Vegans Thesis Statement

Vegans Thesis Statement

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Vegans are often misunderstood as either people with an unnatural passion for human rights or who have a strange eating disorder. If you’ve been tasked with writing an essay on veganism and the lifestyle in school and you’re panicking because of the thesis statement section, it is understandable. The thesis statement is one of the trickiest parts of the essay to formulate.

The thesis statement is one of the most critical aspects of your essays or dissertations. This statement should fascinate your readers and make them want to continue reading your vegan essay if only to oppose or support the ideas in the body of the essay. Understanding the basics of a well-articulated thesis statement is the key to greatly focalized research for your essay. If you find yourself struggling with writing the body of your vegan essay, then there is a high probability that it’s due to a weak thesis statement. 

Considering the controversies revolving around the veganism lifestyle, formulating a thesis statement might be difficult. Hence, the purpose of this guide is to put you through the basics of formulating and enrapturing vegan thesis statement.

Vegan thesis statement definition

Veganism is a controversial topic, one which several individuals have different stances on. So, the thesis statement for your vegan essay is not just stating the topic of the essay. The thesis statement succinctly expresses the central argument of your essay and can be thought of as a promise which you make to your readers from the onset about what your essay will fulfill. Then, you spend the body of the essay, outfitting each paragraph against the promise in the thesis statement. The vegan thesis statement is that statement which helps in controlling the ideas of your paper and which often reflects a judgment or opinion that the writer has about the topic. First, you have to understand the IS and the NOT of thesis statements, in general.

What is a thesis statement?

  • A thesis statement is a claim (not a statement of fact) made from the standpoint of your topic that can be supported by reason (s)
  • The thesis statement is a direct answer to the question of your essay assignment
  • The thesis statement is a unification element for the entire essay as it makes the writer’s most significant point clear
  • The thesis statement does not discuss several topics; it is specific, and it revolves around the topic of the essay.
  • The thesis statement is a forecast, a road map for readers for the content and order of the essay

What a thesis statement is not?

  • A thesis statement is not a declarative announcement.
  • For instance: I am going to examine the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

The announcement element is entirely unnecessary and can lose you some marks. You can write, “The benefits of a vegan lifestyle are AB and C.”

  • A thesis statement is never introduced by opinions and vague phrases such as: “I think,” “I believe,” “I feel.”
  • For instance: I believe that the vegan lifestyle is not as a result of unnatural eating disorders.

As you are writing on this already, it is evident that it’s your belief, so the phrase “I believe” is redundant.

  • A thesis statement is never a statement of fact.
  • For instance: Vegans are humans who do not eat any form of meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, or by-products of slaughtered animals.

You just stated a fact; you can’t build an essay around this because it can’t be disputed or supported, it is merely a fact, just like saying the United States is different from the United Kingdom.

  • A thesis statement is not a question.
  • For instance: What makes the vegan lifestyle so controversial?

Remember that the thesis statement is supposed to be your position on an issue. A question can’t reflect that. Moreover, instead of serving as a beacon or a road map, a question as a thesis statement will confuse your readers, leaving them stuck only at the introduction and such a thesis statement cannot guide you in the writing of the essay’s body. A question can be useful in guiding you to an appropriate thesis statement, but it should never be the thesis statement itself.

  • A thesis statement is not a quote, no matter how popular the quote is. A quote will only state the position of the person who said it and not your position as the writer of the essay. So, it can’t be your thesis statement.

Taking off from the standpoint of what a thesis statement is and is not, you should have a general idea about what your thesis statement about vegans should look like. Your vegan thesis statement should be one that catches the attention of your audience, one so suited to the controversiality of the topic – veganism.

Have you ever stumbled on a blog post and then you read it to the end, simply because you couldn’t just let go of it after reading the introduction? In the same vein, it is recommended that you explicitly structure your vegan thesis statement in such a way that readers are interested to know more about your reasoning and the logicality of the ideas in the body of your vegan essay.

Vegan 101

This section includes the need-to-know basics of veganism which ensure that you develop a well-grounded vegans thesis statement.

What is veganism?

A vegan is an individual whose whole diet is based on plants. The vegan diet excludes all animal-related products such as beef, eggs, dairy, fish, honey, and gelatin. Vegans stick to a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and plant-related foods. Hence, veganism is abstinence from utilizing animal-related products in both diet and lifestyle. The International Vegetarian Union defines veganism as a way of living that excludes, as far as is conceivable and practical, all manner of cruelty to, and exploitation of, animals for clothing, food, or any purpose whatsoever.

Reasons for the adoption of the vegan lifestyle

People adopt a vegan lifestyle for several different reasons – financial, health reasons, youthful appearance, and many more. Some of the ethical reasons which spur individuals to live a dietary lifestyle include:

  • Concern for animal welfare and objection to commodifying animals
  • Animal agriculture-related environmental issues such as contaminated drainage generated from factory farming into water supplies, and air pollution.
  • Choosing a vegan lifestyle will lessen humans’ over-consumption of resources such as water, land, and fossil fuels
  • Veganism is part of the solution to the world that ravages the world as it enables more efficient use of the world’s food resources.

What consists of the diet of vegans?

Here’s a list of some of the foods vegans consume:

  • All Fruits: mangoes, apples, berries, pineapples, papaya, oranges, grapes.
  • All the various kinds of vegetables: broccoli, asparagus, celery, spinach
  • Seeds and nuts: pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almond butter, peanut butter, cashews.
  • Legumes and beans: black beans, hummus, lentils, tofu.
  • Carbohydrates: rice, bread, pasta, potatoes.
  • Chocolate: several varieties of dark chocolate as well as non-dairy chocolates made from soy, coconut or rice milk
  • non-dairy milk: almond milk, coconut milk, oat milk, soy milk.
  • Meat alternatives: veggie burgers, tempeh bacon, vegan sausages.
  • Dairy alternatives: coffee creamers, cream cheese, vegan butter
  • Junk food: cookies, fries, onion rings, chips.

Developing your vegan thesis statement

Most genuinely successful thesis statements often answer three questions:

  1. What is the main subject/niche of the essay?
  2. What main ideas will be expounded on about the essay’s topic?
  3. What evidence, facts, instances will be employed to support the main idea?

Beginning with a statement such as A vegan diet provides the best kind of lifestyle isn’t a bad start because it states, not announces your position. But it is too vague. It doesn’t answer the questions of HOW and WHY the vegan diet is the best. But a thesis statement such as: “A vegan diet provides the best kind of lifestyle because it is scientifically proven to be healthier, and it is inexpensive and demonstrates a more humane attitude to animals,” is better because it is specific and has explicitly stated evidence.

  • To develop your thesis statement about vegans, you should first start with asking a question. This will quickly deconstruct the complication behind writing your vegan thesis statement

Question: Why is a vegan lifestyle the best in societies?

Thesis: Veganism is the best lifestyle for humans in a society because it is more humane, costs less, and reduces aging.

  • Draft your thesis statement to best suit the type of essay: Considering your topic, your vegan essay is most likely argumentative. That is, you are making a claim and backing an opinion to persuade others to your point of view, and so, your thesis statement on vegans should reflect that.

For instance, the thesis statement above claims that “veganism is the best lifestyle,” and then it backs it up with reasons. Thus, when a reader with opposing views is interested in reading your essay’s body to know how best to tackle your argument, a reader with supporting illustrations will also want to read on to learn more from how you’ve presented your ideas.

  • Develop a Powerful Thesis Statement: Make your thesis statement powerful by taking a specific stance which addresses a topical issue in great details. Thus, the evidence – main ideas and supporting ideas will all fully support this topical issue in the body of your vegan essay. So, from the identified prompts in your essay assignment, you should be able to decode your specific area of focus in the essay, which will then reflect in your vegan thesis statement.
  • Make a unique approach to your thesis statement. Creatively develop a thesis statement on vegans that is fresh and dynamic.

For instance: “After the fourth and fifth time an individual abstains from all animal-related products, such individual finally realizes that veganism is the best form of lifestyle because of ABC.”

  • The thesis statement is not an essay element whose importance is relegated only to the introduction. The thesis statement is the center of your vegan essay. Hence, it is imperative that your thesis statement is provable. Do not develop a thesis statement which you do not follow in the body of your essay.
  • Know the best placement for your thesis statement: Because of the road mapping role which your vegan thesis statement plays, it is essential that it appears in your introductory paragraph, appropriately placed towards the end of the introduction so that it can lead into the body. However, in some cases, it can be placed in the middle of the introductory paragraph, depending on how lengthy the needed-introduction is before the placement of the thesis statement.
  • The length of your thesis statement should be limited to one or two sentences. It should be straight to the point and clear, helping your reader identify the direction of your essay.
  • You do not have to develop a perfect thesis statement from the very start of your essay. You can come up with a “working” thesis statement which you keep reviewing as you draft the body of the essay. However, two differing schools of thought concerning the timing of the thesis statement. The first opines that it is best that you draft the thesis statement before writing the body of the essay while the other claims that writing the thesis statement at the end after the body of the essay makes for a better thesis statement. You can do whichever you deem best.


After reading this guide, you’ll realize that writing a vegan thesis statement doesn’t have to be so complicated. Know the prompts of your assignment topic, explore the topic thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the basics and foundation of your essay, locate evidence to back up the question your thesis statement will be answering. Then, Voila! You have a vegans thesis statement which captures the attention of your readers. 

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