Military Base Essay

Military Base Essay

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The experience for people either as new cadets in a military base or as recruits just about to be included in a military training base can cab both be terrifying and exciting at the same time. It is however understandable given that people join the military for various reasons with some doing it as a service to their country and others just for the sake of gaining new experience while others for economic reasons.

Before then, it is imperative to answer the question of what is a military base essay. Basically, this is a document that is written purposefully to tell about military experience for either a member of the force or just by a recruit.

Military service plays a very critical role in protecting the lives and the safety of the citizens in any nation, and for this reason, they are basically an integral component of any functioning country. Knowledge about the military functions and the lives of the past present and even future military members is very important for those who would wish to join the forces, and it is for that reason that potential officers must appreciate the history of their country. Given that the work of the military is to protect the borders of their respective countries, it is important that the potential recruits appreciate the geographical position of their countries including its relationship with the neighboring countries.

The past of any country in terms of how it relates to its neighbors is very important in ensuring that no mistakes are made and that peace is maintained at all time. However, the role of military transcends peacekeeping. The military can be deployed for various reasons including the expansion of a country’s borders by conquering other countries. Additionally, military officers are very critical when it comes to development projects within a nation. They have been used by some nations to build bridges and roads to facilitate free movement of goods and services. More so, military officers have been very helpful when countries are faced with catastrophic incidents. They have been deployed in humanitarian activities such as evacuation, distribution of food and medicine as well as offering medical services including treating the sick.

Essay for military base is therefore meant to address some of the issues as discussed in this introduction which in essence are required in the military colleges or academies. Those who have been admitted in the service are required to express their knowledge about the military through writing articles. This is considered as a very important skill that expresses the cadets understanding of their role and the relationship between their country and other countries. Therefore to write a military base essay, it is important for the writer to check of his strengths and weaknesses in terms his knowledge on the basic military activities and how the activities affect the lives of others.

Learning a lot of data with regards to the military is the key to good skill acquisition and development of a good military base essay writing skills. It is good to appreciate that every country has got its own unique history that is not only complex but also wide enough to give a writer ample information to develop great military base essay examples. More so, military bases and academies have libraries that are stocked with a lot of books and materials to help you to appreciate the work of the military in addition to information that will help you come up with an equally good military base essay outline.

When applying for admission into a military academy, you have to show through your application document that you will add value to the service. This requires creativity and great care in regards to military base essay writing skills. If you want to stand out of the crowd and get preference over other applicants, your essay must be the best if not just convincing. Military base essays are part of soldiery life and training. All the recruits and students or cadets must possess special skills such as thinking, analytical, survival, paying attention to the smaller details and ability to use their physical strength and compliance to the laid military rules effectively. But if not all these are critical when it comes to the creation of a good essay about military base.

Writing a Military Base Essay

When writing an essay of this type, it important to remember that we have several types of them including, explanatory, expository and military base argumentative essay. The last of the three is very important because of the flexible nature with which a writer of an article can adopt. The military base argumentative essays give the writer an opportunity to create an argumentative thesis statement which the readers can critique.

Step One: Coming up with a Topic

Before coming up with a military base essay outline, it is imperative to begin the process by coming up with ideas about the topic you’d use for the essay. Military base essay topics are not hard to generate, especially when you do your research beforehand. In other words, good topics for military essay are generated through the following ways:

Military base essay topics sources:

  • Brainstorming
  • Research
  • Reading from the books that are if military nature
  • Military libraries
  • Getting classified information from the military websites and documents
  • Understanding the history of the country
  • The history of world war one and two and how American military contributed to the war

Brainstorming for essays for military base basically implies that the writer of the essay or whoever wants to write such a document can consult widely and think about the topic alongside his or her peers. Brainstorming is important because it presents a writer with a lot of topics to choose in addition to adding value to the quality of thought that yields to the topics or subject of discussion. When brainstorming, ensure that the subject that is thinking the process is focused on the military-related issues and is good enough to give way for quality thoughts. Do not give information to your friends or peers that will instead inhibit thinking.

Research about Military base essay topics, on the other hand, is an initiative which will require the writer to interrogate various sources and available materials to find out for him or herself about topics that are suitable for the article. Good research will, just like brainstorming, give the writer an idea of the topic to write about especially when the writer has not been given a particular topic to write about.

There are also military books that purely speak of military-related events and initiatives that an essayist can use to generate military base essay topics to write about. Such books can be accessed in the libraries and in archives. Ideally, military information is always considered as classified but the truth is that there are some information even if not all that are published in books and journals that one can use to create a wonderful topic for a good military base essay.

Military base essay topics can also be created out of the history of a nation. The country must have participated in the past in any military related activities and this is a rich information base that is documented as part of the country’s history. Every country has a historical background and records to that effect. You should consider using the past information which again is stored in the national libraries and in the archives to create a good topic.

Step Two: Creating a Military Base Essay Outline

Having generated a good topic for the document, it is time to create military base essay outline that respects the ideas you have in your head. A good outline, in this case, will be one that has an introduction, a body, and a concluding paragraph.

The following is a basic structure of an outline for this type of an essay:

Introduction: This part introduces the topic to the audience and has a thesis statement that also establishes the purpose of the writer. An introductory paragraph for an essay for military base outline is concise and generally can be bulleted. Given that it is just an outline that will be like a guide for the final essay, it should be as good as the essay that it will yield to but it is not as detailed as the final document will be.

The body: This is like the trunk of the whole piece; it should contain some interesting information that supports the thesis statement a writer has made in the first paragraph. Importantly, the body has 3 to 5 paragraphs depending on the size of the article and is written with respect to the facts and credible information.

The conclusion: This is the closing paragraph that summarizes the major points. Military base essay outline just like the final paper must have a summation of major points and a restatement of a thesis statement. The closing paragraph can also highlight some facts and recommend what can be done. Given that the essay is not a major scientific research document, it should be as interesting as possible besides making the readers satisfied with the arguments in support of the thesis statement the writer made earlier on.

Structure of a Military Base Argumentative Essay

If you have settled on writing a military base argumentative essay, then the structure should be such that the paper has the following components:

The Introduction

Basically, an introduction of an essay about military base is the opening paragraph with interesting information meant to capture the attention of the readers. It tells the audience about what awaits them within the essay in addition to providing a thesis statement. This statement is more of a presentation of a viewpoint by the writer.

The thesis statement is put at the last line of the starter paragraph and is composed of a single sentence with an interesting position that is arguable if it is for a military base argumentative essay.

The Body

This is where the facts and data are presented to the readers. Just as the thesis statement and the introduction, the body paragraphs should as well be interesting. Every paragraph of the body should contain an idea and should have a logical flow. The ideas within these paragraphs should not be drifting away from the claim earlier made, but they should provide more factual information to render support to the statement of the thesis. You will notice that even some of the military base essay examples you read have three and above paragraphs which are consistent with the position their authors have taken.

The Conclusion

This is a summation or an overview of the entire information presented in short form. The paragraph of the conclusion should be purposed to reinforce a thesis made for military base argumentative essay.

Example of a Military Base Essay Writing

Below is one of the military base essay examples that you can have a look at to give you an idea about how to write the paper.

The United States of America’s military has been central in the protection of the borders of America and its citizen. The military has consistently pulled victories against the enemies of the country for decades, thus making the country what it is today. American military remains to be the strongest and the most organized in the world with state of the art weapons that cannot be matched by any other nation. This is the reason for its successful victories and the respect accorded to it by other nations. This essay will look into some of the battles the American military has been involved in for the last four decades.

In Conclusion

Good military essays, be they military base argumentative essays or just explanatory essays, must be thoroughly edited before they can be submitted. The purpose of subjecting the document to editing is to ensure that it passes a grammar test. The paper must be proofread for the purpose of rearranging the sentences and removal of redundant statements that are not necessary for the document. Given that the purpose of military base essay writing is to pass critical information about the works of the military, it is prudent to check the document thoroughly.

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