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Satire Essay

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In learning institutions, many types of essays are written by scholars both in the university and high school levels. Satirical essays, on the other end, have been branded as problematic to many students. This is because the question ‘how do you come up with an excellent satirical essay?’ has become one of the most frequently asked questions by students over a decade, according to research. Secondly, majority of essays scholars are asked to write, require a formal approach, but in the case of a satire essay, a unique approach is needed of which a lot of comedy is to be incorporated. Here are two examples of satire essays;

  1. How flat is the earth and why it could be round after all?

  2. Why children should know how to do taxes

Luckily in this essay, not only will we offer you the definition of a satire essay but also give you a bit by bit guide on how to write satire essay with examples to support your comprehension.

The Definition of a Satire Essay

In the course of literature, you might have noticed that in between the 18th and 19th centuries, satire essays were popular among authors and readers. Satires, over the years, have been techniques designed explicitly for criticizing and exposing the weaknesses of both individuals and situations through sarcasm exaggeration, and irony.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a satire is a mode of writing which exposes failings in a ridiculing manner. Therefore, in funny satire essay examples, not only do they aim at humiliating individuals, but also to show criticism that is both objective and constructive. This actually helps in the improvement of the society’s morality or bring change to the attitude being discussed.

To other authors, a satire essay is a form of writing that makes fun of the subject. Devices like sarcasm have been used by writers in writing these kinds of essays. Actually, these essays are used, to put their thoughts across and at the same time condemn the topic at hand

Commonly, satire essays are written to address celebrities, national leaders, and political candidates during the period of an election. It is stated that for political leaders during this period, new materials are easily found because of high irony levels. Too many authors who have come up with famous examples of a satire essay have followed this particular rule. A satirical essay’s primary function is to give the reader a comical and fun read, while the facts are still in place.

Unlike other forms of writing, a satire essay allows the writer to chip in their personal view on the issue at hand. In most cases, authors are tasked to bring something that they are enthusiastic about to light, not just making the reader enjoy the article and have a laugh.

Things That Are to be followed before Writing

Before coming up with your satirical essay, you need to consider these essential objectives if you plan to make your writing experience be like walking in a park. First, be well conversant with writing devices like sarcasm, oxymoron, exaggeration, and irony. Secondly, know your goal, then identify the readers whom your information is intended for. Do your research on the topic you will cover, write to the best of your prowess and select which part in your article that you want to emphasize.

With that, follow these guidelines so that you can make sure that your article is outstanding.

  • Understand what it is you’re tasked with

  • In your satire essay, examples use the first-person perspective.

  • With devices like sarcasm and hyperbole, be familiar with them.

  1. Understand What You’re Tasked With

Before writing your essay, take time first and understand what is required of the article. This is significant for any author because you will figure out what format is needed for your item. According to the author’s survey, it might either be necessary to supplement your answers in a specific form or satirize the questions given.

  1. The First-Person Perspective in a Satirical Essay

If you write your article in the first-person format, you can create possibilities. With this method, social and cultural elements can be included easily into your essay. An example of using the first-person perspective in a sentence can be: ‘I noticed that my car’s headlights had been busted and I wondered who could have done such a terrible thing.’

  1. How to Come Up With Original Topics

Satirical articles can be used in writing any topic, but they are highly recommended to be used in writing political and cultural occurrences. Interesting topics can be acquired through research on various published articles, social media, and trending news. This way, you might find a topic that can be of interest to you. Here are some issues that can interest you:

  • Teen and adult melancholy

  • Racialism worldwide

  • Addiction to the internet

  • How media portray the woman

  1. Selecting a Topic

As you choose an item, check if it has a silly issue. The significance of doing this is so that you can have a smooth experience when enhancing the absurdity of the matter. This is similar to an artist creating cartoons for the purpose of improving the matter’s absurdness.

By choosing a perfect topic, you need first to identify your goal. When you have your goal in mind, proceed to ensure that you’ve backed it up with exaggeration, comedy, and sarcasm for that goal to be accomplished.

In case you desire to know if your goal has been accomplished, then be keen and take note if your readers have expressed their emotions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s positive or negative towards your article as long as they communicate, then it means that your work has been done excellently.

  1. Incorporate Irony

Elements of irony should be added to your essay. Irony is a device that is used in literature, to show a contrast of what it is you mean.

An example that can help you understand this definition is: “John, a professional pilot, is afraid of heights.” That statement is ironical because pilots fly aircraft, and yet John has a phobia for heights.

With that, it’s essential to take note that sarcasm rhymes well with irony when it comes to condemning.

  1. Include Comedy in Your Essay

As you write your essay, include humor. The reason is because, it’s not every satire that is considered hilarious. Therefore, if you are to highlight the silly parts of an individual or occurrence that you are describing, then you will offer a chance to your readers to see things the way you are.

Comedy, in your article, enables many people to come into an understanding with the points that you are trying to put across. Hence, the response to your essay will be quick if they have understood the data in your article successfully.

  1. The Perfect Sources for Your Satire Articles

Many articles require a student to cite their resources directly before submitting; therefore, even in the case of a satire essay, quote your reference if you desire to be on the safer side. Take a keen look at some of the famous satire essay examples, and you will notice that the authors would emphasize a lot concerning the topics they were enthusiastic about. That is why their work would stand out amongst others.

As you quote, be careful of the sources you’re quoting from. Reason being, some sites only provide biased news. This problem can be dealt with by gathering your information from websites that are unbiased or other reliable sources like newspapers and magazines which offer issues that are current and trending.

How Your Satire Essay Should Be Arranged

In the introduction of your satirical article, have your statements formed in a way that your work can easily attract readers. You can begin with a quote, a hilarious story, or even a silly question. In this part, give your opinion and give a brief explanation as to why you chose this topic.

You need to challenge your reader’s beliefs and enable them to show their emotions in this section.

When it comes to your article’s body, use the ELP technique. What is the ELP technique? Well, the abbreviations stand for Ethos, Logos, and Pathos:

  • Ethos: This is the part where the issue is defined, and the significance is elaborated to one’s audience using satirical devices like sarcasm to expose weaknesses such as hypocrisy. In this section, you also need to give a description of your reasoning and reveal your point of view towards the matter at hand.

  • Logos: This is the part in your article, where you need to give your readers factual evidence. Satires are meant for individuals, but this mockery has to be accompanied by accurate information. Therefore, in this section, you need to introduce the second argument and then accompany it with statistical facts and data. This is the section where exaggeration is considered valid because you will be emphasizing more on the topic.

  • Pathos: Emotions when it comes to these types of essays, are considered essential. In the 3rd paragraph, make it your effort to bring forth the emotions from your audience. Make them either angry or laugh hard.

Conclusion – This section of the article, where what is required of you is to call the audience into action. Don’t make a mistake and use one of the satirical devices, instead, restate your theories and then come up with a reasonable explanation to the argument.

Satire Essay Examples

Here are some examples that follow the tips above:

Essay 1

Weapons for One and Weapons for All

Gun control lawyers view themselves as superior when they quote, statistics like ‘45000 people every year are killed by guns in USA.’ They would also add more information like in the superpower countries, USA bags over 80% of all the deaths in the world caused by guns and 85% of children under the age of 16 whom are killed by guns.

In real sense, these numbers prove the exceptionalism of Uncle Sam. This is an idea that goes way back to the nineteenth century, when a French stated that America was a wonderful place to live in since there were lots of opportunities for one to live and model an amazing life. Reason being according to his observations, the USA was bigger, better and brimming with a sense of hard work.

In the second amendment of the constitution, the rights of people have been guaranteed to bear arms, and it’s actually hilarious that my fellow citizens choose not to exercise this right. Something isn’t right with these people; they can exercise their rights of religion, free speech but when it comes to owning guns something doesn’t add up.

It’s like they are put off by the sound produced, or maybe it’s the expense or the fact that owning a gun someone can be harshly judged.

Well, let’s put off these suspicions; they might be having by supplementing the benefits of owning a firearm. Here are some advantages that can be thought off: If everyone had a gun, then employees would listen to each other with respect in the office. Bullying cases would decrease because those weak in character, would gain confidence by simply owning a gun.

Of course, there are those who cannot agree with these advantages in fact, more statistics concerning the number of children deaths caused by gun usage will be added. To be precise, these statistics state that in a year over 1300 children die with gun-related deaths or accidents.

There are other statistics which show that access to firepower has created chances for people to commit suicide, and most of the family murders are brought about by handguns.

To be honest, my answer to these kinds of factual data is: Boom! Boom! Boom! There is a very good reason why God created us with these trigger fingers. Isn’t it because of guns that humans are at the top of the food chain? Can you imagine if our distant cousins the Orangutans and Apes would have gotten this piece of hardware before us? In my opinion, we would have been the ones in the zoo cages

Guns can be used for other purposes other than shooting like: digging, stirring and that is why I am a firm believer that guns don’t kill people, it’s the bullets. In my opinion, I can tell you without a doubt despite the many killings caused by guns that, there is nothing else that can guarantee your family’s, business’, safety, other than a gun. For a fact, it’s more reassuring that you are safe, when you own a gun.

Essay 2

Humpty Dumpty – The President of USA

In the month of February 2019, it has now come to our attention that the contemporary Humpty Dumpty has a couple of similarities with the original one. In the early 1700s, there was a French text called mere ave and it was every mother’s desire to teach their children the rhymes as they would go to sleep.

The story of Humpty Dumpty actually originates from the French poet Charles who published the mother goose rhymes in between the late 1600s and early 1700s. Thirty years later, the book was then translated into English by an author named Robert Sanders. Well, the phrase Humpty Dumpty came to be used in Uncle Sam and it was used to refer to the plus size people. According to history, in the 15th century in a cathedral city called Colchester, its citizens believed that the name Humpty Dumpty was a cannon by the St Mary’s wall.

They understood that this cannon was loose that it would damage English troops during the civil war. Later on, during the year 1647, Royalists laid their weapons down at the Colchester gates and gave up. Some parts of England don’t agree that Humpty Dumpty was a cannon but a King Charles the first. This particular king had an endless feud with the English parliament for he disagreed with them in almost everything.

After the civil war, King Charles lost his power to the parliamentarians, and that was when King Charles was sentenced to death because he committed treason. Another rhyme for this word is King Richard the 3rd was quite excited to become king that he had his 2 nephews arrested and murdered in the Tower of London. The reason was because, nephews, according to tradition, were the rightful heirs to the throne. Unluckily, after King Richard lost the battle of Bosworth, it’s said he lost his sanity.

According to another historian, Humpty Dumpty was a cardinal named Wolsey. He believes that the cardinal earned this name by how he got dismissed as being King Henry’s advisor. The cardinal was actually a trusted friend of the king until a lady named Anne Boleyn came. The king favored her instead of Wolsey, but unfortunately, Lady Ann disliked the cardinal. Therefore, for King Henry to marry Ann, he had to excommunicate the cardinal from the church. Upon being chased away from the church, Wolsey founded his own religion.

The most recent tale of Humpty Dumpty, is in the famous book called Alice in Wonderland. Where it’s an egg that is presented as being good. Another instance is in Boston where many people liked the legend of Elizabeth Goose. It is said she came up with the nursery books called Mama Goose. These books were meant for children’s entertainment and with the rhymes, they gained popularity in Massachusetts during the 17th century.

True visionary poets would come up with lines like ‘The old woman had numerous children that she didn’t know what to do. She would give them broth only, and they would whip them and go to bed.’

These books could have easily been inspiration for the other Mother Goose verses and brought a matching Humpty Dumpty’s chronicle.


Always keep in mind that a satire essay is meant to be fun, but the primary goal is to show what your perspective towards the subject at hand is. It’s just like writing a reflective essay, you are at liberty to be as creative as you want. All that is required of you is to support your claims, with factual evidence.

This kind of article may be similar to old leather, but with the right amount of dedication and familiarity with the satirical devices, you will be in a position to write a fantastic satire essay.

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