Health Insurance Thesis

Health Insurance Thesis

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Introduction to Health Insurance Thesis Statement

Think of the health issues that are today part and parcel of our lives, think about those who are hospitalized and are struggling with settling of the hospital bills, think about the health insurance policies and how they affect your life, think of the amount of dollars you put into health insurance schemes. These are just a few examples of health-related issues that need to be brought to the limelight for the general public to understand and the specific audiences to know about.

As a student studying medical science or any other health-related course, you will have to talk about health challenges at some point. However, this will be necessitated by the college or probably your intention to inform the public about some issues that really affect them and more specifically the health insurance policies. Before even writing about the health insurance, you will need a thesis statement on health insurance. A good essay must have this type of statement as the guiding principle otherwise the essay will not be as good as you probably intended.

Health insurance thesis statement is a sentence of one to three lines that is meant to establish the viewpoint of you as the writer. It is normally written in the last section of the paragraph that introduces your topic to the audience. When writing your first paragraph, you should fix your thesis statement about health insurance in the last part of this paragraph. Furthermore, this statement serves to introduce your paper to your audience given that it makes an arguable claim which the readers will have an interest in and read the paper until its last page. So just in summary, thesis statement on health insurance serves the following functions:

  • Introduces your topic to the readers
  • Attracts the attention of your readers to the paper
  • Relays your viewpoint as the writer to the audience
  • Provides the focal point for your paper in addition to raising the reader’s curiosity about how you intend to out across the problem cited and solve it

Tips for Writing Thesis about Health Insurance

To write good thesis statements about health insurance, you must appreciate that there are rules and guidelines that must be followed. Such rules or ideas are formulated to help the writer have an intrapersonal conversation with him/herself and come up with a professionally thought of idea about thesis statement for health insurance. Considering that generating a good health insurance thesis statement is a process, the following tips will help:

  • Research on the topic you want to write on: there are so many topics addressing issues to do with health. It is not so difficult to generate a suitable topic that will guide you in coming up with a thesis about health insurance. The following are some of the topics you can choose from:
    • The Spiraling Health Insurance Cost
    • How Health Insurance Firms Are Fleecing Millions From The Citizen
    • It Is Time For The Government To Provide Cheaper Health Care Services To The Citizens
    • Obama Healthcare Policy And Its Impact On Health Insurance
    • Strategies And Measures To Curb High Cost Of Health Care
    • Why The Poor Must Be Saved From The Pain Of Paying More For Health Services
    • Public Hospitals Are Ill-Equipped To Handle Some Health Cases; thus They Must Be Well Funded
  • Conceptualize the statements about health insurance: your mind is the greatest tool at your disposal to utilize in coming up with health insurance thesis statement ideas. Have a meeting with yourself and try to think of several ideas based on the topic you have chosen about the probable thesis that will best explain your position. Ideally, the statement is all about your position as the writer, and for that reason, it should not be too much to think about how you want it to sound or appear in your paper.
  • Brainstorm: you will have to engage others especially your school mates to help you have a more concrete position in as far the thesis statement about health insurance. Brainstorming means thinking over what you have chosen as the statement to have as your thesis. You will have a lot of options to choose from and even an in-depth idea that will, of course, make your piece great.
  • Write the first draft of the thesis about health insurance: you have hard to opportunities to come up with a health insurance thesis statement namely conceptualization and brainstorming. Now is the time to write the first draft of it down. The draft will be a good foundation for further developments. Remember that the work is not complete until when you will have your final statement that has passed all realistic procedures.
  • Consult the professor: if it is an assignment by your professor, then his or her input might come in handy. You have an idea that you have written down and it will be even greater with the approval or input of the professor. Have an appointment with your university lecturer and present your idea to him or her. In some cases, they will propose the topics, and this means that you will have to compose your thesis statement about health insurance in line with the topic. The more reason why consulting the professor is necessary is that he or she has a mental picture if the topic and will give a credible and authentic view that will help you come up with thesis statement for health insurance.
  • Check the health insurance thesis statement against the points you had jotted down from the research you did: there must be a consistency between your thesis statement about health insurance and the paper itself. This is because the purpose of the paper is to support the claim you made and provide sufficient evidence to your readers so that they can validate your thesis or raise some fundamental questions about it.
  • Proofread the draft: this basically implies that you must check for the mistakes and errors that may be in the statements about health insurance. Your aim as a writer is to present an error-free document that will only serve the right objectives but not cause unnecessary distractions on the basis of grammar, or typo errors. Check and check again for simple mistakes such as punctuation, spelling mistakes, and sentence structure.
  • Write the final draft of your health insurance thesis statement: When you are confident enough that you have taken the necessary steps in creating a good thesis statement, you should write it down. Remember that this is the final statement with regards to the thesis that you want your readers to have and for that case, you should not be afraid to change it or have a completely different one if it does not fit the bill.

Creating the Structure for Thesis Statement for Health Insurance

Thesis statements have a structure which is actually reflected in the sentence. This implies that the thesis statement should be precise and straight to the point only addressing the topical aspects and not any other thing. The sentence should be between 3 to 4 lines. Additionally, the sentence must be so exciting. Think of yourself as a driver taking your passengers to a given destination. They need to enjoy the ride. The purpose of the statements about health insurance as contained in the sentence should be to do just that. The sentence should blend into the introductory sentences addressing the topic. It should not be detached from the rest of the sentences preceding it.

Types of Thesis Statement for Health Insurance

The Expository Thesis Statement for Health Insurance

This is a type of thesis statement for health insurance that makes an exposition of some issues that are of concern to the public. It is not as intense and argumentative as some other forms of thesis statement. It is based on several themes that a student can select from. Expository thesis is not so compose because it is so straight forward:

  1. What are the possible conditions for this 2010 financial year as contained in the law of medical maintenance crafted by the US Congress?
  2. What are the common problems between the insurance cover as established by the Congress?
  3. What are the possible statistics for those covered by the medical insurance vis a vis those who are not in the United States of America?
  4. To what extent are the insurance firms responsible for the increase in medical cost incurred by the patients at the hospital?
  5. What are the exact decisions made by the Supreme Court in as far health insurance policies are concerned in the federal state of Pennsylvania and others?

Realistically, the expository thesis statement about health insurance bears facts and purposeful in terms of putting across to the readers the writer’s idea and the paper itself. Expository also contrast and compares some basic ideas but not as much as an argumentative thesis statement on health insurance would do.

The Compare/Contrast Thesis Statement on Health Insurance

Just as the term suggests, this type of thesis about health insurance establishes the similarities and the variations of the concepts. Coming up with such a thesis statement would mean that the writer must have more than a single view and wrote them in a manner such that they compare and contrast. Terms such as whereas, in comparison to, on the contrary, likewise and on the same note, are helpful when formulating a thesis about health insurance. The following are some of the considerations when coming up with a compare and contrast thesis statement:

  1. How does the health care insurance in India equitable to that of the United States of America?
  2. What are the common statistics that the federal states in the United States of America have in as far as Health insurance firms as compared to the countries in the developing world?
  3. How do we consolidate the achievements made by the health insurance policies in 2019 to equate with the gains made in the year 2015?

The Persuasive Statements about Health Insurance

Considering that various thesis statements are written, some serve the purpose of just explain, some the purpose of raising some form or arguments and some are just to expose or let the readers know of a new information. Persuasive thesis statements about health insurance are basically meant to sway the readers to have a common position or to agree with the writer. To persuade the readers, thesis statement for health insurance should have interesting facts and statements which are appealing to the emotions of the readers. It must be honest and sensitive to the feelings of the readers. In this case, the writer should not use word that may be offensive and insensitive. As the writer, you must also present information that addresses the concerns of the readers. There are so many areas that your readers could be interested in they could include the following:

  1. Why negative political debates is not healthy for health insurance and must be stopped
  2. The need for a health care policy within the local governments and why a lot of money is needed to sustain health care needs.
  3. Why the citizens must support the healthcare report tabled in the Congress
  4. Why the citizens must contribute or yield to more tax cuts to bridge the financial gap so that universal health care and insurance can be met.

Argumentative Health Insurance Thesis Statement

This is basically a health insurance thesis statement which takes a broader approach than other forms. The pattern creates an arguably a statement which requires the audience to think and critique the writer. In this type of thesis statement on health insurance, the writer puts his or her claim on a subject. The claim will later be substantiated, supported and argued in the body of the paper.

Example of an Argumentative Thesis about Health Insurance

Universal health care coverage has a great impact on the delivery of health care services in addition to cutting down the cost that are associated with seeking medical care in government hospitals and private hospitals.


Statements about health insurance are vital to creating a great essay and must be written in a manner that keeps the readers’ interests into consideration.

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