Common Child Safety Essay Topics

If you’re struggling for a topic, we can help give you a few options. Some common essay for child safety subjects include bullying prevention, child care safety, and home safety. Those are the most common but also least complex topics to choose from.

Besides those child safety essays, there’s also choking and strangulation, drowning prevention, and fire and burn safety. These are less rare occurrences but often do happen if regulations are not adequately in place. However, they tend to be a bit more challenging to research.

The last child safety essay type you’ll mainly hear about is falls and playground safety and a child’s mentality. These types of topics are very easy to prevent and have a lot of backed up data and studies to help you build a case.

Although the topics we’ve just mentioned tend to be the most common, there are also other ones that aren’t strictly related to children’s safety but influence their safety. This includes topics like abuse, diet, home environment, etc. While these topics are definitely more interesting, they are much harder to research due to the fact that most of these aren’t based on studies. You may find it challenging to find peer-reviewed sources.


After you’ve gone through all of these steps, there’s just one last thing to do. Go through your rubric for your assignment and check to see if you’ve hit all the significant points. You should get someone, either a friend or family member to help with this. Take their input and then read through and make changes and adjustments one last time. After that, it’s time to submit.

As you can see, writing a children safety essay can be challenging at times. However, with proper guidance and knowledge, you’re well on your way to writing an informative and knowledgeable child safety essay. As long as you choose a topic with enough evidence, research, and statistics, you’ll have a smoother time writing the main body.

If you happen to get stuck along the way, it’s best to ask a friend, family member, fellow classmate, or the professor. Getting feedback on your writing is the best way to improve it, as sometimes other people catch small mistakes or unclear sentences that we ourselves do not notice.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you a bit in determining your topic, explaining what a child safety essay is, and how to approach writing one. If you have any more questions, consider referring to your rubric or going over one of our many other guides on how to write an essay, or reading child safety essay examples.

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