Odyssey Essay Topics

Odyssey Essay Topics

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The Odyssey is a classical poem and an amazing literal piece written by Homer. It’s a unique story that has maintained its impeccable qualities to the present day. In fact, it’s quite rare to find such ancient poetic sources.

In this poem by Homer, the moral code and Greek values, as well as traditions, are clearly described. He also draws lessons from their day to day life as he explains the journey that Odysseus took to get back home.

Use These Brilliant Essay Topics for The Odyssey!

Even though it takes almost 10 hours to read, it’s not a boring story. Now, as a scholar, you can quickly get several interesting odyssey essay ideas from this fantastic narrative. Here are a couple of our remarkable ideas!

Women Essay Topics for The Odyssey

Over the years, the importance of women in our society has continued to grow. Today, a good number of them serve as political, religious, and social leaders. So, to improve the quality of your paper, here are some brilliant essay topics for the Odyssey on women.

  1. Explain The Importance Of The Female Gender Odysseus’ Character Development

  2. Describe The Role Which Odysseus’s Wife Penelope Played During Their Journey Back Home.

  3. Which Lessons Should Mothers And Wives Learn From Penelope?

  4. Explain The Factors Which Make Penelope The Perfect Example Of A Modern-Day Wife

  5. How Has Women’s Plight Grown From ‘Gilgamesh’ To The Heights Of Homer’s ‘Odyssey?’

  6. What Can We Learn About Gender Roles By Looking At The Life Of Athena?

  7. How Did Women Contribute To The Success As Well As The Turmoil Of Odysseus’ Journey?

  8. How Did The Role Of Greek Women Change After The ‘Odyssey?’

  9. Reasons Why Calypso And Circe Surprisingly Fell In Love With Odysseus.

  10. Reasons Which Show That Female Characters Play a More Critical Role than the Male Protagonists in Homer’s ‘Odyssey.’

Greek Culture Odyssey Essay Topics!

Just like the Ancient Romans, the Greeks lived a rather sophisticated life filled with ups and downs. They were expert innovators and professional men of combat. They also served somewhat mysterious gods and based their lifestyles around them. To educate your readers on this mythical generation, use these popular odyssey essay topics.

  1. What Homer’s Odyssey Teaches Us on about the Lives of the Ancient Greeks?

  2. Explain How The Reciprocity Concept Is Brought Out In The Poem, The ‘Odyssey.’

  3. What Does The Odyssey Teach Us About The Mentality Of The Ancient Greeks

  4. The Depiction Of The ‘Hero’ Character From The ‘Odyssey?’

  5. Explain The Lessons About World Order After Reading The Odyssey

  6. Describe The Exciting Connection Among Nostos And Kleos, As Explained In The Fantastic Story That Is The ‘Odyssey.’

  7. Greek Folktales And Their Relationship To This Captivating Poem

  8. Social And Political Issues Mentioned Learned In Odysseus’s Journey

  9. How Is The Cultural Order Of The Greeks As Showcased In The Odyssey

  10. Explain The Differences Between The Mortal And Immortal Characters As Characterized In The Odyssey.

Morality Odyssey Essay Themes

The idea of morality is something which continues to trouble different societies. Today, there’s a constant erosion of cultural and religious beliefs as well as many social vices destroying our communities. However, by reading this, brilliant poem by Homer, there are a couple of interesting odyssey essay themes which you can use to inform your readers. They include:

  1. Explain How The Feeling Of Temptation Almost Destroyed Odysseus’ Journey

  2. Explain Homer’s Depiction Of Revenge

  3. From Odysseus’ Story, How Do Different Characters Bring Out The Idea Of Loyalty?

  4. Reasons Why Greed Was The Greatest ‘Enemy’ In Odysseus’ Journey

  5. Explain How Public Order And Personal Choice Are Brought Out In The Odyssey

  6. What Can We Learn From The Concept Of Violence As Seen In The ‘Odyssey?’

  7. What’s Homer’s View Of Justice From The Odysseus Journey

  8. Key Features From The Odyssey That Describe Deception As A Negative Phenomenon

  9. The Terrible Violation Of The Moral Values As Seen From The Actions Of Circe

  10. Why Do Different Characters In Odysseus’ Journey Struggle Between The Concept Of Family And Honor?

The Odyssey Argumentative Essay Topics

Might you be searching for some themes to trigger and spice up debates among your audience? Well, there are quite several argumentative essay topics on the odyssey that you could use. In our research, here’s what we have gathered!

  1. Did Odysseus’ Trip Back Home Have To Take That Long? Did He Find What He Was Looking For?

  2. Which Episode Contributed Most To The Growth Of This Fantastic Story?

  3. Reasons Why The Odyssey Is One Of The Most Evident Examples Of A Compelling Folk Story

  4. When Odysseus Comes Back Home, Which Signs Show That Penelope Didn’t Recognize Him?

  5. Which Character Forms The Best Painting Portrait In This Poem?

  6. Reasons Why This Poem Is The Perfect Twelve-Stage Journey Representation Of A Hero

  7. Is Odysseus Depicted As The Most Independent Individual In The Story Or Just A Puppet Of The Gods?

  8. Factors That Show That The Great Odysseus Is Not Really A True Hero

  9. Reasons Which Make Odyssey A Famous Poem Or Story Today

  10. Is This Poem One The Most Unique And Captivating Literal Works

The ‘Hero’ Concept Odyssey Essay Ideas

There are several lessons that Homer’s Odyssey teaches us about both the life as well as times of the main protagonist in this breathtaking story. Here, we see the challenges and successes that came his way as he tried to find his journey back home. Below are some of the exciting odyssey essay ideas touching on this ‘hero’ concept!

  1. Decision-Making Challenges Faced By Odysseus

  2. The Rich Similarities Which Exist Between Character Values Of Telemachus And Those Of Odysseus

  3. Reasons Which Made Odysseus Survive His Journey

  4. Psychological Challenges Faced By Odysseus On His Trip Back Home

  5. Was Odysseus Justified To Carry Out The Harsh Punishment He Showed To The People From Ithaca For Occupying His Home?

  6. How Does Odysseus Depict The Typical Greek Mythology Hero?

  7. What Was Odysseus Greatest ‘Hero’ Mistakes During The Course Of His Journey

  8. The Worst Mistake Committed By Odysseus During His Voyages.

  9. During His Trip, At Some Point, Odysseus Is Not Eager To Go Back Home. Why So?

  10. Explain The Main Antagonists Of Odysseus And Why!

Captivating Analytical Odyssey Essay Topics

It’s difficult to analyze the complex story that is the ‘Odyssey.’ After all, it’s filled with different plots, events, and several episodes of character development. Luckily, using these popular analytical odyssey essay topics, you can start educating your audience.

  1. Explain The Growth Of The Telemachus Character

  2. How Does Divine Intervention Play Its Part In This Poem?

  3. The God Poseidon And The Man Odysseus Similarities And Differences

  4. How Does The Order Of Events Transform The Entire Understanding Of The Story

  5. Explain The Importance Of The Mysterious Banquets In The Poem

  6. The Disguise Theme and How It’s Portrayed in the Poem.

  7. Are The Greek Gods Out To Destroy Odysseus?

  8. The Most Descriptive Comparison And Comprehension Of ‘Medea’ Character And ‘Penelope?’

  9. From The Story, How Can You Describe The Relationship Between The Greek Gods And The Mortal Men?

  10. Reasons Why The Greek Gods Keep On Interfering With The Affairs Of The Different Heroic Characters

Some Informative Essay Topics for The Odyssey on The Similarities and Differences of Various Characters and Events!

There are several factors and lessons which we can draw from the different events happening in the story. As a writer, use them to find their differences as well as similarities with other captivating literal works. The simplest way to achieve this is by choosing any of these essay topics for the Odyssey.

  1. Differences And Similarities Between This Poem And Other Greek Mythological Poems And Stories

  2. Compare The Importance Of Athena From This Story And Jesus In The Christian Bible

  3. Differences Between Achilles And Odysseus

  4. Compare The Leadership Qualities Between Odysseus And Henry V

  5. Similarities Between The Friendships Showed In This Poem And In Hamlet

  6. Compare Charles Frazier’s ‘Cold Mountain’ With This Poem

  7. Comparisons Between The Genesis Biblical Story And The ‘Odyssey.’

  8. Similarities In Leadership Between Agamemnon, Achilles, And Odysseus

  9. The Cultural Differences Between Aeneas And Odysseus, How Are Their Given Character Traits Similar?

  10. Differences Seen in the Lives of the Romans in the Odyssey and Those in Virgil’s ‘Aeneid.’


Picking out the informative or argumentative essay topics on the odyssey paper is something which takes students a good chunk of time. Some browse through the internet for long hours but end up with absolutely no clue on what to talk about. Why should you go through the same ordeal?

Use this simple and captivating odyssey essay themes to grab the attention of your audience. Just choose your interested field of study or research and start writing. Good luck!

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