Sexual Harassment Thesis

Sexual Harassment Thesis

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The students need to write their essays and theses on various topics. These topics may be related to their academic subjects or some issues in the society. To talk about the thesis topics, we have to say that lots of high-class students research on the sexual harassment. This type of harassment has caused a concern to everyone in our modern society. Thus, the students get interest in writing on this issue. The college professors also assign their students to write the best thesis statement about sexual harassment.

Let us first tell you about the basic details on sexual harassment. It is better to know the definition of the sexual harassment. Most of the international organizations, including ILO, UN and EU, have defined it as the unlawful sexual activity. This activity violates the legal rules, and thus, sexual harassment is a type of crime in several countries in this world. While composing a sexual harassment thesis, you will find lots of things to write on this paper.

Now, we have talked about the topics that you can choose to write your thesis statement for sexual harassment essay. You can easily pick one to start your research on the topic.

Common sexual harassment cases in most industrial sectors

Some students choose to write on the workplace sexual harassment for their thesis paper. In that case, your statements about sexual harassment have to be relevant to it. You can find out the industry or business sector, where this sensual harassment is very common. In most cases, marketing industries, sales, hospitality sector, educational industry and banking sector, you can find this sexual crime. To write the thesis, you need to talk about the reasons for which the employees at these sectors face this issue. For instance, in the automobile sale sector, the women, working as the sales agent, put on sexy clothing for selling the cars. That is why they endure sexual advances to close their car deals. However, the public spaces and hallways, you may also find various instances of harassment to the women.

Who faces the higher risk- men or women?

Most of us do not know the answer of this question. You can have a detailed study on this topic for sexual harassment thesis statement. You can try to find out various real instances of the sexual violence. From newspapers, media and various other sources, you will get information on it. While you have answered the question, you have to find out the evidences for it.

In most cases, the researchers have found that 50 to 80% of the women face different types of sexual abuse or harassment in their workplace. You may also find various risk factors that make the low-wage employees much vulnerable to the sexual harassments. Thus, you must not miss out these factors to write an informative thesis. These female workers are highly reliant on tips at the restaurant, and they have a risk of jeopardizing those tips, they succumb to the harassment.

Thus, by presenting various types of evidences, you will be able to prove that women are more at the risk of the sensual harassment.

Gender, race and national identity are other factors that cause the biased treatment at the workplaces. The immigrant employees deal with the language-related barriers, and they cannot easily look for help during the violence. They are also not familiar to the laws of the country, where they are working. All these reasons result in the increasing risk of sexual violence.

The transgender persons in the society are also vulnerable to this type of risk. Due to their different sexual orientation, they face the violence, teasing and molestations.

Physical seclusion is another risk factor, causing these criminal activities. Most of the hotel employees work alone, and the guests take this advantage by assaulting those employees. They forcibly kiss the female workers and do different other types of physical assault. Domestic workers, housekeepers and nannies also cannot find any weapon for protecting themselves.

We have found out some of the instances, where females have a very high chance of facing the sexual harassment. You may look for more information to make your arguments stronger in your thesis.

However, some thesis writers also write about the men, having high susceptibility to the sensual harassments. In that case, you have to search for the proofs that back up your arguments. With all our efforts, you can compose the best thesis about sexual harassment.

Behaviors, indicate a type of sexual violence

In most cases, the sexually violent behaviors are clear and obvious. However, in few instances, the victims cannot think of whether they have to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the criminal. Thus, you can create a thesis to include this information on the sensual violence. Usually, this violence is of two major categories- Hostile environment and quid pro quo.

To compose the body of your thesis paper, you have to give detailed information on both these categories.

Quid pro quo

The meaning of the phrase indicates that you have to give a favor for another favor. This is applicable in the workplace sexual harassment. The employers or the senior-level officers of any company may ask for sexual advance to the employees by offering-

  • A chance of promotion
  • Relocation
  • Salary rise and various other types of favors

The claims of quid pro quo may turn up at any time. It can range from the recruitment decisions to the termination of employment. For instance, a job applicant may have an interview session with a manager or other senior-level officers. During the interview, these officers may ask the candidates to give them sexual favor, and in return, they will offer job to the candidates. Sexual jokes and negative remarks on the physical look are the few ways in which the alleged persons harass the female employees.

Quid pro quo is one of the common subjects that you must include in your thesis. Your detailed information on this topic will add value to the papers. Your readers will also have interest in the content.

Hostile environment– This is another form of violence, which results in the abusive environment at the workplace. It prevents the employees from continuing their job. Some of the common harassments include-

  • Repeated sexual advances
  • Impeding the worker from free moving at the workplace
  • Unpleasant jokes

Few of these instances are not easily provable at the court. However, workers or the victims feel distress at the workplace. Touching, groping and threats are most common acts of the criminals. These acts do not affect the employee’s benefits, including the promotion and salary.

Thus, the interactions and comments from the employers or seniors at the workplace make the environment uncomfortable.

As you are one of the thesis writers, you may find out some new information in this field. You can try to know why some employers or bosses intend to abuse others sexually.

You have to reveal the difference of two different types of the sexual violence. Add new information and details to your thesis. Your thesis paper will also be helpful to those, who have a chance of facing this violence.

Statistical information on sexual harassment victims

The statistical data is must for any type of thesis. Thus, to write the thesis paper or thesis statement on sexual harassment, you have to find out the accurate statistics. You have to make out the percentage of male and female victims of this harassment.

On average, more than 50% of women have reported the case of sensual violence. The age of most of these victim women is between 18 and 34 years. The supervisors and employees, in the senior positions are mostly the alleged persons in these cases.

Some men have also claimed that sexual harassment is not always the result of gender discrimination. There are various other reasons behind these instances. You can find these harassments by the vendors, suppliers, customers and various other third parties.

 You can create a separate paragraph in your thesis to add these statistical details. Make sure that you have obtained the information from the reliable sources. You can clearly reveal the findings of your research on the relevant topic.

Talking about the policies on sexual violence

You have to focus on the policies on communication, enforcement policies for preventing the victimization and the processes that can be effective at workplace to avert the harassments.

You must also reveal that the perception of the employees is one of the major factors to apply the above policies. The victims have to be able to identify sexual harassment to punish the alleged persons. The presence of any loophole can cause the creation of hostile environment or sexual violence.

Persuade your thesis readers to know the importance of these policies. It will make the society free of any type of violence.

Most of the females remain silent after getting sexually harassed at the workplace. They have a fear that their protestation could result in the loss of job. However, this silence would cause an increasing rate of this type of criminal activity. Most of the victims do not report against the criminals at the right time. They also think that their report and disclosure of the incidents may damage their own reputation. They are afraid of facing other serious threats from the harasser.

Include all these facts to your thesis about sexual harassment. You may create a subtopic under which you can write this information.

Sexual harassment and its effects

There is another relevant thing to be written on the thesis. The sexual harassment can affect the victims in different ways. For instance, the victims can feel the headache, stress and low self-esteem. They cannot sleep peacefully for their fear. There are also negative effects on the workplace. Absenteeism, job withdrawal, low standard performance and fear of employment are the common adverse effects on the victims at the workplace. The sensual harassment is also common in the school, and the victim students have its impact in different ways. These students try to keep away from participating in the social activities and they lose their concentration on the study.

Start your research on other effects, resulted from the sensual harassments. Create the most relevant content for your thesis paper. It may be a college level or PhD-level thesis. However, all the above facts are important to your thesis writing assignments. Spend more time on the research and you will be able to make your thesis quality much better. It is also better to get the professional help from the certified writers.

Sexual harassment- Write about the protective steps

The common risk factors, relating the sexual violence, are of various types- Community members, peer, interpersonal relationship, workplaces and schools.

There are also different factors that can reduce the risk of sexual violence. Find out those factors to engage the readers in your thesis papers. However, while writing the sexual harassment thesis statement, you have to reveal everything in few sentences.

There must be an end to all types of sexual violation and victimization. The victims have to take an instant step against the criminal to prevent these acts in future. A counselling session with the victim also alleviate the problem in few cases. Your thesis papers have to encourage the readers to take all these steps. Their steps would reduce the increasing risk of sexual harassment or abuse in the present society.

Thus, we have talked about various topics, related to the sexual harassment. You may include all these issues in your thesis papers. However, we think that it would be better to focus on any of the aspects of sexual harassment. You will find it easy to write thesis statement for sexual harassment. You can look for the professionals to write the thesis statement and the lengthy thesis papers. They will apply all their skills to compose the high-quality content for your thesis. Your professor will approve the thesis statement and you can easily achieve your academic degree.

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