How To Format Biology Lab Report

How To Format Biology Lab Report

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A student taking any Biology course will do many different lab experiments, and this shows that he or she will have to expect writing reports. The primary purpose of the biology lab report is evaluating whether you have performed the experiments, how much a person has learned from them, and how much one can bring out this knowledge in the right manner.

The Biology lab reports have a format that is specific that must be followed to present the experiment and the findings in a way that is organized. Once the main objectives of the lab report are learned, then will it be discovered that they are not too difficult to write. This is how to write a Biology lab report.

The Format of a Biology Lab Report

It’s important that you understand the proper biology lab report format. A good biology lab report has six main six sections:

  • A title
  • An introduction
  • The methods and materials used.
  • The results.
  • The conclusion
  • References

Remember that instructors have a particular format they need you to adhere to. Seek advice from your professor about what to specifically add in your Biology lab report. Let’s now examine how to write biology lab report.

  • Title

A title merely states the primary objective of the experiment. The claim must be straight to the point, accurate, descriptive, and most importantly to be concise. If the one instructing you needs a different title page, you need to add the title then followed by the project assistant’s name, the date, the name of the instructor and the class title. If the title page is needed, consult your teacher about the format for such a type of page.

  • The Introduction

A biology lab report`s introduction must state the experiment`s purpose. Your theory should be included in the opening paragraph as well as a statement that is brief regarding how you plan to evaluate your hypothesis.

Also, be sure to have a good understanding of your experiment. This is because some educators give suggestions about how the introduction is to be written after the methods, results, and conclusions have been completed in the sections of the Biology lab report.

  • The Materials and Procedures Used

In this part of your Biology report, you are required to produce the materials and methods used in conducting your research. You not only have to have lists of materials, but you should also indicate when or how in the process of your analysis to be completed, they were used.

The information to be included should not be detailed excessively, but it should consist of just enough information. The reason behind this is to enable anyone to be in a position to follow your instructions and perform the research with ease.

  • The Outcomes

In the section for results, one should include the data that is tabulated from the experiment. This is an example of the resources needed: tables, graphs, charts and Data collected from other illustrations. You should have also written the conclusion of the data in your illustrations. In addition to this, the patterns viewed in your pictures should be well noted in your experiments.

  • The Descriptions and Elaborations

In this part, you are needed to summarize what occurred in your analysis. You might be required to discuss in depth about what you learned as well as expound on your results. Proof is needed to show whether your theory was correct, or if it had fallacies. Also, anything in the experiment that can be improved on should be talked about as well as the suggestions concerning doing it.

  • Source References

All the references used should be added in the conclusion of your Biology lab report. This consists of the articles, books, lab manuals that you had used while writing your biology lab report. Your teacher may expect that you develop a particular citation format so be sure to consult him or her concerning the format that you need to follow so that you can be on the safe side.

  • Abstracts in the Report

Some instructors expect you to include abstracts in your Biology lab report. What is an abstract? This is your experiment`s summary. It should include the following information about the motive of your analysis: the problem that is being addressed, the methods used for problem solving, results and the conclusions drawn from the test.

The abstract should come at the start of your lab report, especially after the title, and not be composed until the written biology lab report has been finished.

  • References

Always recall that lab reports are assignments which are individual. One can work with lab partners, but the work that`s done and submitted should be of your own. You may see this again in an exam hence it will be best for you to know it yourself. Give merit where it is due at all times in your Biology lab report. This means that you have to acknowledge what the others have come up with in your review, so that your work may not end up plagiarizing others.

General Guidelines When Writing Your Biology Lab Report

  1. Neat and Clear Writing. This is significant in writing especially in the field of science because it informs of the data discussed hence one should not be too wordy.
  2. Grammatical Errors. These mistakes make it hard for the reader to comprehend your work hence giving a chance for the teacher to punish you for those errors.
  3. Capitalize The Section Headings. You need to note that it is not a must, but it helps the titles to be conspicuous so that the teacher can locate them quickly as he or she marks your work.
  4. Underlining. You should use a single drawn line to highlight each section of the headings to the titles of drawings, graphs, and tables.
  5. Writing Within the Margin on the Left-Hand Side. This is included mainly in the section of the apparatus and the list numbered in the strategy.
  6. Writing The Date When The Experiment Was Overseen. This is used merely to state the number of days over which the observations were made. As you write the date use the format that is level in your country; for example in the United Kingdom, dates are put down as mm\dd\yy.

How to Write Your Biology Lab Report`s Various Sections

  1. Title of the Biology Lab Report. When it comes to the title, it should be illustrative and brief. It must be revealing about your thesis for the experiment and should inform your comprehension of the background interpretation and procedure of the outcome.

  2. Aim– Below are some of the things that you should consider when writing the aim section of your biology lab report:

  • State the motive of the experiment.

  • An aim starts typically with words like: “To demonstrate.”

  • The objective must be kept in the center and should be sharp throughout the experiment (even when writing up the conclusion).

  1. Apparatus

  • When it comes to the number of equipment used, they should only be listed for the ones that have been used — for example, ethanol, the blue, and red litmus paper, hibiscus leaves, thermometer, Bunsen burner, forceps.

  • The apparatus that are related should be grouped. For example, you can have; a tripod stand, Bunsen burner, gauze mat for all are in the same group.

  • When coordinating tests like those of food, use the names of the tested as subheadings and the list of the materials together with apparatus below.

  • Some of the materials are implied and cannot be mentioned. An example of this is a matchstick.

  1. Drawings

The primary purpose for pictures is for anyone who is reading your work to visualize the information at hand. Below are some of the points you should remember as you include diagrams in your biology lab report:

  • With a pencil, the diagrams should be neatly drawn.

  • The labeling must be in the lower case and spelled correctly.

  • The lines that are used to label should be clear and neat, and for this to happen, you must use a sharp pencil, and a ruler to make sure the lines are touching the areas that are being labeled.

  • The Inclusion of a title below the diagram must be in uppercase and underlined in pencil.

  1. The Procedure

A procedure should be brief and descriptive, and for this to happen, there must be given in steps that are in an uninterrupted order; and don’t forget to use a list that is numbered.

  1. Mention the floundering of tasks at interims.

  2. Include enough detail so that the experiments can be replicated. Include the setup of the user’s equipment measurements that are taken, how they were acquired, and the precautions taken.

  3. The procedure must be written in past tense with a passive voice or similarly, write as though it has been done by nobody in particular.

  1. Observations

Observations can sometimes be known as fresh data, and they are retrieved directly by the use of common sense or indirectly by using instruments to bring forth expansion of our senses. The observations recorded should be most relevant giving rise to the qualitative or quantitative data. Theoretical research that is properly researched should have both of these and should be well portrayed. The experiments before will help you determine what is significant and how to improve the standard of your observations.

  1. Qualitative Data

This is a term that is subjective. Such as the color and smell that at times can be recorded using signs and symbols. Sometimes in drawings and also in photographs, certain words can be used conventionally within the scientific community, and an example can be: In the analysis, the specimen’s color had changed to Blue-black.

Observations should be precise to the point. Essential changes in the ‘before” and “after” conditions, must be mentioned. As you work with huge numbers, the mistakes can be reduced by the use of charts or fieldwork.


The primary motive of writing a Biology lab report is precisely to determine how well the experiment has been performed, and how much you have understood the process of experimentation. All in all, we hope that you are now well conversant with the writing of a Biology report after the reading this article. Additionally, read through a biology lab report example to see how you can your own. You can request for a biology lab report sample from us today!

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