How to Write a Philosophy Paper

How to Write a Philosophy Paper

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If one aspires after truth, then they need to learn how to write a good philosophy paper. A philosophy paper is an organization of knowledge that is used to generate new knowledge. And hence, the best philosophy of all is that which springs from within, and that the Master only plays the role of helping you achieve your end. One way the Master helps you in your quest is by requiring you to know how to write a philosophy paper. But there’s a caveat; a good philosophy paper is also a research philosophy paper. So to know how to write a philosophy paper that is good is to know how to write a philosophy research paper. But the research is different in philosophy. The research is mathematical.

At the first level, there’s logic and the arrangement of arguments, but then even deeper, every word has a number. Each letter or phoneme also has a number. So the mathematical research is that of checking into the logic of statements and the mathematical truth of the words. Therefore, to know how to write a good philosophy paper is to know how to use mathematical reasoning and mathematics first, and then translating it to English.

A Proof that All is Number

We learn how to write a philosophy research paper by first recognizing that:

  • If it is a thing then it is countable

  • A number is an instance of counting

  • Therefore, only numbers can be things

  • To perceive or sense is to count

  • All that is perceived is countable

  • Hence ‘All things’ are ‘all numbers’

Contemporary mathematics is based on a decimal system. It was so for our Master Plato and of the ancient traditional philosophy. The set of the first 5 numbers starting with zero is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and with these numbers we can find any other number. Therefore, these numbers are the basic numbers or elements that form the universe. These basic elements are then translated into normal language as archetypes. Therefore, every archetype is a number. Knowing how to write a philosophy paper entails knowing to convert ordinary language to mathematical language.

The Problem Statement

The first thing that makes one to be said to know how to write a philosophy paper is the ability to understand the problem statement. Normally, it is first given by the Master so that the student may learn to ask the correct questions. The problem is in proper form more often than not given that the source is normally an acknowledged philosopher, and the questions raised by the Master are not trivial. Therefore, you must have a work formula;

  • Translate the non-Mathematical language into Mathematical language

  • Re-read the Mathematical statement and check for inconsistencies and errors

  • See if you can find a proof for the mathematical expression

  • Use your findings on the proof to develop your own mathematical reaction to the original statement

  • Create a proof for the Mathematical thesis that you developed when reacting to the original statement

This process is ‘a research from within’ and is the process that must be met in converting how to write a philosophy paper into how to write a philosophy research paper; the research being the mathematical investigation of the words. The reason for this fundamental investigation being mathematical is because all things depend on eternal forms and that all numbers are eternal forms. Therefore to check for mathematical validity is to check for eternal truth. At this point, it should be clear that knowing how to write a philosophy research paper is knowing how to write a good philosophy paper.

Learning How to Write a Philosophy Paper Using Numbers

Here’s how to write a philosophy paper using numbers:

  • State your findings in mathematical form

  • Develop a mathematical proof for your findings

  • Show examples that corroborate the findings

  • Develop a thesis of why the examples corroborate the findings

  • Conclude by affirming the thesis

Once this process has been completed, then it’s time to revert to an ordinary language like English. We now have all the ingredients that guide the philosopher in knowing how to write a philosophy paper in English.

How to Write a Philosophy Research Paper in English

Since knowing how to write a good philosophy paper is equal to knowing how to write a philosophy research paper, and in extension, a philosophy paper is also in the general class of essays. Most essays subscribe to a threefold structure:

  • The introduction

  • The argument

  • The conclusion

Each of these parts has to subscribe to the basic numbers that form the basic elements. But generally, the introduction is number 1, the main body is made of numbers 2 and 3, and the conclusion is of the number 4. When the whole argument is added together it should make a perfect 10.

The Introduction

The task of how to write a philosophy research paper that is also of how to write a good philosophy paper is well met if the opening statement which is of the number 1 bears the characteristic of creating an energy deficit in the reader that makes him or her to want to read more. Then the statement is graduated to the number 2 by introducing the context of contention that necessitates the element 3 which is a resolution of the number 2. The thesis statement then forms the number 4, the number of completion.


0 = Problem statement = ‘Discuss on what thought is, according to Descartes’ meditations’

1 = Opening statement = ‘Thinking is an exclusive activity that may not be guaranteed to ALL humans …’

2 = The argument statement = ‘Thought requires the actualization of an ideal state by an actor’

3 = Resolving statement = ‘Not all people strive to be in ideal states’

4 = Thesis statement = ‘Therefore not all things deemed by Descartes to be ‘thoughts’ are actually thoughts’

The Main Argument Portion in Learning How to Write a Good Philosophy Paper

Learning how to write a good philosophy paper is as we said, learning how to write a philosophy research paper. The philosophy research is conducted when we engage in mathematical analysis. Therefore, the paragraphs that comprise of the main argument need to be well crafted.

0 = Opening statement = ‘If not all mental activity is thought then being isn’t dependent on awareness’

1 = Justifying statement = ‘Given that not all living things think’

2 = Counter statement = ‘Though some animals may show thought like behavior’

3 = Resolving statement = ‘Thought like behavior is accounted by an inductive process that is unaware of context’

4 = Transitional Thesis statement = ‘Therefore thought is non –trivial and exclusive to certain conditions…’

Since we already have a store of mathematical expressions from the preparations, learning how to write a good philosophy paper should be easy. By following the method for the main body which must also resonate with the number 2 we can develop paragraphs that are cogent and that move towards the conclusion efficiently and effectively.

Of course one should also have a set of paragraphs that resonate with the number 3 which in effect tend towards the resolution of all relevant counter-arguments. Yet, each of the paragraphs that resonate with the number 3 also has the basic numbers as their components as we’ve illustrated above.

The Conclusion of the Exercise on How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Now that the main argument is well formed using mathematical principles, and the numbers from 0 to 3 have been resonated in the paper, it is time to introduce the number 4 whose structure resembles the numbers 0 to 4.


0 = A summation of the main argument added together = ‘Descartes’s ideas on thinking are generally defective to the point that they cannot be proven mathematically …’

1 = A descriptive justification of 0 = ‘This has been proven by the preceding arguments 2 and 3’

2 = Necessity of the justification 1 = ‘A consequence of noting Descartes’ refutation is that we can begin to appreciate the uniqueness of humanity given that it’s something a person can acquire over time …’

3 = Resolution into the future = ‘This implies that for all future considerations holding only a human can think implies that all people have the responsibility of ensuring that they have humanized themselves’

4 = Completion of the discourse = ‘Hence thinking is what forms a civilization, and when thought is rare then the civilization collapses. Descartes shows us perhaps unwittingly, how civilization collapsed from the 16th century.

Now the whole paper adds up to 10 fractally that is uniformly in all dimensions. This is a precondition for beauty and completion. This implies that learning how to write a good philosophy paper not only entails how to write a philosophy research paper but also entails creating a beautiful and natural form that can be added into the overall body of knowledge. Learning how to write a philosophy paper becomes learning how to be a true philosopher.

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