How To Write Introduction for Your Essay

How To Write Introduction for Your Essay

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Essay introduction is a crucial component of the paper you are writing because it does several functions to the article. From the onset, the readers get attracted to the article thanks to the attention-grabbing role that the introduction plays. Secondly, the overarching points out that the writer intends to pass across are best explained via the introduction essay. It is like a roadmap for your readers to understand the end product even before it is officially presented.

The following are some useful writing tips to consider when creating an introduction essay:

Providing a Hook in the Introduction Essay for your Readers

Provision of an excellent, attention-grabbing sentence, better known as the narrative grip, requires the writer first to carry out audience analysis and identify the readers he is targeting with the article. With the right hook, the right audiences will be attracted to the essay. The starting sentence of the definition essay should, therefore, draw in your readers. Because your mission is to communicate with your audience, make the gripping sentences as fascinating, intriguing, and as outrageous as possible. Remember that readers have different tastes and preferences, and that is why you will have to analyze them. Also, use some of the useful writing tips to help you put through the right hook.

When carrying out audience analysis, remember that they could be your workmates or your lecturer who will receive your final essay, or they could be people in other professional fields such as medical doctors, engineers or even lawyers. A joke or a jargon that works for doctors may not work out for the plumbers. Gender biases and cultural norms may also count so you will need to consider them before you write.

The following are some hooking examples

How to Write Introduction for your Essay Hooks

Penning a Hooking Word, Consider Quotations from Famous Personalities

  • “Educations purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
  • ‘In the end, it is not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your year’
  • “There are myriad possibilities with belief, therefore, see through your doubts. Rise above your misconceptions and take the chances that come your way.”

Consider Anecdotes

  • The experience of being in a foreign country with no relatives or friends was more terrifying than being in your home country even if you don’t have money.
  • On January 2017, I learned a lesson I will never forget: money can give you all, and at the same time it can take all from you.

Using Rhetorical Questions

  • What chances of success does one have if they fail to get enough money to get things done for them?
  • If you had an opportunity to change the way the government handles health workers, what would you do or what would it be?

Using Interesting Facts

  • Great Britain will consume over a billion eggs in the next three months
  • Some of the little known countries in the world such as the Bahamas have produced the fastest sprinters in the world’s Olympics sports
  • The Egyptian Pharaohs were buried in cascades full of gold as sendoff gifts.

Use of Simile or Metaphors

  • My first experience with taking wine was like a baby experiencing his first step when he learns to walk
  • Reading the whole constitution superficially is ignoring the devil in the details
  • Use Surprises for Definition Essay

Additionally, when writing an introduction essay, elements of surprise can work magic in attracting the attention of any reader. In this case, statistics or staggering numbers will raise the curiosity of the reader and will make him or she interested in getting into the details to discover more. The audiences are not privy to some facts or figures until they are brought forth. It is good to remember that a definition essay that presents some statistics to the readers creates an interest in them moving on to the subsequent phase which necessarily implies that they have to read the full article.

Also, take note that in true sense, that attention grabber, in this case, ought to be very useful by pulling surprises. You can check on some of the useful writing tips for pleasant surprises if you aren’t sure of how to write introduction for your essay with regards to startling facts.

The statistical presentation in the first part is primarily meant to set up the essay, and for that reason, it should not be what is intended to be used in the body of the article to support some points as facts and evidence. The statistics should strive to enlighten the readers in advance why the subject of discussion is necessary.

Give Contextual Data for Definition Essay

As one of the best approaches of how to write introduction for your essay, think about the context of your paper or the topic you are addressing and give the setting in your write up to the readers. Given that the opening lines in the definition essay ought to begin by stating general facts, it is equally essential to consider narrowing the points down to specifics but based on some context. Readers will best understand the topic when they also understand the background.

If for instance, you are discussing the about the birth of a nation as the film that was criticized for racism, the introduction essay should be descriptive enough to provide details of the Ku Klux Klan, there creation and what they did. Also, provide the time they existed. Where your discussion is based on some arguments, it is vital to remain as objective as possible by providing a neutral opinion. Do not stretch the facts because that will erode the introduction essay.

Provide Definitions to the Major Terminologies

When writing the definition essay’s introduction, remember to define the terms but not abstractly. Some concepts, when not broken down and well defined, will be challenging to comprehend. It is for that reason that such a term need to be defined not in line with the dictionaries but according to the essay and how the writer interprets them.

For engineers and scientist, there are terms and professional words that only apply to their field, and it is essential to expound on the term by providing a definition. The definition is not solely for the two professions mentioned but also for a typical reader with minimal knowledge of the scientific and engineering fields.

Consider the legal systems and politics when writing a definition essay because of the variation in terms of how the terminologies used to apply. In these fields, a word’s meaning can vary substantially. It is vital for your readers to know precisely what you are referring to by defining the times according to the essay’s context.

Moving from the General to the Specific

The concept of an inverted pyramid will give you an idea of how to write a thesis statement for a definition essay by covering the general concepts and trying to break them down to the specific ones for the sake of your readers and for offering some direction.

Here, you will also have to give a context by sentences of about three lines elaborating the claim statement. The sentences ought to be specific than the previous ones in the introduction essay. For example, writing about drug and substance abuse should start with stating the problem, then breaking down into minor details such as the statistics.

Writing the Thesis Statement for Your Essay

Another critical undertaking in writing is the thesis statement for a definition essay. Writers must be judged based on their viewpoint and their arguments. The purpose of a thesis statement in an introduction is to highlight the significant issues you are addressing and bring them to the knowledge of the readers. Communicate effectively to the readers about what the matter is.

Clichés and some words only kill the introduction. In this case, you should consider having strong thesis statements that are not full of fluffy words. Be confident enough to articulate your point. If you used an outline, the thesis statement for a definition essay must be particular and concise. Try as much as possible to show your uniqueness in terms of how you are stating the thesis.

Briefly Give a Description of How the Points Will Be Supported

Readers are eager to learn how the points within the essay will be proven. The subsequent statements in support of the points raised will clear the doubt and make your readers appreciate your sense of judgment. How then do you do this? , live no doubt that you will support the thesis you have alluded. As an aspect of how to write introduction for your essay, remember that readers will follow through your promise and try to see if you have the points well elaborated. Don’t use too many sentences in this case, but just a few ones will do.

Apply Transitional Words for Connectivity

It is necessary to have a connection between the introduction essay and the rest of the article. The body should smoothly blend with the introduction for them to serve the sole purpose as intended by the writer. In that case, additional sentences that are short should be used to transition readers into the body. The best approach when joining the paragraphs is to read out the whole introduction loudly and then the body paragraph and try to see if they connect seamlessly.

Read your article to your peers so that you get to know their feelings in terms of the flow between the several paragraphs of your essay. Do not prompt them or indicate to them that you are reading the next paragraph but just let them tell if indeed the introduction connects to the body.

Piecing Together the Introduction Essay

You will need to find the useful writing tips from other writers to help you with combining the various elements making up the definition essay. Rewrite them all one more time and see if you have an introduction you wanted before sending it out to the audience. Try and establish if you have factored in the best elements that make up an introduction essay. It is so easy to bring out the various components making the introduction when you have conceptualized the idea and wrote it down at first.

Some quick, useful writing tips to remember include:

  • Ensuring that the introduction is brief and understandable to your readers and in this case, it should be ten percent at most.
  • Ensure that you are on the same page with your professor in terms of the instructions issued and the adaptable
  • The introduction essay should be written after the body, and even the conclusion has been written. This idea is, however, not cast in stone and the writer can decide to start by writing the definition essay first.
  • Do a revision of the entire write-up and establish if you have omitted some critical parts you would want the readers to know. The review helps in locating typo errors. You can also erase redundant words and sentences which are not adding up.
  • Organize the introduction in the best way possible for it to make sense to the targeted audience. There are some suggestions and useful writing tips that are formulaic. Use them to see if your arrangement is right.


The question that keeps popping in student’s head revolves on how to write a thesis statement for a definition essay. Given that the task of writing introduction essays is a must do for learners, the writing process is not as complicated when the useful writing tips provided in this article are followed. A good introduction has clear sentences which are not only short but well arranges besides articulating the goal of the writer. To best appreciate the writing of an introduction, students must stop wasting their time thinking about how difficult it is but instead they should come up with topics, create topic sentences, write good thesis statements and finally the concluding statement as a transitional statement to the body. Be as imaginative as creative and as inventive as possible when creating a good introduction essay. Think about your readers and what they expect from you as their favorite writer.

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