Nature vs Nurture Essay

Nature vs Nurture Essay

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There was uproar in the scientific community and general public when a Chinese scientist was involved in the editing of genes supposed to be connected to HIV infections, from children of infected parents. While HIV is a disease worthy effort to find a cure, there were many ethical questions. But how does one even start evaluating the ethics of such actions without having proper knowledge of the nature v/s nurture debate?

The task of this article is to acquaint you the reader with an algorithm that will help you to prepare a high quality Nature versus nurture essay that is comprehensive enough to help you develop high quality and credible ideas that can be deployed to answering some of the pressing issues surrounding this topic. We develop an algorithm that deals with the following key issues that help resolve the nature v/s nurture debate:

  • Discovering the problem requirements

  • Define nurture and establish the difference between nature and nurture definition

  • Conducting a comprehensive literature review of the Nature versus nurture debate

  • Finding knowledge gaps

  • Creating the thesis using nature v/s nurture examples

  • Arranging the evidence

  • Writing the essay using nature v/s nurture examples

Following this algorithm intelligently ends up with cogent ideas illuminate on a possible decision on the debate on whether we can differentiate between nature and nurture definition and reach plausible conclusions.

Discovering the Problem Requirements in a Nurture versus Nurture Essay

The important question, to begin with, is to find out what exactly the Nature versus nurture essay, requires of us as thinkers and scholars. The question of x versus y is always a question of competition. In this case, it is important for one to find out what ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’ are competing for and finding the context of the competition. This involves defining nurture, and comparing and contrasting of the two factors within a predefined condition. Therefore the question in fact requires us to ask ourselves some critical questions like:

  • How do we define nature and define nurture?

  • Under what common conditions do the two interact?

  • What is nature vs nurture?

  • Are there specific mechanics or ways of operation for each of the factors?

  • How do the mechanics of each of the factors relate and conflict?

  • How can one best determine which of the two factors is stronger or better than the other?

Defining the Terms in the Nature vs nurture Essay

What are the immediate meanings ascribed to the matter of what is nature vs nurture? Normally, a dictionary meaning would suffice in telling us the current implications of the words as used by most people under normal circumstances.

But have other terms in the questions been defined? For example, have the conditions between nature and nurture been defined well enough?

Take time also to discover if the competition between nature and nurture is adequately defined.

Once the key terms have been identified and some of their face value definitions given, then it’s time to conduct some basic research on the matter.

Investigating the Nature vs Nurture Debate

We are now ready to conduct an extensive investigation/research to help us find the key facts and the evidence behind them. Using the general rules of research and investigation like:

  • Finding the sources that are likely to have the information needed

  • Checking for their credibility

  • Checking for the relevance of the information that they have or are likely to have

  • Recording of the facts given by the credible source

  • Asking ourselves critical questions regarding the investigation as it continues

Generally, the normal institutions are the libraries, online and open source avenues, research institutions and authoritative people in relevant professions who’ve contributed to what is nature vs nurture debate.

Investigation and Literature Review

The investigator is led by critical questions directed at credible and relevant sources with the intention of collecting relevant facts that can be used to form an opinion. But this is seldom enough until one has reviewed all the information gathered. The review is carried by simply putting all the relevant information in a space that can hold them all together and facilitate a synoptic view of all the relevant factors. In this case, one can use a wall or board as the space container that is to be used in creating an appropriate view of what is the nature vs nurture debate.

Finding the Knowledge Gaps in the Nature vs nurture Essay

Knowledge and information gaps related to the Nature versus nurture essay can now be developed easily. A good start would be a timeline showing when a word started to be used, who originated the use and by determining some of the forces or factors used in coining a term, or creating a concept.

For example:

Francis Galton (1874) was the first to differentiate between nature and nurture when he wanted to show that there was a distinction between what humans or species develop even before birth and socialization, but by the beginning of the 21st century Plomin (2008) had decided that ‘nature’ was equal to ‘genetics’. What are some of the factors that led to such changes in the basic definitions of the terms?’

Collecting the Necessary Evidence for the Essay

The answers to the emerging knowledge gaps in the investigation and literature review clearly demand that the necessary evidence to the answers produced be put together and arranged in a logical manner. Critical questions and answers given with credible evidence then form the basis of the thesis of one’s argument in showing the difference between nature and nurture.

Finding the Thesis for the Nature vs Nurture Essay

The information and argument has now built itself adequately enough to deduce a thesis that fits our essay. But the process may not be as straight forward. Using vision-based tools like charts or maps is the best way to deduce the necessary thesis. It may take much sketching and thinking over a period of time, but, since you’ll be having most of the information, then the task isn’t so difficult.

Arranging the Argument of the Nature vs Nurture Essay

Finding the thesis then determines the arrangement of the Nature vs nurture essay that you intend to write. Here, the important thing is to remember that the laws of logic apply and that one generally begins with the minor premises and advances gradually to the main conclusion of the argument using a specific method and plan. Such a plan is sketched on a piece of paper and cross-checked with the evidence for any inconsistencies and missing gaps.

Writing the Essay

The Nature vs nurture kind of essay follows the basic structure of all other kinds of essays. It has:

  • An Introduction that details how to start a nature vs nurture essay

  • The main body detailing the difference between nature and nurture and showing nature vs nurture examples

  • And the conclusion that completes the nature vs nurture debate

Introducing the Essay

The introduction is about how to start the nature vs nurture essay by enticing the reader with a catchy expression, then stating the core ideas that are to be explored under the subject matter, in this case being; ‘Understanding Gene editing using the nature vs nurture debate to determine Relevant Ethical Issues.’ As is the case, one ends the introduction by stating the main thesis of the argument.

Example of how to start a nature vs nurture essay:

Despite the celebration of CRISP and CRISPR methods used in gene editing being highly celebrated, there are certain relevant issues that seem to be assumed, like that there’s a hard and fast difference between nature and nurture. In this essay, we will consider some of the key issues that determine how we can evaluate the matter of gene editing considering the main assumptions regarding nature and nurture, namely: …’

The Main Body of the Nature vs Nurture Essay

Since the main points to be addressed in the essay have already been mentioned in the introduction, one is now left with the task of taking each point and allocating a special paragraph for it that will help show the difference between nature and nurture.

For each paragraph, the idea is to state the main point as found in the investigation, a statement of the relevant evidence, and finally a conclusion regarding the main argument derived from the paragraph.

Then using the argument plan, one is to join all the premises together to form a cogent argument that supports the thesis in the introduction.

Concluding the Nature vs nurture Essay

The conclusions of all essays are similar: One is to recapitulate on the process shown by the writing, emphasizing on the key points and their implications and showing the significance of such thinking. Then one finishes by pointing out any future implications of the thesis.


This article has shown how one can best approach and write the Nature vs nurture kind of essay starting from the most basic levels and up to the actual writing of the essay. The key strategies and methods with relevant nature vs nurture examples have been given to show how one can best write this kind of essay.

Any questions on how to start a nature vs nurture essay or any other aspect of these essays?

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