Who Am I Essay

Who Am I Essay

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The question of who one is a matter of calculation, the most important thing is to have a clear method that can help clarify the calculation. It is such a calculation that is needed when one wishes to write a ‘who am I’ kind of essay. In this article, we’re going to use an implement called the Johari window to create a sample ‘who am I essay sample’. The Johari window is an implement with four quadrants that describe how self-knowledge is distributed between a person and other people who relate with him/her. So we are going to use a Johari window to prepare ourselves for writing the essay about who we are and then create a sample ‘who am I?’ essay.

How the Johari Window Tells Who I am

The Johari window as a ‘who am I essay example’ has the following categories that create the four quadrants:

  • Where one is known by others and by self The arena

  • Where one knows himself but is not known to others The hidden area

  • Where one is ignorant of self but is known by others The blind spot

  • Where one is ignorant of self and is also unknown to others The hidden area

One has to go through each of the categories to have a measure of how much each category bears and to have a good Idea of how to write who am I essay.

Weighing the Categories for Our Who am I Essay Sample

To test for the categories, the Johari window prescribes that one goes through the following:

  • Select from a set of 56 adjectives words that best describe you in your opinion. It is advisable at this point to check on the internet for the 56 adjectives

  • Note the adjectives you have selected

  • Repeat the first two steps with a group of friends

  • Using the results of the two tests fill in the four categories appropriately. In this case, all common adjectives that both of you have selected go to the Arena

  • Adjectives that only you have chosen but not chosen by your friends go to the hidden area

  • Adjectives chosen by others but not by you go to the blind spot

  • Adjectives not chosen by either you or your friends make the unknown

Reflecting on the Johari Results to Create a Sample Essay

Once you have the results of the test above, you can count how many of the 56 adjectives go to which part of the quadrants. Such a calculation will then reveal;

  • How much you are accessible and how you share about yourself openly

  • How much of what you know about yourself is obscure to others

  • How much people know of you that is unknown to you

  • How much of your personality has been unexplored and unexpressed

The answers to these questions then translate to some critical questions like:

  • What do the results say about your overall personality?

  • How did you get your blind spots?

  • How much of you is obscure from others?

  • How can you uncover the aspects that are hidden from you and others?

Developing the Thesis for the Sample Who am I Essay

Answers to the above questions are best answered through repetitive review until an idea about how your personality can be described on paper. Write down this thesis and try to find the evidence available for it. Normally it is directly from a count of adjectives from each of the four categories or a deduction from the combination of the facts derived from the experiment.

Check for consistency and any loose ends that may need some probing from other credible sources and develop a cogent and consistent case regarding your identity.

At this juncture, it is important to search for evidence controverting the scores that you found for the four quadrants of the Johari Window. How do the objections measure up?

Sometimes, it is possible to take a fewer sample of the 56 adjectives for follow up tests to come up with some more precise and specific measures, that may enable you to draw a fair knowledge of who you are.

If you are satisfied with the process of analyzing the self and you have developed a thesis, and built up the necessary evidence to back your assertions, then it is time for you to settle down and begin to write the ‘who I am essay’.

Introducing the Who am I Sample Essay

The recommended opening must be something that jolts. This could be a realization out of the journey through the Johari window for example. Then set the context of the essay by saying something about how the opener is connected to the task of writing the ‘who I am’ essay. A basic definition of basic terms like the Johari window may be necessary. After such an opening, it is important to note the key areas that are going to be dealt with in the essay, in order to give the reader a clue of how you intend to solve the matter at hand.

This could be followed by stating the major objections that arise with the position and a statement of how this objection is met. Then the thesis statement is posed and the reader is directed to the main body of the argument.


It is probable that if some people knew of the importance of using the Johari window, then there’d be fewer cases of pathological behavior. This is a discovery I made after going through the test and discovering that I had some cruel and perhaps insensitive attitudes to others. The Johari window is a test that includes using results from a sample of 56 items being used to test for 4 personality categories. In this essay, I will show how I performed on these 4 categories named; the arena, the blind spot, the hidden self, and the unknown. Despite the fact that writers like xyz (2018) and others refuting the validity of the Johari experiment, other observations prove that this is an effective way for one to get self-knowledge. In this case, I have realized that I may be a psychopath in hiding.’

The Main Body of Our Sample ‘Who am I Essay’

Each paragraph in the main body is about the key point that is connected to other key points, which when taken together add up to the thesis proposed in the introduction. The key point is first stated, then the evidence to support it is given, objections against rebutted and a conclusion that ties up with the next paragraph is stated.

In this case, the first key point is about ‘the arena’.


Out of 56 variables, there were only 5 attributes that were shared between the set of what I know about myself and the set of what others know about me. Schmidt (2014) notes that people with low performance in the arena tend to be introverted and probably with low self-esteem and are probably suffering from a mental condition of unknown severity, However Mirandelo (2016) has shown that the ideas expressed by Schmidt and others did not take the factor social context into consideration. Allowing for this anomaly, it can still be shown that the observations made by Schmidt may be true and that I may be having self-esteem issues.’

This last statement is then joined to the next paragraph that deals with the next key issue which in this case is about ‘the blind spot’. Similar treatment is given to this point and the evidence adduced to drive the argument forward.

In this case, the main body will have at least 4 key paragraphs as the main body. Once all the four categories have been worked on then the next thing is to check for the flow and quality of argument adduced. Are the facts offered as evidence relevant? How conclusive are the ideas presented in each of the paragraphs?

Concluding the Who I Am Essay

If the argument on how to write who I am essay is clear and cogent, then it’s time to conclude by giving a review of the whole argument. The main ideas and assumptions are restated and elaborated in terms of their implications for the future. Answer any questions about any unmentioned but important details and create the closing action point that you’d like to share with your audience.


This essay has shown important indicators that I have psychopathological tendencies and that I may be a person juggling undesirable potentialities. This has been shown by the various Johari window deductions that precede our final belief. The implications of this are scary and may call for greater collaboration and personal development.’

Summarizing our Sample Outline of the Who am I Essay

The foregoing is an outline of the form and process that one needs to go through when writing the ‘who I am’ kind of essay. We have used the Johari window and derived information that is critical in helping us understand our identity and to write a great identity essay in addition to providing who am I essay examples. It is hoped that the reader will take the initiative and learn the techniques of this article by practice.

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