Thesis Statement On Disability

Thesis Statement On Disability

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Looking at disability, you ought to appreciate some of the various aspects that are involved before we go ahead to tackle our main focus of today which the thesis statement about disability discrimination. Stay with us!

Disability in itself is an umbrella term used whenever someone wants to mention the physical, mental and neurological challenges that restrict human function or affect their day to day activity making them require assistance. Going further, some of these restrictions can come about due to problems with body structure or function, daily activity limitations that the disability individuals tend to encounter whenever they faced with tasks they ought to undertake and fulfill the society’s expectations of work.

They can even be worse to the extent that the individual cannot be in a position to undertake any personal duties leave alone general duties. Others refer to disability as a health challenge; but, if you look at it in a much broader sense, you’ll appreciate that disability is in itself a complex phenomenon involving various aspects of human function that are key to our society or environmental survival. To hack through this, society ought to create or formulate some brilliant ideas on how to best combat some of the challenges that come about with being disabled.

All human beings require medical support whenever they’re faced with health issues; the same applies to disabled individuals. Health services like immunization, injections, drugs and even emotional support. The issue that now comes in is that for them, their health margin is much less narrow than normal individuals; hence they are more prone to adverse health situations that bring them down. Access to health services is a major challenge that they face, and that’s why governments are coming up with social security disability benefits to suit them.

Understanding Thesis Statements

With the above information, you now have a rough idea of what disability is. Now let’s look at a thesis statement about disability discrimination and ways of formulating a strong one.

In the current society, you’ll find thesis being used almost everywhere and we bet it’s not a new term to you, is it? If you’re keen with TV shows, you’d notice advertisements using thesis, campaigns and even motions in parliamentary proceedings by legislators. This is as well common in most academic papers, ranging from term papers, research works, and even final papers. They all come in different forms, based on how the assignment has stipulated and the preferences of the instructor. One thing that is common among all these papers is that the instructions require you to come up with a thesis statement that will form the foundation of the paper. Also, it also functions to create a platform for arguments that form the basis of the whole paper.

An argumentative idea wouldn’t succeed minus a thesis, it will all be gathering of points without a targeted directive, and this will most certainly end up failing. From this, you can judge for yourself that actually, thesis statements are very important to your paper and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. With this knowledge in mind, let’s now look at what it’s required for your thesis statement about disability discrimination.

What does click in your mind whenever you come across a thesis statement? Let’s see if your knowledge is as good as ours!

This is quite a common statement in college papers, and most students fail to get the crux of what it truly is. Our team is here to ensure that by the end of this article you’ll able to understand the whole concept of what is involved and even better tackle your disability paper with vigor and confidence. Let’s get you up to speed with what a thesis statement on disability is to ensure that we stay on the same page on this. Chances are, the one you are aware of is a bit different from ours, but that’s beside the point.

In this article, we’ll tackle the thesis statement on disability which is a single sentence that is typically placed just by the conclusion of the first paragraph that is the basis of the whole disability text. Thesis statement for disability serves to connect the opinions and claims in your debate in order to make your audience get the touch on the paper’s direction. The statement should be in a position to make known your opinions in the best way possible while at the same time pinpointing some of the main ideas in your text.

Forms of Thesis Statement for Disability

Despite tackling the same discipline or issue, these academic papers can assume various forms depending on what the assignment instructions and how your instructor taught you. As a writer, you need to be well aware of these forms and be able to apply them whenever asked. The same applies to thesis statement for disability which also comes in two forms all serving different purposes, and you’re required to distinguish between the two.

The instructions can stipulate that you come up with an informative thesis statement on learning disabilities. Here, your role as a writer is just to enlighten your audience on some of the aspects related to disability. Don’t switch roles and start making disputable claims for in doing so you would have switched to a different form of thesis statement on learning disabilities, and we both don’t want that for you. Just stay on your informative lane and come up with a disability thesis statement that will effectively and with no doubt serve this role to its fullest capacity. The statement you make should be directive and guide your readers towards possible conclusions they should expect.

“Social security disability benefits is a good way to help disable individuals with the challenges they face as a result of their narrower health margin.”

The above is what is expected of an informative thesis statement about disability. It has adequately captured the two clauses beginning by highlighting the main issue which is disability patients having a narrower health margin and then expounded on the same by mentioning a way forward which is access to social security disability benefits. By reading this, we can be able to tell that the writer is going to major on the social security disability benefits that should be made available to all disabled individuals and their effectiveness.

Secondly, we have a thesis statement about disability that takes the form of a sentence posing an argument. When it comes to this, the role of the thesis statement is to come up with claims that will be subject to dispute and by doing so create an argumentative mood. The requirements of such a paper are all captured in the assignment’s instructions, and you’re required to revisit them each time to ensure you don’t deviate from the question. Such a thesis statement about disability takes the persuasive role – wooing your audience into accepting the claims and position you took by giving them a reason why it’s the best option. While at this, remember that any stance you take should be back up by evidence from credible sources to prove its relevance. Irrelevance is something you don’t wish to find yourself in as a writer. It turns off readers.

“They say disability is inability, but what if I told you, disability is just but a thought in the mind that can be eradication through the use of advanced medicine.”

What immediately comes to your mind the moment you come across such a disability thesis statement? It lets us guess – gives us the urge to read on and find out more on what the writer is going to talk about. Get your readers hooked with such a thrilling thesis statement on disability the use that opportunity to your advantage and now throw your points as you’ve already captured the reader’s attention. Looking at the above thesis statement for disability, all we see is fullness and completeness of its kind. Both the independent and dependent clauses have been mentioned and highlighted in such an amazing fashion.

We have the main idea being brought up and the writer taking sides to tell us what their disability text is going to major on. Like, in this case, the reader can be in a position to predict the flow of the paper which is going to be the role of advanced medicine in solving the issue of disability once and for all. Who’d not want to listen to such a masterpiece? Most writers, who go for such forms of argumentative thesis statement for disability, are those with new ideas and claims that they want to put across but then again are expecting some backlash from the society and therefore the best way to approach it is to form a convincing ground for their readers.

What are the Disability Thesis Statement Styles that are Most Preferred?

This far, we bet you’re now comfortable with some of the types of thesis statement about disability that we’ve mentioned. How about we now tell you and inform you some of the appropriate styles that are recommended by most instructors when it comes to disability papers.

To start with, let’s look at the commonest of them all that most students find it easy to draft and come up with. This statement involves listing of points that will be addressed in the rest of the paper. You can opt to list four or five points dependent on how long you want your paper to be. In such a type of thesis statement on disability, the number of points determines how long the paper would be, and they are generally short papers. You wouldn’t come across such a thesis statement on disability in higher institutions, but they are most applicable in middle school academic papers since they are short.

Let’s now look at another style of thesis statement on academic writings that don’t involve listing, and they aren’t short. In this section, you’ll encounter assignments that will require you to come up with long writings that require lots of research to arrive at specific conclusions that are worthy of presentation. This will demand you to come up with a disability thesis statement that has weight, and that can sustain such a long paper. Forget the few points you listed that wouldn’t even sustain a-two page writing. Opt for an argumentative thesis statement on disability and gather enough evidence to back up any claims or opinions you might come along during the whole process. It’s always advisable to ask for more guidance from your lecturer.

Something to Remember!

The process of formulating a thesis statement about disabilities is not a free ride, and it thus requires some tips on how to maneuver through the whole process. Avoid being in a hurry to complete and submit your work to end up not performing well in the paper and even disappointing your lecturer, leave alone yourself. Take a quick look at the disability topic and ask yourself, are you familiar with the topic and if so, how well prepared are you to be able to approach it in the best manner possible and at the end of the day deliver an outstanding thesis statement on learning disabilities.

You’re lucky that technology has made things easier. With the help of the internet, you can Google for more information on the same and even be able to read some of the previously written papers on disability with a thesis statement that you could use as a guide. There are resources everywhere, ranging from library books, journals, publications, articles and many more. The job is up to you to find out the necessary resources both primary and secondary that you can use to gather information for your paper. Our advice to you is keep-off non-credible sources.


With such a guideline, you’re left with no option but to just come up with an amazing thesis statement about disability discrimination that will stand out among many. Once this is done, remember to come back and thank us for our amazing writing recipe.

If at all you’re a good thesis statement writer, kindly share with us some of your ideas.

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