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Pride and Prejudice, authored by Jane Austen, is a widely perused book in most schools. This novel is a classic that is perused for its magnificent utilization of imagery plus plot, discussing significant subjects, for example, expectations in the society, prejudice, etc. Because of this, this novel serves as the basis for several essays which learners are given to compose.

An essay composed on any subject may be challenging in the event that you aren’t zealous regarding that subject. There will exist a clear dissimilarity between a paper composed in a simplistic manner at all times, plus one that you relished composing, which was intricate plus engaging. There’re several exciting essay topics on pride and prejudice that you can choose from.

Below is a compilation of these fascinating pride and prejudice essay topics which you may refer to whenever you’re given an essay to compose regarding this book.

Good Essay Topics Regarding Pride and Prejudice

Take a look at the following pride and prejudice essay ideas.

  1. Structure your paper around the life of the writer, Jane Austen. Talk about her reason for composing this book plus additional, critical bits of her.

  2. Depict Darcy’s character (one main character in the book). Produce a depiction plus convey your perspective concerning Darcy.

  3. Importance of dialog in the development of action.

  4. The subject of social edifice. This book discusses the effect of classes in the society, plus without a doubt you can come up with examples from the contemporary world which are comparable.

  5. Talk about the symbols displayed in the book plus the main theme.

  6. The subject of matrimony. Several individuals think that this novel was intended to disapprove the misogynistic attitude towards matrimony during that period.

  7. Masculine plus feminine outlook. There exist clear contrasts concerning the manner in which males and females view matrimony.

  8. Connection involving mom plus kids. Utilize as an example the relations between Mrs. Bennet plus her kids.

  9. Ethical ending of this book. There exists a lot of lessons which can be picked up from it. Choose the one that you wish to examine.

Perfect Pride and Prejudice Essay Ideas

  1. Discuss the cultural practices during that period regarding social life. Which norms are observed up to this day?

  2. With reference to humor, select some amusing circumstances from the novel or depict a comical character.

  3. The book’s first title was known as First Impressions. Is it relevant to the content?

  4. Novel plus movie. Examine contrasts or resemblances involving these two.

  5. Use of irony. All through this book, the author frequently utilizes irony to depict ordinary circumstances.

  6. Conservatism in the society. Numerous regulations were encompassing the societal life, plus individuals who didn’t adhere to them were disparaged by the whole society.

  7. The novel’s lesser characters. Indeed lesser characters may have an effect on the content in a huge manner. Provide several instances.

  8. Advancement Darcy’s conduct. Can it be concluded that it’s in line with the content, or is it simply insincerity?

  9. Your outlook concerning this book. Compose a paper from your viewpoint concerning effects of this novel, plus what constitutes various critical pieces of it.

  10. The novel’s attempts to depict Elizabeth as a lady of the contemporary world. How is this so?

  11. Ways in which Elizabeth is dissimilar from the other members of the Bennet family. Discuss the way in which the difference discloses her character.

  12. Discuss the ways in which the author depicts family plus the community as being accountable for its members.

  13. This novel occurs in various settings. Depict some of these settings plus the way in which they impacted the storyline. Discuss the reason why the author selected these specific places for the storyline to occur.

  14. Individuals can learn various things from the experiences of Elizabeth’s character. Do you concur with this viewpoint?

  15. Elizabeth is proposed to 3 times in this book. Discuss each of these 3 events, plus the way in which Elizabeth responded to them.

  16. Discuss Elizabeth’s shifting viewpoint regarding disparity.

Great Pride and Prejudice Essay Topics

Other examples of essay topics on pride and prejudice include:

  1. One forgotten character in this book is Mary. Discuss the references which you can come across that describe her character. What are the differences between Mary and Jane or Mary and Elizabeth?

  2. Discuss the initial impression Mr. Darcy had on Lizzy.

  3. Talk about the main obstacle in the future development of a romantic relationship between Jane and Bingley.

  4. The way in which the author goes against the grain of traditional romance accounts of that time?

  5. Instances of humor within chapter one.

  6. Dissimilarity between pride and vanity, according to the author, Jane Austen. How is it different from yours?

  7. The dissimilarities between Elizabeth plus other family members. What do they denote?

  8. Come up with some notes on the viewpoint taken up by Jane Austen concerning class. Can it be considered extreme or moderate?

  9. Talk about the way in which the author portrays women in this book. In what way does she have sympathy regarding their issues?

  10. There’s a distinctive viewpoint of matrimony which Elizabeth provides in this book. In what way can other characters, particularly Charlotte plus Mrs. Bennet, gain from this outlook plus in what way will taking up this outlook be damaging to their relationships?

  11. The author is praised for producing lifelike characters who are deemed to be complicated psychologically. Do you back this standpoint? Give your reasons.

  12. It’s normal for humans to underestimate individuals based on initial impressions. Can this statement be factual with regards to the encounter between Darcy plus Elizabeth?

  13. Romance in this novel defies the conventional romance stories of that era. Identify the dissimilarities plus elucidate the importance of this digression.

  14. Talk about the role of minor characters such as Mr. Collins and Miss Bingley they play in bringing together Elizabeth plus Darcy.

  15. The Meryton community can be termed as money-oriented plus inconsistent. Talk about the manner in which this viewpoint is depicted in this book.

  16. Discuss the most convincing element of the Pride and Prejudice book which you can suggest to other individuals.

  17. Mr. Collins possesses unpleasant social conducts even though he sticks out as being a comic. Discuss how this character can be elucidated.

  18. Elizabeth can be termed as upfront plus independent while on the other hand Lady Catherine is old-fashioned. Discuss the way in which the 3 characters showcase their disapproval.

Pride and Prejudice Themes

Themes covered in this novel include pride, women, family, and class. The following are explanations on how these themes have been depicted in this book.


The author is opposed to the unfairness based on gender in the 19thcentury English society, especially when it comes to matrimony. In this novel, various ladies, such as Charlotte, ought to wed exclusively for financial security. Nonetheless, in the depiction of Elizabeth, the author demonstrates that ladies are similarly as intelligent plus competent as their men. The author herself went against normal practice by not getting married and earning income via her books. In her letters, she advised pals just to wed only for love. In the book, Elizabeth’s joyful culmination uncovers Austen’s convictions that a lady can remain independent until she encounters the ideal man (in the event that she encounters him).


One critic stated that Darcy’s pride of pace is established on social prejudice, whereas Elizabeth’s first prejudice against him is established in pride of her swift viewpoints. Eventually, the egos of the two characters push them towards individual prejudice. Darcy has been trained to despise anybody not part of his circle plus ought to conquer his prejudice so that Elizabeth can be pleased by him. Also, Elizabeth’s extreme arrogance in her discernment drives her to disregard Darcy swiftly. Eventually, both of them discover joy by perceiving the obstacles that bias brings about.


This one’s of the most prevalent pride and prejudice themes. The author depicts the household as basically liable for the intellectual plus ethical edification of kids. All through this book, the more youthful characters gain from or are disadvantaged by family values. The inability of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet to give their girls a good edification brings about Lydia’s absolute absurdity plus depravity.

Jane plus Elizabeth figure out how to come up with virtue plus insight despite their folks’ neglect, although it’s prominent that they possess additional role models (such as the Gardiners). Darcy has his dad’s noble personality plus propensity towards big-heartedness, whereas Lady Catherine’s tough child-rearing approach has made her daughter too scared to talk.


There you have it. This novel is considered one of the best romantic fiction books out there. It has been utilized in various schools to teach learners early modern literature. You can utilize the above-mentioned pride and prejudice topics plus pride and prejudice themes to come up with an awesome essay.

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