Research Paper Introduction Example

Research Paper Introduction Example

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Let’s take a quick overview of what are research papers and what they entail.

Research papers are popular academic assignments, with some forms being used in quite a number of professional fields. Research papers are an opportunity for a thorough analysis of a certain subject based on research by other professionals. But this time around, you are given a chance to formulate your research based on certain areas or questions in a discipline you find interesting. Doing such texts also comes with an upside of helping you practice your critical academic skills like;

  • Coming up with a question
  • Time management
  • Information organization in correspondence with their core ideas
  • Substantiating arguments with research on various subjects
  • Research findings presentations

It is crucial for a writer to understand that disciplines vary in ways they conduct research, writing their works and the final presentations they make. The internet comes in handy when such is involved by giving you information on style guides that come in references to direct your search towards useful resources that will provide a good ground for evidence collection.

Research Paper Introduction

Let’s take a look the introduction to a research paper entails. It is a chance research authors use to make known to their audience and instructor reasons why they should spare their time and read your text. It’s all about why your paper warrants their whole attention. The research paper introduction just like first impressions we make in our social setups has quite a significant role to play compared with other research paper components. Therefore, it is advisable that researchers make good use of their time, no hurries and finally come up with something amazing worth their audience’s while.

A research paper introduction normally functions to bring out clearly what your text reasoning and this is usually the foundation of what the writing is based on. Immediately from the start, the readers should be in a position to figure out what they should be expecting from the research works and considerations whether it’s worth sparing precious time to read it through. For you to succeed in this, you’re required to capture their attention immediately they put their eyes on the paper to read your work. Once you’ve finished the first sentence, you should have already engaged the reader. This will ensure that your audience keeps reading with eager to find out what you have in store for them. The hypothesis is also mentioned in this section also what you think would be the conclusion of your works. A research paper minus an introduction is senseless to your audience.

Formulating the Research Paper Introduction

We already know why the research paper introduction is essential; now let’s see what’s expected of the writer in this section. Here is a list to help you prepare a research paper introduction outline to ease the whole process;

  • Start by introducing your topic
  • Enlighten the readers about the subject plan they should be anticipating
  • Make known your reasoning angle
  • Expound more on the role of the research
  • Now mention your hypothesis
  1. Announce Your Topic

Topics form an essential prerequisite for almost all academic writings a writer is intending to undertake. Of course regarding the angle you choose to reflect on the topic, different reflections of what you are expected to write about will come out. Capitalize the topic for it to stand out and look better. Always begin by outlining the topic. When drafting the research paper introduction, there’s no secret that you’re supposed to follow, but instead, go ahead and mention the topic while at the same time adding information that is connected to the subject in question just so to support it. Do this well; you can be sure to capture any instructor.

It is advisable to begin with a brief overview then ahead and slowly narrow down to central aspects of the study. While doing this, avoid deep information in your writing but rather just a quick explanation on what the subject is all about would suffice. If by chance you’re looking forward to complicating some parts of your text with huge expressions, clarify the expressions to make your audience understand their correspondence with the subject.

  1. The Literature Should Be Reviewed

References sources for your literature come in handy when coming up with statements in the rest of the text. At some point, your ideas might come out subjective, and therefore, mentioning the ideas with citing from past research findings from some of the renowned achievers in that field can help clear the air and bring your point home. In addition, the current researchers in deep concern with matters involving your field of study can also be of help. While at this, don’t get so lost into someone else’s work but rather appreciate their work and maintain your originality. Original research papers most times stand out. Again, the research paper introduction should state in a nutshell the content of whole project is about.

  1. Emphasize On The Rationale

A research paper introduction minus outspoken reasoning lacks a key element. Browse for research paper introduction example and you’d notice that all of them emphasize the importance of a researcher’s reasoning. You’ve already mentioned your subject; now it’s time to prove its relevance and give the readers something to ponder on. The rationale functions to indicate both the attitude of the subject and importance of your research paper. The approach to your reasoning should be specific and concise. Once you capture all this, then your rationale is good to go.

  1. Mention The Thesis Statement

This forms the conclusion of the research paper introduction, more like a summary that establishes a link to the other parts of the research paper. All the efforts put in to realize the thesis statement supports this research paper. This includes all your previous writings. It then collects them into some logical and precise sentence. For instance, you chose to complicate your subject, or maybe it’s just too complicated, later this statement purposes to make it more understandable for your readers. The thesis not only sets the tone of the text but also runs the whole research paper and shouldn’t be left out while writing the research paper introduction.

The thesis statement should address the following;

  • Give a general overview of the topic
  • Make it concise
  • Engaging to the readers

Remember, at some point, you will have to support the statement. For instance, an example of introduction in research paper on nuclear energy, let’s say “How has technology affected your life.” If you make such a declaration along the text, you can be sure to have provoked several of your readers considering the benefits of nuclear energy. Many will immediately take sides.

We’d instead write something like

“Advancements in the field of technology has so far turned out to be of much benefit to the age of civilization, but we need to take a pose and reflect what could go wrong in the future.”

Now this one poses quite a debate; the opposing and supporting team can now argue with a target conclusion. Avoid puzzles, like overdoing the statements. The statement should be concise and arguably and bring out your stand on the subject of technology being a threat to our civilization.

  1. Conclude Your Research Paper Introduction Paragraph

Once you are done with the technical part of the research paper introduction, let us now create an outline of the structure. Of note, this does not suit every instructor and if possible asking for clarification from your teacher can be of help. This is not some detailed information on each aspect of your research paper, but rather it is a short paragraph with at least three or four sentences depicting your plan for the whole work. You can check out an introduction of research paper example to grab some ideas.

Research Paper Introduction Paragraph

Do you know how to write a research paper introduction paragraph? In most academic papers, we tend to use previous examples of writings in the same works to give us clues of what is expected. Check out this research paper introduction paragraph sample;

“Are you aware that there are currently over 10 million persons across the world imprisoned for their crimes? It is a truth universally accepted that a total lock-down for lawbreakers should be the best punishment for most crimes, analysis, and statistics done prove that roughly 70% of lawbreakers will do a repeat of the same when released. This begs the question, Is prison really effective at reducing recidivism?’ This text is dedicated to demonstrating why prison is not the solution for lawbreakers but rather other effective options should be looked upon.”


It is so far evident that writing a research paper introduction is not that complicated if only you adhere to the set principles. However, even the smartest of students find themselves failing when it comes to choosing a tangible topic and formulating a concrete thesis. This guide is here to help you understand what is involved. How do you frame your research paper introduction paragraph? Share with us what you know.

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