How To Start a Research Paper

How To Start a Research Paper

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Writing a research paper is a challenge for most students, especially if it is the first time. A lot of practice is needed to perfect such writing. The first step to a well-written paper is having a great start. It is because how well you prep yourself will dictate the amount of time you allocate to working on the paper. That has an impact on the quality of the essay. It also gives you ample time to research on the topic.

The majority of scholars take for granted the value a great start will have on the quality of the essay — a big mistake, which will deny them easy marks. Learning how to start a research paper is a skill which every student needs to score well. It comes in handy in several subjects. Sometimes, you may get stuck starting because the topic is complicated. At the end of this article, students will have learned tips to assist them to start their research paper with ease.

Here are tips to help you start writing your research essay:

Come Up With a Plan

You must come up with a plan if you want to have well-written research. Planning is an important stage when it comes to accomplishing tasks. It helps with the allocation of critical resources such as capital and time. In research, planning serves pretty much the same purpose. It is however focused on materials to reference and deadlines. Among the key issues one is taught while learning how to write a research paper, is planning for the essay.

The majority of scholars know how to write a good piece, but only a handful are aware of how to write a good research paper. It is because simple tips such as proper planning get ignored by most. A lot of times students will delay working on the paper, only to end up rushing through it last minute. They get very little time for planning.

Planning is all about getting organized; in this case, it involves the following:

Perusing the essay guidelines

Setting milestones, for instance, when to start researching literature, creating the research paper outline, when to complete the first draft and so on.

Identify the help you will need such as experts to consult

It is essential to note that through planning, the student can identify how much they have to work on the paper and then prepare for it. At times, the difference between two essays is the quality of time dedicated to completing them.

Search for the Most Suitable Topic

Settle on a topic that will get the attention of your readers. It is a crucial aspect if your research essay is to get the required attention. There is a lot that the audience will get from a topic, and as such, an author must take time selecting the most suitable one. Thanks to planning, one can set aside some time to brainstorm on the subject.

Part of learning how to do a research paper is about choosing the right topic. A good topic will have the following features:

It will be relevant Write on an issue that others will relate.

Precise Focus on a specific idea. A broad topic will compromise the quality of the essay, therefore narrow it down.

It relates to the paper assignment. Take time analyzing what is required of you.

Let it be a topic that interests you

Chances are that you will change your topic several times before settling on one. Therefore, students are always advised to start working on the topic early enough. Should you get stuck, you can check out past essays on possible topic ideas.

Research the Topic for Your Research Essay

As mentioned before, writing a research paper is not a difficult task. However, knowing how to write a good research paper is a different story altogether. It is where most scholars go wrong. Part of starting your essay is conducting research which involves perusing literature and other learning materials.

To help you get the most from researching, you will do the following:

Establish your primary and secondary sources of the information.

Use legitimate sources, which implies only consulting sources whose credibility has been established.

While reading, ensure that you are also taking notes, making sure you indicate the source.

Evaluate and interpret the information that you collect. In short, analyze the data and see how it fits into your research paper.

Examples of materials to research include websites, books, your professor or supervisor and even a research paper example, among others.

Writing a Research Paper

When you want to know how to write a research paper like a pro, your writing skills need more tuning than the regular articles. You must learn the rules of research paper writing and follow them keenly to produce high-quality research papers.

When writing a research paper, apply the following tips for writing the various research essay sections with ease:

The Best Thesis Statement for your Research Essay

Professors and professionals research writers who know how to write a good research paper effortlessly all agree that this is the most significant written section. The thesis forges the way for the rest of the article and tells the reader what the research is all about. So, it should bring out the central idea clearly, as well as your main arguments and hypotheses.

To make your thesis outstanding, involve other researchers by discussing it. Analyze their general perceptions towards it, your ideas about it and their attitudes towards the topics. You can pass it to your supervisor to assess its bearing concerning the research guidelines. The thesis statement should get formulated after the topic so that it guides the rest of the research.

Writing a Good Research Paper Outline

A good research paper outline guides the researcher to quickly organize their thoughts and ideas to have the most graphic presentation. As such, the structure of the research essay gets defined through the outline crafted by the researcher. Refer to a research paper example for quickly creating an outline for your research paper. A good research paper outline will create a general trajectory for the research and help the researcher easily organize the topics, subtopics, headings, and subheadings accordingly.

An outline can get constructed in the form of questions that the researcher will answer throughout the research. Another approach used in creating the research paper outline is to have statements that help guide the researcher where to place the various research paper elements and the order in which to arrange them. As you create the outline, you will come across gaps that need filling, and you must go back to search for more information and create new sections or subsections.

How to Do a Research Paper Introduction

The introduction of your research essay determines a lot that’s why learning how to do a research paper introduction is essential. The first rule for research paper introductions is to always start with a positive factual statement concerning the subject you’re researching. Your central argument should come out in the opening paragraph and incorporate your position about the topic and the conventions around it.

One of the best ways of how to do a research paper introduction is stating broad facts about the subject study before narrowing down to those specific to the research. As a result, their subject won’t seem too obscure when starting with broad viewpoints before diving into their topics. However, these wide facts should have high relevance to the topic for avoiding the readership from criticizing the research paper before they begin reading it.


An A+ research essay takes a considerable amount of effort and dedication to produce. Your writing skills get tested as well, so, ensure that you fine-tune them regularly for top grade presentations. On the other hand, the organizational and time management skills play an essential role in managing various research stages. Follow these tips, and you shall find the A+ grade research scores.

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