College Student Essay

College Student Essay

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College Essays have many purposes. However, the basic structure of each essay remains somewhat similar. So, you may be working on a piece that argues a particular claim or explaining a concept. Either way, the format for writing any of these essays remains the same. Below, you will find simple steps you can use to write an excellent college student essay.

Before you start writing, you need to identify the type of essay you are required to write. There are several essay structures into which each essay can be grouped in.

How to write narrative essays about college students?

Narrative essays involve surrounding the entire narrative on a central point. So, when asked to write a narrative essay, ensure that all characters, incidences, and happenings, revolve around the central idea of the essay. For example, you can write an essay on college students navigating through college with student debt. Your essay should revolve around what happens to the character, and how the events in question influence the character.

Elements of a narrative essay

In a nutshell, there are three essential elements to narrative essays;

  • Character- the characters are crucial aspects of your narrative. Even when the narrative is autobiographical. As the writer, the characters in your essay act and behave as you wish to present them in the story. In the example, the character is the college student who has to find a summer job, for instance, to pay off student loans. Ensure that you make your readers feel remorse for your character by focusing on the hardship the character undergoes.
  • Theme- the theme is the main idea in the center of the story. Thus, introduce it to the thesis statement. It should be broken down to give the reader a preview of what lies ahead. For instance, this could be the problems associated with paying student debt. Afterward, your essay on college students’ debts will explore the many issues that arise from using a considerable portion of salaries earned to pay off debt.
  • Dialogue- the Dialogue captures the conversation between characters. In the example above, these are conversations between the student and the bank agents, the student, and financial aid organization staff, among others. Remember that your audience cannot read your mind. So, write entire conversations and avoid jumping essential discussions.

At the start of your essay, introduce your reader to the people in your story. Ensure you present their conversation and narrate their experiences to your audience. Also, introduce the reader to the theme of your essay before you introduce the incidence. To illustrate this, consider introducing the reader to the problems associated with student debt. So, make your introduction seem like a college student for and against essay on students loans. Moving forward, introduce the character, and provide information about the life experience of living with student loans.

How to write a descriptive essay on college students?

As the name implies, descriptive essays about college students require the writer to describe something. Writing in this genre, need to specify the subject of your essay. For instance, this could be an object, or a belief, a place, or an experience. Hence, the writer is required to use sensory information to make the reader to use their senses to understand the topic of an essay.

To illustrate, let’s suppose you are required to write an essay about college student experiences. Your essay should engage the reader in a manner that they can associate the content of your essay with what they hear, touch, see, smell, and taste. For example, you can focus on the experience of living in dorms.

Your essay should emphasize life in the dorm room as the ultimate college experience. Moreover, you can include basic things; such as your dislike for doing laundry by yourself, among other things your audience can associate with.

Qualities of a descriptive essay

A descriptive essay has three main qualities, namely:

  • Clear and Concise
  • Use of Images
  • Use of Five Senses

With regards to clear and concise, ensure the language you use in your essay needs to be precise when it comes to describing things. As a result, your reader will be able to create a mental image of the dorm, in the college student essay example above, as real and remarkable. This imagination forms the imagery aspect of descriptive essay.

Furthermore, using the five senses, such as describing the smell of dorm hallways in the weekend, helps the reader solidify the mental picture they have created about college dorms.

Difference between a description and a descriptive essay

Contrary to a descriptive essay, a description can be a paragraph long or longer. The length depends on how long it takes to describe a thing. For example, a description of a college dorm will contain only a paragraph to describe the size of the dorm, number of rooms and bathrooms, colors scheme, among other things.

On the contrary, a descriptive essay can have as many as five paragraphs. A descriptive essay is written coherently, starting with a thesis statement after the introductory paragraph. The three body paragraphs that follow talk about life in the dorm room and the conclusion summarises everything.

The descriptive essay introduces the character, the place, and thing in a clear and concise manner. Hence, the reader feels like the subject of the essay is in front of their eyes, or that they taste it, can hear it, or can smell it. Use of sensory information is used extensively to describe the object. As you work on your essay, ensure you present the picture of the subject, such as the college dorm, as honestly as you can.

How to write a persuasive essay about college students?

The “persuasive essay” is derived from the term “persuade.” “Persuasive” is an objective of the verb “persuade.” The word means to convince somebody about something. Hence, a persuasive essay involves the use of all manner of convincing techniques the writer can employ. Similar to a college student for and against essays, the writer has to take a stance, either for or against it, to convince the reader whether the subject of the essay is beneficial or harmful to college students.

For instance, you could be asked to write college students for and against essay on campus traditions. The question arises why to persuade your reader about campus traditions if they are already aware of everything. Everyone’s ability to see and understand an issue depends on their vision of the issue at hand.

Hence, your essay should focus on showing your reader both side of the coins since people don’t change their beliefs so easily. Present your argument for or against campus traditions, providing evidence, statistics, and facts.

To convince your audience about something, use the format below;

  • A Better World: explain to your readers that if they accept your argument, the result would be suitable for college students and that they would be making the campus, a better place.
  • A Worse World: explain to the reader that failure to adopt your argument would lead the campus to become the worst place for college students.
  • Call to Action: lastly, persuade your readers to take action and do what you as the writer wants to do about campus traditions.

Difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay?

The purpose of writing persuasive essays is to convince the reader to do certain things. Hence, the aim of writing the essay is to coax the reader and get them to do certain things. On the other hand, argumentative essays tend to present both sides of the coin to the reader. The writer then leaves it to the reader to decide which side to take.

Considering the college students essay example above, college students for and against essay on campus traditions leaves it to the reader to decide whether the merits or campus traditions outweigh the demerits and vice versa. On the other hand, the persuasive essay makes the reader change their beliefs and do certain things. Thus, only arguments about one aspect present.

Hence, while the primary function of a persuasive essay on college students’ campus traditions is about making the campus a better place, an argumentative essay on the same would either be in favor or against the topic. The latter cannot combine both at once.

How to write comparison and contrast essay on college students?

A compare and contrast essay needs to compare to similar or two contrast different objects. The primary function of a comparison and contrast essay is to inform the reader about the merits and demerits of both objects.

Through this information, the reader can weigh between the pros and cons of the objects in question. The reader can then compare and contrast the objects. Moreover, comparison and contrast essays could also compare and contrast a situation after which the readers can decide by weighing the facts.

For example, you can write a comparison and contrast essay about college students dealing with racial discrimination. First, you will give the reader the background of the subject of the essay. Second, you should point the reader to the characteristics and deficiencies in the treatment given to college students across different racial divides.

Thirdly, explain the lousy aspect of such discrimination and the good, if any exist, of an issue. For instance, present statistics on the number of students who get are denied admission based on race. Also, add the growth in student civil rights organizations in response to racial discrimination.

Difference between a division and classification essay and comparison and contrast essay

A division and classification essay is an analysis bases essay, just like a comparison and contracts essay. However, the latter tend to point the reader to the merits and demerits of the things in questions. It explains the good and bad sides of the things to help the reader make an informed decision on which is the better option.

A comparison and contrast essay if for critical decision making. It is the comparison and contrast of two products, objects, things, or issues. Once the reader reads the essay, they can decide on what to make of particular debate. For example, whether to stand in solidarity with the college students from the racially discriminated community or stand against them.

How to write expository essays on college students?

Expository essays are meant to uncover the meaning of something. The term “Expository” is derived from the word “exposition.” “Exposition” is the noun of the verb “expose.” This genre of writing requires the writer to explain the subject of the essay, in a manner, makes it easy for the readers to understand. There are a lot of college students essay samples on investigations, evaluations, or even argumentation of an idea which readers need clarification on.

For example, you can write an expository essay on college students and happiness. To illustrate, you can investigate to find out what makes college students happy and what doesn’t. Consider surveying college students to get the statistics on happiness in college to support their findings.

Types of expository essay

Expository essays can be further sub-divided into five major categories;

  • Descriptive essay: where the writer is describing something. For example, the effect of college students feeling happy on their class performance.
  • Process Essay: A process essay requires the writer to breakdown the process of doing something. For example, breakdown what college students do to stay happy?
  • Comparison Essay: A comparison essay compares and contrasts two things or situations. For example, when the rate of college student happiness is high against when it’s low.
  • Cause/Effect Essay: A cause and effect essay allows the writer to explain to the reader why something happens and its effects. For example, why students are unhappy and its impact on class performance.
  • Problem/Solution Essay: A problem and solution essay requires the writer to present a problem and provide a solution to it. For example, how college students are unhappy and what to do to improve happiness in college.


As is apparent, essay writing is the best way to separate yourself from other writers. Ensure that you illustrate your ideas in each essay in a manner that best represents the purpose of writing the essay. Therefore, maintain the tone of your essay in neutral when you need the reader to decide, and pick a side when you are convincing the reader about the subject of the essay. If you are required to present a particular position on the issue of the essay, do so in the early stages of the essay using a thesis statement.

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