Social Media Argumentative Essay

Social Media Argumentative Essay

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How often do you use social media? The likely answer to this is, ‘On a daily basis.’ We live in the technological era whereby most people own social media accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, among others. Social media has become one of the fastest means to communicate with one another. It is also a medium for the transmission of information ranging from breaking news from all over the world to celebrity publicity.

However, sometimes, the excessive use of social media by people may seem very distracting and time-consuming. People take selfies everywhere to upload and update their status, and there is reduced physical, social interaction because of the excessive use of social media mostly through smartphones. There are varied opinions concerning social media. Take, for example, the following social media argumentative essay; ‘Is social media annihilating the authenticity of real person to person relationships?’ If you are meant to write an argumentative essay on social media, it is crucial to consider these two perspectives; the good and the bad.

Basic Rules to Follow When Writing an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay refers to an essay written in a manner that presents the points that are for and against a particular subject of interest. The essay contains both the opinion of the writer but also pays particular consideration to the opposite view concerning the same topic. You are required to make comprehensive arguments concerning social media by considering two perspectives in the discussion of the topic. You can also explain how the various perspectives in your social media argumentative essay are interlinked with one another.

First and foremost, in writing an argumentative essay about social media, it is crucial to avoid bias and discuss the topic from the two points of view. For instance, if you want to write an argumentative essay on: Social Media is Bad, it is not enough for you only discuss the negative side of social media in the essay. An argumentative essay aims at arguing a point out. In this situation, you would be interested in discussing the topic by illustrating how it is bad but at the same time giving some points on how social media is good. For the social media argumentative essay, it is essential for you to have some paragraphs that discuss one perspective of the social media subject and other sections that oppose this perspective.

Secondly, be sure to read information concerning social media. You should put effort into finding articles and journals which discuss various issues on social media to be well conversant and discuss the topic from all perspectives. The more knowledgeable you are about the topic, the more you will be able to express your ideas.

Thirdly, make an effort to plan how you will write your essay before-hand. This can be made through developing an outline for the essay, planning how each paragraph will be structured, and establishing the various points that you will elaborate in each paragraph of the essay.

Best Tips on How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Social Media

Having already paid attention to the three basic rules to follow when writing an argumentative essay, you now have to further look into these tips to come up with the best argumentative essay on social media.

  1. Focus on the Topic of Interest, Which is Social Media

Whenever you are writing an argumentative essay about a particular topic, try to stick to the topic itself by always referring to the subject every time during your writing process. This is vital because at times, our minds may forget, and you may find yourself discussing something new altogether or giving examples in the essay that are not suited for the social media topic.

  1. Create a Captivating Introduction for Your Essay

Before writing an essay about social media, take some time, and think about how you will introduce your topic. At times, having a captivating introduction immediately grasps the attention of the reader right from the beginning, and it makes them more interested in reading the essay to know more about the topic of social media. In order to successfully achieve this, you may start by posing a relevant question, provide a specific statistic about the social media topic, and give a proverb or a common saying.

  1. Incorporate Relevant Examples of Social Media

At times, it may be interesting to have the reader in mind and mention something that is special and relevant to them about social media. If you are writing an argumentative essay on: Social Media is Bad, you could give relevant examples on how it is truly bad, like in terms of creating distraction and making people addicted to using it every time. You could illustrate how people are incurring expenses in purchasing data for connectivity or in visiting relatively expensive places just for them to take pictures with friends and to update their online social life.

  1. Use Paragraphs to Explain the Ideas in Points

One of the easiest ways to simplify the reading process is to break down the argumentative essay into completed paragraphs. It is advisable for you to discuss each point or argument in the argumentative essay in a paragraph and as such have several paragraphs which are all representative of the number of points that you have concerning the topic.

  1. Build Up Your Arguments Concerning the Topic

While writing the argumentative essay about the subject, it is advisable to build up the arguments in the sense that each point should be discussed fully within the paragraph. Once you have started writing about a particular position concerning social media, ensure that you exhaust it thoroughly and that you do not come back to the idea again while doing another paragraph of the essay.

  1. Think Critically About the Subject of Social Media

For you to make the best argumentative essay about social media, you are encouraged to think outside the box about the topic. This can be successfully done after doing enough research on social media as it allows you to have a lot of information about the subject and now you can think above and beyond that which you have read in terms of creating circumstances which may happen about the topic of social media.

  1. Explain Your Arguments Clearly

Remember to also be very clear and concise about your points on social media in each paragraph. Many students have the right ideas for the argumentative essay topic, but they are faced with the challenge of failing to elaborate enough on each idea so that an idea is half-tackled.

Secondly, observe punctuation. Proper use of punctuation will allow you to deliver the right point about social media as you intended to explain it to the reader as opposed to poor use of punctuation marks. Finally, avoid using a language that is not clear to the reader. This requires a prior assessment of the intended target audience

  1. Revise Your Work After Completing the Argumentative Essay

Do not forget to always revise your work before submitting it to the target audience for reading. Human beings are bound to make a lot of mistakes in writing, and these come in the form of punctuation errors, spelling errors, grammatical errors, or even errors in the sentence structure. You may have written the essay in a hurry, and taking a few minutes to review the work will help tremendously in eliminating these minor or major errors that you may have made in the writing process. Sometimes these errors seem so small that you may disregard them, but the reader may take them as significant, and it shows that you may not have been very keen in your writing.

Social Media Argumentative Essay Example

Having read about how to write a wonderful social media argumentative essay, below is a sample essay in which some of the tips described above have been incorporated.

Essay Example

Social Media Argumentative Essay: Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social media is a very common form of networking through the internet. Other means of networking include video-calling, and use of electronic mails (commonly referred to as e-mail). Today, social media has become a fundamental tool of communication, not only to greet and know how other people are doing but also as a form of sending educative information, breaking news, and any other information that is relevant to the society. Even though social media has a lot of benefits, it is also associated with several disadvantages to the people who use and also to the community.

One of the benefits of social media is that it acts as a media to spread information to many people. This benefit cannot be understated because since millions of people are in social media, it is very effective for mass communication where one would require information to be sent to many people at once. Many people spend time on their phones to check social media several times a day, and it is relatively easy to send information that can reach many people at once.

Have you wondered why organizations promote their businesses on social media? The answer is very simple. Since there are millions of people using it on a daily basis, companies and other organizations take this opportunity to advertise their goods and services to millions of people through creating social media accounts. It is a cheaper and even faster means for firms to connect with the potential consumers of their products.

A challenge that is prominent in social media is cyberbullying. Some mischievous people may create social media accounts just to harass other vulnerable people on social media. Cyberbullying is so rampant, and many young people are victims of this, especially teenagers. It causes anxiety, depression, and social isolation among other problems. The teenagers who are affected find it hard to speak openly about it or report to their parents or relevant authorities. For that reason, people should be extremely cautious of whom they interact with on social media.

Another popular con associated with social media is that it is time consuming. A lot of people complain that they spend a lot of time on the internet and they barely attend to their duties. Social media may also make people live in isolation, as it makes people less physically interactive. With time, you may prefer to use social media over spending time with family, relatives, or friends, and this takes away the normal behavior of people.

To sum it all up, social media is an amazing platform where people can interact freely and send or receive important information about anything. While there are many benefits that are associated with the use of social media, people also experience negative effects of using social media. The pros and cons of social media has been a significant debate among people and what is important is that people should learn about the negative implications of social media so that they can know how to overcome them.


In conclusion, an argumentative essay is an essay where there is the presentation of ideas from two perspectives, for and against a particular subject of interest. When writing an argumentative essay about social media, it is paramount to express ideas from the two sides in terms of how good or beneficial social media is as opposed to how bad or not beneficial to the reader.

One may pick a side, but it is crucial to have both perspectives for it to be an argumentative essay. By relying on the various points that have been discussed above, you can produce the best argumentative essay on social media that clearly discusses the topic and presents the ideas in a comprehensible manner.

Now, are you confident enough to come up with a social media argumentative essay all by yourself? We’ve provided a detailed guide and added an essay example to help out. If you still feel like you need more guidance, get in touch with us!

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